Kushies Washable Pre-folded Diapers, White

Kushies Washable Pre-folded Diapers, White

Kushies Pre folded Diapers are made of premium quality 100% cotton flannel in a 2 4 2 design that provides extra absorbency in the center panel. May be worn pinned of folded with a Kushies diaper wrap.

Main features

  • 2-4-2 design that provides extra absorbency
  • May be worn pinned of folded with a Kushies diaper wrap
  • Made of premium quality 100% cotton flannel
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Economical

Verified reviews


A must-have for every home, even without baby!

We used these cloth diapers as burp rags, as liners for car seats, as drool catchers when our babies were sleeping… they were wonderful! Soft, cushy, and absorbent, and they became softer with every wash! We use them now to dust with, to soak up spills, and to scrub stains… going on almost 10 years and still going strong.

Crystal Maury City, TN

Great Use as Burp Towel

I worked in a hospital and we use to use these as burp rags. They are absorbant and big enough to use. Saves babies clothing from stains and wetness.

Augusta Oakland, NJ

Best Burp Clothes

I got tons of burp clothes for shower gifts, but these are the best ones. Most obsorbent and practical. I don’t use anything else anymore. I had a “spitty” baby who was breastfed and it didn’t take me long to figure out that these make the best burp clothes. I recommend giving them as shower gifts. Very practical.

Jolene Chebeague Island, ME

Great burp cloths!

These are great as burp cloths! (I actually would like it if they were a little bit larger though) I bought one package, but ended up coming back and buying 2 more. If you are buying for a first child, you just will not believe how many burp cloths you’ll go through every day – stock up now!

Inez Wellborn, TX

So soft and absorbent

The cloth diapers are great as burp clothes or anything else you need to use them for to soak up wet stuff. They are at least twice as soft and thick as other cloth diapers.

Marcella Princeton, MO

Buy these for burp cloths!!!! Excellent purchase!!!

Well worth the money you pay for these… I had read all these reviews on how soft they are and that sold me. These are so soft!!! My little one falls asleep on them they are so soft. I use them for burp cloths because we prefer really absorbant cloths… these do the trick perfectly and are so easy to wash.Do yourself a favor and buy these… you won’t regret it… and will probably end up buying more. 🙂

Minerva La Harpe, KS

If your looking for a great burp cloth, look no further!

After searching online and in many retail stores at malls, Target, Babies and Toys ‘R Us and Walmart, I was only finding these gauze type “cloth diapers”. I was appalled that these were considered soft enough or absorbent at all to be put close to my baby!So, after no success, I came on to Amazon and found the many incredible reviews of this product using them as burp cloths. I decided to order one package and when they arrived I was thrilled at how soft they were and looked forward to using them with my new baby. They absorb a great amount of formula since my son is quite a dribbler and they wash wondefully. In fact, I think they have even gotten softer. We were so happy with this product that we purchased another package within the first few days that we used them.So, if you are looking to use them the way we did and find that the gauze type found in most stores to be unacceptable, then get these!!! You won’t regret it!

Bettye Taylor, NE

Still going strong…

These are awesome. We use them for burp cloths, padding around seats, for games of peek-a-boo, sloppy spills and all. They are extremely soft and hold up wash after wash. With 2 reflux-y babies, these were a must!

Gale Okolona, AR

It works.

I bought these for my daughters diapers. I washed them about 15 times before first use and they are still very stiff and rough. I thinkk they will get better the more wash them but they arent better than any of the others. I also had issues using snappi’s diaper clips with these they are two tightly knit. I still like gerber better but we will see in time.

Sheila Red House, VA

Most absorbent prefold

I ordered four different kinds of prefolds to try: Gerber birdseye, OsoCozy bleached, OsoCozy unbleached, and these Kushies. Initially, I just used the OsoCozy diapers because they were smaller in size than the Gerbers or the Kushies. However, they were all dirty one day and I pulled out a Kushie and a Gerber. HELLO!! The Kushies are so much more absorbent than either of the other two brands. Even though they are large, they fit very well into my son’s Thirsties Duo Snap Wraps Size One, which was my initial concern. The extra material increases their effectiveness, but the fabric itself (flannel) is more absorbent than the other fabrics. Even when the diaper is soaked through, it does not feel as wet and soggy as the other brands. For that reason, I think that it is more gentle on my son’s skin–AND it’s softer than the other fabrics! For now, I just have one pack, so they have become my overnight diapers. I will soon be ordering more and make them my sole brand.My diaper system:I use Thirsties Duo Snap Wraps with prefolds; I have tried several brands, but prefer Kushies. I stash dirty diapers in a Planet Earth wet/dry bag until I have a chance to spray them off with the Mini-Shower Bidet & Handheld Sprayer, them I dunk them in the Bambino Mio diaper bucket half-filled with water and a 1/2 cup of Borax until I wash them. I run them through one rinse cycle, then wash them in hot water with Charlie’s Soap with a single rinse. So far, no stains, and no skin irritation! I do one load of diaper laundry per day.

Georgette North Eastham, MA

Thinner than I was expecting

These prefolds were not as thick as we needed or would have liked. I can use them as inserts and they work fine but they don’t wrap around my big boy very well. We ended up using them primarily for burp cloths. I would likely go with a different brand next time.

Michael Hurley, SD

Thick and absorbent pre-folds

These pre-folds are thick and absorbent! They don’t feel wet as quickly and hold a lot of liquid. They wash well and have no rough edges. A little pricey, but definitely worth the price.

Lela Aguadilla, PR

great value

these cloth diapers are great. i don’t use them as diapers though. i do use them mainly for burp clothes and they are great. super soft and wash well.

Lakesha Jonesborough, TN

Soft and larger than Gerbers

I’ve always used Gerbers and to be honest, I never know what I’m going to get when I open the package, but I do know that I’m disappointed in the absorbency of Gerbers and started looking for something better. I’ve had the Kushies for a couple of weeks now and I’m pleased with them. They don’t appear to be thicker than Gerber, but they do feel denser. They are also larger. So if you fold them down, it’s like having a double diaper without the bulk. The Kushies are also softer than Gerber. The cost is more than Gerbers, but I only need to use one of Kushies to two of Gerbers. Less laundry with Kushies as I’m only using one. I will buy more of the Kushies.

Lashonda Suwannee, FL

Best diaper cloths I could find

Now that I am a parent I decided to start giving back and writing reviews as so many people helped us new parents out when trying to pick out all the essentials when our twins were born in May of this year.Now to the point… I searched stories like Babies r Us, Target and Amazon of course and these are the thickest, best quality diaper cloth I could find on the market. Not only just to use for normal spit ups and drool but our daughter had pyloric Stenosis which causes a child to vomit just about everything they spit up. Relevance to this review is that it kept us dry at least where the diaper cloth was. After several washes there has been a few strings coming loose on the ends of a few of them but other than that they have worked great!

Amie Bolinas, CA

Not so abosorbent!!!!

I bought these just to compare them to my Bumkins and Bummis prefolds and they turned out to be not as absorbent as either. I used them a couple of times and have just decided to put them in storage. They are also impossible to use with the snappis fastner. Definitely not usable overnight.

Corinne Lakewood, CA

Thanks for a used product

I gave the item a 3 because it looks ok. However, I don’t like receiving open and dirty items when I pay full price for a new item. I can’t say whether the item shipped open from the company or from Amazon but either way, I’m not impressed. This will be the second time I have received an open/used item from Amazon. The items look as if they will be good quality after washing them. I would have done that anyway, it’s the principle of it all.

Mable Florence, NJ