Kushies Waterproof Bib, Blue Circle, Infant

Kushies Waterproof Bib, Blue Circle, Infant

Kushies waterproof bibs are “must haves” for every parent busy feeding their baby. These bibs are made of a waterproof fabric so lightweight, your baby won’t even know they are wearing a bib. The Kushies bib features an easy on/off hook loop fastening system and a catch all pocket. It wipes down easily so you can reuse it at the next meal. Lead, Phthalate PVC and BPA Free.

Main features

  • 100% nylon coated polyurethane
  • Imported
  • Easy hook and loop closure
  • Lead free, BPA free and phthalate free
  • Catch all pocket so food won’t land on the floor
  • Light weight and easy to clean fabric
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Own five for my two year old toddler, they are great!

I own five of these bibs and love them! I have a 2 year old but she has been wearing them for awhile now. My daughter is just a little over two but a big girl, over three feet tall and almost 40 pounds. They are perfect for toddlers because they are big enough to cover the whole torso area. The pocket does not seem to catch much for me since I still have her in a high chair and the top to the highchair pushes right up against the pocket and closes it. However, that is not an issue for me.After use I close the Velcro and put them in the wash with other wash. Then I let them air dry and they are like new. I keep a hanger in the laundry room and just put them in the hanger out of the wash and grab a new one when needed. I have owned many for over a year and recently bought more only because I was using them so much.They make one with sleeves but I did not like that one. It was too tight in the arms for my daughter but it might work for you. I personally think these are the best bibs! All of mine have never stained and look like new! That is hard to say for a bib!I would add it is nice to match them to your dinning room decor or buy funky colors your daughter will like to wear. They are very versatile!

Michaela Rushville, IN

These are great and big

I have been using these for our son for awhile now and just purchased 3 more. they are great! They say they are for an infant, but they still fit my 15 month old son who is barely on the charts for his height. You can rinse them off and they dry in a jiffy, so they are great for traveling and the pouch for catch food and liquids really helps keep food off of his legs and clothes. They are plenty wide and plenty long and practically water proof without being vinyl. I believe they use the same fabric as their wet bags for dirty diapers so you know they’ll protect your kids clothes. They also make them in what I would call a smock, which I will probably buy when my son gets old enough to start painting. I would highly recommend these. There isn’t much else out there like them.My only con on these is the velcro. My son can now pull them off because the velcro isn’t very strong. It would be nice if they made them with snaps, but I can easily put on some snaps myself. They are still plenty worth it as is!

Josephine North Miami Beach, FL

Good coverage – easy to clean flexible material

Great bib – washes off fast and is soft plastic that is quite large in comparison to some of the other bibs out there. It covers the entire front – great when little person refuses to be fed and is starting to want to feed themselves with all the chaos and mess that ensues with that. Velcro holds up well to little tugs but will come off if your child is strong enough and does not want to wear a bib.

Sonya Mineola, NY

Awesome bib!

I bought two – one for home, one for sitter. Waterproof and easy to wash. The pocket catches everything and the size is perfect.

Sonia Addieville, IL

Wish it was a little longer

I love the pocket but it’s a little short so the the bottom of the bib rests on the highchair tray rather than in the lap. That said, I have three and they are still my preferred bib, I haven’t found anything better.

Betsy Jonesville, IN

Easy to use, easy to wash

I love it!It is so easy to put on, off and wash.the pocket doesn’t catch all the food, still it does a pretty good job not getting my son’s clothes dirty.I used it since I started feeding him up to until 2 years old.Now he refuse to put any bib on so now his shirts are all messy 🙂 and I love it.I also bought this bib with sleeves and it was very helpful.

Consuelo Big Run, WV


Seems fragil or that will damage easily. But the size is perfect (my baby is really big) and I am using in his bag for when we are out of home.

Lola Wickliffe, KY


I switched from Toys r us bib to Kushies. This is much, much better. It dries very quickly and doesn’t get worn out like Toys r us one. It is also nice that it does not contain lead.

Bonita Mountain Home, TN

Catches those puffs!

This is the second Kushies bib we got. It’s great for messy eaters because you can just wipe it down after eating. The pocket is also great because it catches everything our baby drops. He’s just getting into finger foods so lots of things drop down. The material is wide around the neck so it has more coverage than some other bibs we tried. I definitely recommend.

Matilda Dunkerton, IA

Love this

This bib covered my baby entire upper body, easy to clean and fast to dry, easy to carry around and doesn’t leave stain . She likes the bib and for the price, I think this is a good product. I probably will purchase more.

Elba Rye Beach, NH

Baby likes it

I have tried multiple bibs, the Baby Bjorn bibs, and some other bib that I got as a gift from Babies R Us that is stiff… the problem is that he doesn’t like the stiff ones, likes to rip them off after a few minutes of tolerating them.. my 8 month old normally does not know that bib is on him, so therefore doesn’t rip it off.

Frances Union City, MI

good bib

This was a good bib to get the job done but the wide neck opening made it a problem for us. Even with the bob I had to take our child’s shirt off for feedings because the bib opening was larger than the collar of the shirt.

Phoebe Middle Grove, NY

Buy this bib!

My daughter is a messy eater and drinker at meal time. I noticed that a friend of mine had one of these and loved it for her son, so I decided to purchase two of these bibs – and I am SO glad that I did! Three amazing things about this brand/bib are: they do not soak through, they’re PVC/BPA free, and they are made in Canada (not China for once). I will absolutely continue to purchase these bibs for my children. Buy them, you won’t regret it!

Billie New Castle, CO

Much larger than expected.

This bib is much larger than I was expecting. I was hoping for a bib like our bumpkins one, but this is twice the size. May gift it to a friend that likes the larger size or just keep it and see if it’s more practical when my son is a little older

Tara Endicott, NY

Favorite bib

We love the fit of these bibs–they’re wide enough to keep food completely off of clothing and the pocket does a great job of catching food. They also hold up to washing really well.

Harriett Higbee, MO

Machine washable!

Love this bib! The crumb catcher catches the misses our little one’s mouth (she loves to feed herself, she started at 6 months). These also wash up fabulously in the washing machine.

Reva Texline, TX

Cute bib!

I love this bib! I use it every night for his messy dinners and it washes and dries so well! And it’s cute on my son, too!

Celeste Perrinton, MI

Great for feeding solids!

I love these! I have three. One to use for the week at home, one to use for the week at daycare, and one extra to use when the first two are in the laundry. Between meals, I just rinse the bib in the sink and hang it up to dry. It’s dry by the next mealtime.

Flora Santa Clara, UT

Use it every single day

I love these bibs! They can be washed over and over (i wash mine at least once a day, sometimes twice) and the velcro is still good as new. They also can be stuffed into corners of bags and brought with me anywhere. And, that’s what inspired me to buy these bibs – going on a trip for a week and i didn’t want to have to drag a week’s worth of bibs with me and keep them dirty in a bag for a week. They were the perfect solution! I have two and i almost never use any other bibs.

Angelica Bush, LA

Great bib but not sure how to prevent moldy/stinky smell after many washes

Great bib but developed a moldy smell that was impossible to get rid of. I would wash and air dry the bib after every use but maybe I should have put it in the washing machine. We used these bibs for about a year, and now at 2 years old, my son absolutely refuses to wear his bib

Celeste Gayville, SD

Yeah Canada!

I actually just ordered 3 more of these bibs, because I was so happy with the quality. The bibs are plenty big to cover a toddlers chest, gunk-proof, easily wiped down, and so cute. Plus (drum roll)…..the bibs are not made in Asia….they are made in Canada.

Adrian Valliant, OK


Use this bib everyday and it does what it needs to do and keeps most of the food/drink off the baby. It is thin material but have not had an issue yet.

Patricia Petaluma, CA

Great bib, Runs big

This bib holds up great through washing and wearing. It is a little big around the neck of my 8 month old, so probably intended for 12 months or older.

Mari Admire, KS