Kushies Zolo Fuzzi Mirror

Kushies Zolo Fuzzi Mirror

Kushies Zolo Fuzzi Mirror

Main features

  • Easy to attach to any stroller, diaper bag or car seat
  • Bold black and white legs offer extra sensory stimulation
  • Multi sensory
  • Inside, two mirrors provide lots of baby reflection and amusement
  • Chimes and rattles when shaken

Verified reviews


Baby’s good friend

So cute, got it for son when he was 4 months and he immediately took to it. At 6 months he likes to sit in his crib and talk to it. He also chews it like crazy, he’s just popped his first teeth. So it’s a friend you can both teeth and talk with. Super.

Casey West Burlington, NY

large, overpriced, but so cute

This green little monster is so cute! My daughter loves the jingly legs and mirror. It’s on the large side for hanging on the carseat, but its great for attaching to the shopping cart for keeping your little one occupied. It is expensive considering you can get most Lamaze stroller toys for around half the price, but its cute and my daughter loves it so I’d probably buy it again 🙂

Laurie Drexel, MO

do your research

I bought 3 different kushies zolo toys for my daughter back at Christmas. Thankfully I found them on another website for half the price or I never would have gotten them. When ever we take them out and about with us we always get comments. They are perfect for hanging on the diaper bag, probably a little large for the car seat. My daughter really likes to run around with one or two of these though she mostly likes to undo the velcro. The mirror on the green one got scratched up pretty fast, but that makes sense because its a toy for babies, they couldn’t use a real mirror. My daughter somehow managed to rip the threads out of the purple octopus-y ones mouth also. We really love the orange one the laughing noise it makes when hit is just adorable.Over all, I’m not sure these are worth the price listed on amazon. They are great toys and would make a special gift for a little one, but look around for a better price!

Bettie Cameron, WV

texture fun

Baby loves to look at the black and white legs and strap, feel the texture of the body, and then surprise look at the mirror inside. It’s unique cool fun

Katina Vermillion, KS

My almost 4 m old loves this!

I had hesitated to buy this and almost returned it because it’s kind of costly on Amazon but there’s something about this toy that my daughter loves. She really loves holding and hitting the black and white bells in this toy. There’s something in the design that really captures my daughter’s eyes.

Nora Sidney, NY

Months of fun!

This toy was a great purchase and is a favorite of my son’s. I purchased the mirror toy when my son was 4 months old and he continues to love it at 7 months. The high-contrast strap and legs captured his attention right away, and then of course he discovered the mirror and was hooked. He loves to swat at this toy and gnaw on the curly fuzz. One foot rattles and the other squeaks. Great toy!

Christian Raymond, KS