L A Baby Organic Compact Porta Crib Pad with Jacquard Cover, Gold

L A Baby Organic Compact Porta Crib Pad with Jacquard Cover, Gold

This L A Baby 3″ thick compact organic crib pad is the perfect replacement style for the port a crib you may already have. The jacquard gold cover is waterproof with box edges and will fit into any port a crib.

Main features

  • Perfect replacement style for the port a crib you may already have
  • Jacquard cover is waterproof
  • Will fit into any port a crib
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Verified reviews



We only have a 2 bedroom house but have two children. They cannot sleep in the same room yet so our youngest (6 months) is in a pack n play in our room. He hasn’t been sleeping well and we began to think that maybe he was uncomfortable in the pack n play. Because we don’t have room for a crib we had to make the pack n play work. This mattress has helped a lot. He now sleeps through the night. Also, I should note that the mattress has a fabric cover which makes a waterproof cover an absolute necessity. Thank you L A Baby for getting our son to sleep through the night!

Latonya Monocacy Station, PA

Too soft, too small

This mattress is super soft – does not adhere to the Safe to Sleep guidelines. Further, the labeling is misleading – it did not fit properly in my Pack n Play. There was about a 2" gap between the mattress and the edge of the play yard. I love that it was using some organic ingredients (in hopes that it had lower levels of VOCs than traditional foam mattresses), but it creates other safety hazards and is not worth the risk. I would not recommend this product for use in an area baby sleeps in unless you are only using it for supervised naps, not overnights.

Deanne Russellville, MO

GREAT mattress!! NOT just a pad!!

I read previous reviews and was skeptical about this mattress! I had the freebie pad that came with the mini crib (Davinci) and it is disposable junk. THIS MATTRESS IS NOT!! It is like a REAL little mattress! It is fully finished on all sides and very firm! I am very happy with this purchase and I really see my baby sleeping more soundly on it. I also LOVE that it is fabric covered instead of plastic so when she moves around there is no sound! I did buy a waterproof mattress pad to put on it just to be safe.

Maryanne Glennville, GA

No Toxic Smell

When it came I was super excited but now that it is out of the box and in the play crib i am starting to have my doubts. I am not sure what others are talking about saying that it is too firm, I am actually concerned that it is too soft and sinks in too much but he hasn’t slept on it yet so we will see. As for quality it seems to be well made and the fact that there is no toxic smell really makes me happy. Hoping for the best. It shipped super fast also.

Aurora College Springs, IA

Perfect amount of firm and yet soft and comfortable

We put this in our Da Vinci mini crib and it was wonderful. We bought a water proof organic American Baby pad to go over this. Although not completely 100% organic in every way it still eased my mind and was WELL WORTH the price. Baby slept nice and sound!

Shelly Natrona, WY

“Organic” is misleading…

As another reviewer stated, it’s only 40% organic. If it was 100% organic, I would have given it 5 stars but because it’s only a small %, I had to take away some. It fits perfectly in our mini crib. Just wish it was 100% organic.

Miriam Harbor Springs, MI

Decent mattress for the price

I bought this mattress for my son to use at daycare because he was having awful allergic reactions to the vinyl-covered mattresses that they provide by default. For the price, this is a good mattress – there were no offgassing chemical odors, and my son no longer has the allergic reactions.Out of the box, I had to “air” the mattress out a bit as it smells a bit earthy. After airing it out for a few days, it seemed ok.Craftsmanship is only so-so. The seams are a little bit uneven, and in one part of the mattress, the piping is not properly sewn on. Given that it was about $40+, it wasn’t worth it to send it back for a replacement.I would definitely recommend buying some sort of mattress cover as the surface covering is not waterproof. Even if your kid does not really pee through their diapers, other drips (tears, drool and whatever stuff may be leaking out) will surely seep into the mattress. We ended up just getting a natural organic cover designed for this size mattress.

Alissa Booneville, AR

very nice

firm but not too hard. also being organic is great. who knows what everything is made with today. it is thinner than i thought but it does say 3inches.

Deena Henning, IL