LA Baby 2″ Compact Crib Mattress, White

LA Baby 2″ Compact Crib Mattress, White

2″ Compact Crib Mattress is used as a replacement mattress. It is used with small and compact cribs. This is filled with high density polyfiber. The waterproof vinyl cover helps keep mattress fresh.

Main features

  • Replacement mattress
  • Used with small and compact cribs
  • Filled with high density polyfiber
  • Waterproof vinyl cover helps keep mattress fresh
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Verified reviews


Great mattress for a playpen

Was an inch longer than what I needed (that’s why I put 4 stars) but I was still able to make it work. I put an original thin mattress in a playpen first to make a base, that way our new mattress was firmer and didn’t sink in the middle. I am glad I made this purchase.

Melba Buckingham, IA

Great for Graco Pack n Play!

I was a little afraid to purchase this mattress for my daughter’s Graco Pack n Play based on the dimensions, but after reading some reviews saying it would fit, I thought I would give it a try. I am so happy I did! I found one through Amazon’s Warehouse Deals and got a great price! It fits very well, there is virtually no gap, especially after adding a Carter’s Quilted Velour Playard Sheet. My daughter’s naptime away from home now is so much more comfy! I highly recommend!

Beryl Clarkridge, AR


We have a Graco pack n’ play and it fits the length of it perfectly but it is a little short on the width size, but we just pad it with some blankets and it works fine. The height is great too!

Jaime Hull, IA


I highly recommend this to anyone buying a pack’n play. It fits great in my graco pack n play. It’s wrapped in a plastic water proof material and the crib sheets fits great on it.

Lora Pawnee, IL

safety 1st satellite playard snug fit

I bought this for use with the bassinet feature of the safety 1st satellite peagasus playard. it is a very snug fit- no gaps. My american baby company playard sheets fit over it as well! I won’t be able to use the bassinet feature with the mattress though when the baby starts rolling- because the 2″ inches takes away quite a bit of depth. I think the baby is much happier sleeping on this mattress- she no longer screams her little head off when I lie her down in the playard.I was also happy that it had very low odor and was able to air it out within a day. The way it feels- is comparable to a 2 inch thick foam mattress pad- like those egg crate one’s you get at walmart- only without the bumps. And covered with thin vinyl- similar to those gap anorak rain jackets that fold up into a bag just a tad thicker. This may sound lame- but before I purchased it- I wondered if it would be a stiff foam with heavy duty vinyl similar to our Sealy Soybean foam core mattress. It is not, it is medium soft and pliable and definitely needs the original playard pad/foundation underneath it.

Emma Hodges, AL


This is just the right size for the porta crib I boughtWe have a new baby granddaughter coming so it will be at our house when she is here

Grace Morse, TX

Great mattress for my Chicco Pack N Play

We bought this mattress to put in our pack n’ play for our infant daughter so we could keep her in our room when she was a newborn. This mattress fits snugly in our Chicco Pack N’ Play, so there are no spaces on the sides for baby to get stuck in. She is now 6 months and mobile, so soon we’ll be pulling out the pack n’ play again to keep her contained, and we will also use this as a portable crib when traveling in a few months.

Augusta Mineola, IA

baby bed matress

I bought this to replace a matress from a Sears baby bed. It fits good and the new baby is happy.

Rosemarie Perry, MI

It’s stiff as a board!

I thought this was going to be comfortable for sleeping but it’s almost has hard as the board that comes with the original Graco Pack and Play, so it doesn’t seem like much of a comfort improvement.I only give it 2 stars because it fits the pack and play perfectly and the sheets went on very easily.

Miranda Port Gibson, NY

Quality mattress, durable

This mattress was ordered to replace one that came with our portable crib and had broken down. The mattress surprised me right from the start….it didn’t make noise when the baby move in it, she actually SLEPT in it, and it is sturdy enough to not fold when a sheet is placed on it. It was well worth the money.

Leola Zionsville, PA


if you have chicco playard, this should fit pefectly.we love it!!! i dont understand why they dont sell it with the playard instead of that wooden board that comes in the playard. Wepay so much money and at the end u end up putting your child on a wooden board…,really???? all those companies came up with that as the best solution for babies?i wish i bought this from the begginingwe love it and our babipy loves it!!!!u wont regret

Lucile Beaverdam, VA