LA Baby 4 Sided Changing Pad 32″, White

LA Baby 4 Sided Changing Pad 32″, White

4 Sided Changing Pad 32″ is ergonomic four sided design to make baby comfortable. It has a waterproof, vinyl covered changing pads. This is sized to fit most changing tables and dresser tops. This has a quick release safety belt which is included. It meets all federal and state mattress regulations.

Main features

  • Vinyl
  • Ergonomic four sided design to make baby comfortable
  • Waterproof, vinyl covered changing pads
  • Sized to fit most changing tables and dresser tops
  • Quality, nontoxic cover wipes clean easily

Verified reviews


I LOVE this as an unconventional bathtub!!!

We tried every “tub” for newborns out there, then I decided to use this to give my newborn a bath. You can’t “fill it” with water, but it does hold water as you clean the baby, and it’s very light and water repellent (so you just lift it and pour the water out when you’re done), and small enough to fit on the counter next to the sink. I was able to lay him down on the soft surface and clean him all over without any tears! (I cleaned and dried it immediately, and never had any problems.) But because he wouldn’t be covered with water, I turned the bathroom heater on 5 mins before bathtime so he wouldn’t get cold. It may not work for everyone, but for the first few months, it was a lifesaver for us, AND NO TEARS!!!

Sydney Fairfield, NC

Great Changing Pad! Read for some tips for first time parents…

This is a great changing pad. I like the fact that it is four-sided. It also allows for my daughter’s head to be slightly elevated if you put her near the edge of the changing pad (which i normally only do if i have someone else with me, to watch her), which seems to help with her reflux. She doesnt like being completely horizontal, she likes any sort of incline.If you are looking for a changing pad cover, I would recommend this one:Summer Infant Plush Pals Changing Pad Cover, Green/BrownThere is also one tip I want to give first time parents that I would have found useful when registering …Register for disposable “pee pads” (dr. office calls them “chux”, or “underpads”, etc). Amazon sells a bunch at reasonable prices (brand: Dynarex). They use these at the hospital and dr.’s office. You put these little pee pads over changing tables and they absorb any accidents. It will save you a LOT of laundry!!! Yes, you can minimize the occurences of accidents by putting a new diaper under the old diaper and other tricks, but no matter what you do you WILL have pee/poop getting on your changing cover frequently!! Downside is you will have more trash than you would have normally, but trust me — when you are sleep deprived, it is a LOT easier to just throw away a dirty pee pad and lay a fresh one down then to realize that you have to do a load of laundry in the middle of the night holding a crying baby! :)here is the one i buy, normally can be had for $13 for 100 count:Dynarex #1341 Underpads, 17×24 in. 22 gram, 100 ct

Martina Greenville, MO

Great Changing Pad

I was very happy to find this changing pad; I purchased this pad to go on top of the DaVinci Roxanne 4-Drawer Wood Chest. I was very happy to see that the pad came with attached straps that allow you to secure the pad to whatever piece of furniture that you are planning to use it on/with. My only concern is that the screws that came with the pad are much too long…I think I might be using small screws or doing more investigating before I attempt to use the long screws in the back of my new piece of furniture.The pad is nice and large so I feel like I will be able to get a lot of use out of it before my baby is too large to fit in/on the pad. The side walls are very nice they seem like they will help to keep the baby safely in the middle of the changing pad.The Carters Super Soft Printed Changing Pad Cover’s fit perfectly on this changer. I would recommend purchasing the covers from Cookie’s the Department store for kids […] because the covers are only […] from that site and are $14.99 – $15.01 here at Amazon. Shipping is free from Amazon but when I purchased two covers from Cookie’s with the price of shipping I still paid less than if I purchased the covers from Amazon.

Dixie Newcomb, NY

Best changing pad out there

We got this changing pad for our first baby because all sides are raised and we felt that would be more safe and comfortable for the baby. We love the pad, and used it til it fell apart. It lasted about 17 months before we decided to throw it out. We’d have been able to use it longer if we had taken better care of it.There are a few things to note about it that are negatives:1) If you don’t use a cover, it will fall apart FAST2) The plastic cover warps after extended use3) It’s very difficult to find covers for it. We purchased some terry covers, but they kept catching on my wedding ring, so I just ended up making my own out of old towels.Positives:1) Baby has never bonked his head on the changing table, when he was an infant it cradled him really well, and as an older baby it was a nice rest for his head and knees.2) It is so comfortable that many times he fell asleep in it when he was tiny. We’d strap him in and put it in the crib on nights where the only place he’d sleep was the changing pad3) It holds its shape really well. Even after jablillions of diaper changes, all the sides held up4) It is harder for him to roll away from diaper changesEven though we got rid of the first one we got, we’ll be getting another one for our next baby.

Aida Mc Clellanville, SC

great firm and functional

I think this is a great product. Soft, but not too soft that she sinks in. I like the curve it has too.

Marva Rutherford, NJ

I really enjoy this product.

I really enjoy this product. it is soft and has a firm cushion. the plastic covering is not harsh on our baby’s skin and is soft as far as plastic liners go. It comes with screws if you need to attach the changing pad to where ever you place it.

Francis Fountain City, IN

FANTASTIC…Don’t waste your money on more expensive pads

I LOVE this pad! I almost purchased one for twice as much $ at a local major baby department store. SO glad I didn’t. This pad is just as thick as the other at half the price. This one ALSO comes four sided, while the other was only raised on two of the four sides. So final diagnosis… equally padded for baby AND more reassurance for parents. It’s also rather long so I feel it will work throughout the entire diapering phase. This is the ONLY changing pad to purchase as far as I’m concerned. You WILL NOT be disappointed. I’ve found that the Carter’s Super Soft changing pad covers fit perfectly even after being washed and dryed (on low heat setting).

Audrey Monett, MO

It will work

We invested in many natural and organic bedding and clothing options – investing in a $100 organic changing table that baby is on for a few seconds felt like too much of a luxury. So, instead, we bought cotton waterproof pads that will sit on this and place baby on that.I appreciate that it’s large and fits well on our dresser (we did screw it in so it’s secure). I agree with other reviewers that the quilting makes no sense in terms of clean up – I can imagine stuff getting into those grooves and never coming out. I also think it would have been great if the cover was removable given this issue instead of part of the pad. But, overall, it’s inexpensive, safe, and will do the job for now.

Karla Wayne, ME

Daughter Loves this!

My daughter loves this one! we are happy with it and have two, one for upstairs and one for downstairs…she is so happy on it and the curved edges give her enough resistance that she goes kicking crazy! which is super fun! lots of accidents so far and this thing wipes up great! we use the carters covers and when you first put it on it looks tight but like sheets or anything else after you put a little weight in it it works great!

Karin Coyville, KS

Nice and well padded

This 4-sided pad is longer than usual, but still fits most changers and changing covers. I had the 3-sided for my first son, but like this one a lot better.

Lorie Huntington Station, NY

Good pad.

I really wanted something to hold baby down during diaper changing. But he is so smart he will wiggle his way around and then crawl out. While it did not contain him as I would have liked the pad is really nice and gives him a soft landing. Very comfortable to change him on. Covered It withCarters chocolate dot changing pad cover.

Esperanza Union Grove, NC

happy so far

We have been very happy with this changing pad so far. It fit perfect on the top of our baby dresser. We keep it covered all the time. I would highly recommend getting the longer one just because our son is almost 6 months old and I can’t see this lasting us longer than a couple more months due to his length! We bought theCarters Super Soft Dot Changing Pad Cover, Chocolatewhich fits perfectly.

April Brewster, MN

Great size, great quality

This is perfect for what we needed. We put it on top of a dresser to create a changing table. It is a great size and the sides make it feel more secure while I am changing the baby.

Robin Bayfield, WI

Great Changing Pad

I was looking for a changing pad that had 4 sides for more protection. It is comfortable and very thick. Love it!

Bettie Arbuckle, CA


This fits our space well and is a good size for our son. I like that all four sides are contoured. Cleans easily.

Therese Amesville, OH

Perfect for squirmy baby!!

I Love this changing pad. My baby is a total squirm bucket and not only does this stop her from getting far but it also protects her kicking feet and flailing head. I used it with the LA Baby Terry Cover for Cocoon Changing Pad and it fits perfectly.

Amparo Saint Joseph, MO

Great price and product

Just what I needed. Overall loving this product so far and would recommend. No issues upon arrival. Happy about my purchase!

Nola Douglas, AK


We actually use this as a co-sleeper for our newborn. We place it between us on a queen sized bed – makes things cozy to tight, but baby is snug and theres no chance of rolling. The pad is firm but not too firm, and there is ample support.

Evangeline Springbrook, WI

Another great purchase for baby

Love this changing table and the fact that it has straps to secure baby while changing him. He’s a bit of a wiggle worm so those really come in handy. It also fits perfectly on the dresser we purchased to use as a changing table.

Ila Plattenville, LA

Fits our PBK changing table

I considered going with an organic changing pad, but I just couldn’t justify the expense. We have a changing table topper/dresser combo from Pottery Barn Kids, and this pad fits perfectly. I bought changing pad covers from Land of Nod to match our crib bedding, and they fit perfectly, too, even though the cover is listed as 36″ long and the pad is listed at 32″ (probably due to the depth of the sides). Our baby is 4 months old, and the pad is holding up just fine. I just lay a cloth diaper on top of the cover when I’m changing him, to make the cover last a little longer between washings.

Kathi Etowah, AR

use it everyday!!

this is a wonderful changing pad. i appreciate the contours because it does seem to make the baby more comfortable and secure. i highly recommend it!!

Willa Atlasburg, PA

Great changing pad

Love this pad – it comes with a waterproof/ non-slippery plastic cover that is really good. My son is 9 months and am still using it. I also purchased the carters pad covers: it goes beautifully with this and makes it very soft on the skin.I like that the sides are relatively deep to protect him from the changing table, and at the same time the corners are concave for easy cleaning.

Cheri Anamosa, IA

Baby loves it!

My baby is so comfy on this changing pad – she enjoys to just lay there and kick around. I love that the sides are elevated – no way she is rolling off, at least now when she is little. Would highly recommend this.

Bettye Chelsea, IA

love it

I really love this product. it was perfect for my changer topper and most covers fit that I bought for it. one thing is though the picture looks like the changing cover vynil is alwyas flush against its surface but actually it is not. The pastic vinyl is loose and hovers above the surface. No big deal since the cover does the same thing.

Ingrid Muscoda, WI

Great….new grand baby loves it

Great….new grand baby loves it…. Very secure & plenty of room for squirmy baby. Also bought Carters Super Soft Dot Changing Pad Cover (Pink) on Fits perfect !!!!

Cheryl Cardin, OK

it’s been great

I’m very happy with this changing pad… you never know what you need/want as first time new mom… this was a good choice.

Maryann Caddo Gap, AR

Cushy and cradles baby.

Happy to have found this changing pad! Holds up much better than other pads I’ve seen on the market. Definitely better quality and price than the one I saw at Pottery Barn Kids. It doesnt look & feel cheap. The 4 side walls and safety strap definitely are pluses.

Aida Mount Carmel, TN

I like this more than Summer Infant

I have to wait for the baby but this 4 sided one seems better than the Summer Infant. it fits perfectly on my counter.

Hilary Modoc, SC

4-sides = peace of mind

I selected this changing pad over others since I did not plan on ruining the top of my dresser to screw it in but did not want to worry about baby scooting off one end or the other. The four sides give me added peace of mind and I love the contoured shape rather than the sharp-angled ones that didn’t take into account the human form. As others have indicated, the bottom is not incredibly slip-resistant. To solve this I purchased a square of non-stick drawer and shelf linerGrip It Shelf and Drawer Liner Blackand laid it under the changing pad. Also because other reviewers said the pad didn’t hold up well after being wet repeatedly I purchased the disposable underpads (like the ones they use in the hospital)Disposable Blue Underpad Chux 23×36, 150/CASEand put one under the changing pad cover and on top of the changing pad to ensure no liquid hits the pad. Having to take these extra preventative steps is why I rated it a 3 and not higher.

Cheri Winston, OR

Multi-functional, Must have!

This changing pad has been a wonderful addition to our little collection of baby gear. We not only use it every day to change our son’s diaper and to change his clothes, but we also take it with us when traveling and let him sleep on it at night. With the curved sides, it prevents him from rolling off. Great for up to around 5-6 months for this purpose; once the baby gets very mobile or wiggly, using this for sleeping may not be ideal. For diaper changing alone, I would imagine that we would use this for quite a long time considering the larger size and 32-inch length. We love it so much, that when we forgot ours at a hotel on vacation we just ordered a brand new one when we got home. Definitely a must have for us!

Camilla Bonham, TX