LA Baby Countour Changing Pad 30″, White

LA Baby Countour Changing Pad 30″, White

Contour Changing Pad 30″ is ergonomic four sided design to make baby comfortable. It has a waterproof, vinyl covered changing pads. This is sized to fit most changing tables and dresser tops. It Includes snap on system for secure mounting. This has a quick release safety belt which is included. It meets all federal and state mattress regulations.

Main features

  • Ergonomic four sided design to make baby comfortable
  • Waterproof, vinyl covered changing pads
  • Sized to fit most changing tables and dresser tops
  • Quality, nontoxic cover wipes clean easily
  • Includes snap on system for secure mounting

Verified reviews


Water Resistant – it works!

I haven’t used it for a changing pad yet. I use it for the counter space next to the sink to wash my LO’s hair. Anyways, I’ve had water on it and it seems to hold up pretty well.

Goldie Mazie, KY

it does fit the ikea gulliver changing table

I would not call it a perfect perfect fit but all and all it does fit. You will have about 3 inch of space along the side (great to put little toys, a sprayer or different items) and it’s a tiny bit too long to fit on the white shelf perfectly but it does fit inside the overall frame good enough to not have any issue to use it safely.

Maggie Lake Milton, OH

5 Stars for first 6 months…

There’s a lot to like about this changing pad. We decided not to buy a changing table as a furniture item and just use this pad.Pros:- At 30″ this fit our Ikea Malm dresser perfectly. The 32″ pads would have hung off the edges.- The curved sides kept our baby well positioned for changing up until about 6 months.- Soft yet durable. Baby was changed nearly exclusively on this for 8 months and it has held up great.- The safety belt has it’s moments… more on this momentarily.Cons:At 8 months, it’s nearly impossible to keep a baby on this that doesn’t want to be on it. Even with the belt on, she manages to spin around. At best the belt distracts her as something to play with while we change her.Tips:We covered the pad with thisCarters Super Soft Dot Changing Pad Cover, Chocolateand then used Carter’s Keep Me Dry Multi-use Pads on top of that (didn’t see on Amazon to link to, but likely something similar is out there). The pad layer on top made for easy cleanups to any accidents that will inevitably happen.This pad will definitely help you get by without buying a true changing table. For that it certainly pays for itself and then some.

Deloris Ellsworth, PA

Works well for us.

I purchased this as I wanted a slightly smaller size changing pad to go on top of our dresser and still leave room for diapers etc. We easily attached it to the back of the dresser using the kit provided and the changing pad covers we purchased fit well even though they are designed for different sized pads. The pad itself is easy to clean and seems to give baby plenty support and padding. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

Tracy Kilgore, NE

Changing Pad

This changing pad fits wonderfully on my IKEA changing table. Our son is a fan also he will lay up there and kick and play.

Letha North Versailles, PA

Great changing pad

I had such good luck with this changing pad for my first baby, that I ordered a second one for my new baby that is coming soon. Would definitely recommend.

Neva Shiocton, WI

fits our changing table!!!

I had a difficult time finding a changing pad that would fit our table, since we got one of the crib/changing table combos. they come with a changing pad, but it is small, thin, and not what i wanted. this one is much nicer and much more comfortable for our child, and fits!! (the standard size ones would not fit in our combo table)

Winifred Ovett, MS

Perfect for IKEA Gulliver Changing Table

Yes, this size is perfect for the IKEA Gulliver Changing Table. I like how the sides curve up as well.

Susie Des Plaines, IL

Works well!

I bought this because it was 30″ which fits our dresser better then the longer ones. It fits perfectly and works well. We use regular size pad covers on it and they work great.

Penny Laconia, TN

good pad if you have an Ikea changing table

Ikea changing tables have an awkward dimension so it was hard to find a changing pad that would perfectly fit. I came across this pad and it was long enough to fit on the table. It is thick enough that my baby doesn’t feel like she is directly on the table. I use a cover on it but you could get away with not using one as the plastic is not a sticky shiny one. It is easy to clean after any accidents. We have been using it for 4 months now and are really happy with it. FYI: If on an Ikea chaging table you will still have a little gap lengthwise but I use that empty space to put all the products I need while changing baby, so in the end it was all good.

Noelle Counselor, NM

Great changing table pad

We got this to fit the Babyletto Hudson changing dresser and it was perfect for that. The kiddo seems to like it as well and he’s been a lot less fussy during changes since we started using this one.

Margret Farmer City, IL

Great changing pad

What can I say? I love this changing pad as much as one can love a changing pad I suppose. It gets the job done, accommodates my now 16 month old just fine. Would recommend.

Justine Hawley, MN

Perfect for smaller dressers!

Love this changing pad – we bought a shorter dresser to use as a changing table and needed the shortest possible changing pad -after 14 months of use, it still looks brand new! We are now moving it into our new baby’s room, as now my baby needs a changing pad a bit longer since when he kicks he hits his heels on the dresser – I would def. recommend if you need a shorter changing pad – prefer this over the summer infant and the diaper genie brand.

Abigail Ideal, SD


A major must have! The price is right too, and this pad has been absolutely perfect for us. We don’t have a changing table and just have this pad on her dresser, and it’s worked just fine. Lots of sweet memories and moments of blowing bubbles, chatting, and eye contact on this 🙂

Gwendolyn Point Roberts, WA

Perfect For IKEA Changing Table

For whatever reason IKEA sells a changing table but no pad to fit it and the standard size out there is too long. This is perfect if you have the IKEA changer.

Tiffany Winfield, TN

It works

It fit my changing table, super cushy, it fits in the cover i bought, it is mostly water proof which makes it easy to clean up messes – not sure what else i could ask for in a changing pad.

Ernestine Tioga, LA

Fits Baby Mod ParkLane 3-Drawer Changer

I registered for this because the standard 32" changing pads are too long for my changing table. This one is a little short (31" would probably fit perfectly), but it’s not really an issue. I would recommend putting a changing pad cover over it because the vinyl is not at all soft and the covers are very easy to use and then toss in the wash.

Christina Chase Mills, NY

Love it.

Absolutely love this. Bought a changing table from a big retail store that needed a pad. Bought this and it fits perfectly. Also bought the changing pad washable covers and I feel very comfortable when changing my daughter (and so does she).

Isabelle Kings Canyon National Pk, CA

Very durable

My daughter is 20 months old and we still change her on this pad. It is so versatile, I change her with it on the floor, bed, table…It goes on vacation with us and it doesn’t even have a scratch, it still looks new and is as thick as when I got it new.Great product!

Patrice Timmonsville, SC

Great and worked perfect with my ikea changing table

This fit perfectly into my ikea changing table. Something I didn’t think about till I read the reviews! I just assumed that everything was standard size but not the case. The changing bad is still in like new shape and my girls are almost 11 months!

Dona Winburne, PA

perfect for the twins

Use this same one for my childcare and know it will be great for my grandchildren, twins! Also purchased covers too from Amazon

Iva North Pembroke, MA


This changing pad is very nice. It’s very easy to wipe down and even though I don’t need it, I really appreciate that there are two tabs that you can use to secure it to a dresser top with screws. Great if you don’t have a changing table with edges.

Gilda New Millport, PA

still in use with 2nd child

Purchased this with my first child. Our dresser/changing table was a short length compared to the standard pad we purchased at a big box store. This fits great & is still being used over 3 years later with my 2nd child. The edges have started to flatten a bit and wear down — but still in great shape for the amount of use it has seen!

Natalie Brighton, MO

Fits IKEA changing table well

Have been using it for 5 months and it looks as good as new. Fits my Ikea changing table perfectly.

Lauren Tewksbury, MA

It works

We purchased this to go with our Ikea changing table. Happy to say that it fits very well, there is a little room off to side that is open, but the length fits perfect.i was a little hesitant of buying this due to its not organic, however i found a great organic cover for this that will work perfect. Shipping was fast and the product sold at a very reasonable price.would recommend for any parent looking to purchase a changing pad that is on a budget but doesn’t want to sacrafice quality.

Andrea Duxbury, MA

Fits Stork Craft Beatrice table with hutch

We needed a changing pad that was shorter than the typical 32″, in order to fit a table with a hutch. This product is holding up well after a month of use and the surface hasn’t picked up any stains yet from messes that soaked the covers.

Renee Cedarpines Park, CA

Exactly What I Was Looking For

I bought this product to turn my son’s dresser into a changing table. Its nice and thick so my son is comfortable laying on it, and the straps attached make me feel more comfortable changing him on it. I also appreciate the screws included so that it can be secured directly to the dresser/changing table.

Staci Madison, GA

Perfectly sized.

This is well-made, perfectly sized. I use American Baby Company mini-crib sheets to cover it – they fit perfectly on this, but not the crib! So it worked out. 🙂

Keisha Lakewood, WA

Good product

We use the top of an old dresser as a changing table. The nice thing about this changing pad is that it’s a few more inches narrow than many changing pads, so it fits our dresser perfectly. Standard changing pad covers fit on this. The pad must be very comfortable because our baby loves laying on it.

Denise Ansonia, OH

Changing pad fits perfect

This pad fits perfectly on our dresser. We had to get this one based on size because our dresser is smaller than the other changing pads. But it worked out great. The pad is constructed well and the cover we bought for it fits perfect.

Tamara Marysville, MI