LA Baby Natural III Crib Mattress

LA Baby Natural III Crib Mattress

High coil count innerspring and the Natural Coconut fiber insulator pad work together to support your babies developing spine. USDA Certified Organic cotton cushioning material, that is also US grown, is the best that nature has to offer and gives your child a good night’s sleep. Organic cotton cover provides luxurious feel and comfort to the extra firm support that is provided by our quality innerspring and coconut fiber support system. This mattress is proudly made in the U.S.A. from domestic and imported sources and also a gold prize winner of the Mom’s Choice Awards!

Main features

  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. from domestic and imported sources.
  • Natural coconut fiber, wrapped around our high quality and heavy duty 260 count 15.5 gauge steel coils, offers maximum durability and support. 9 Gauge border rods for extra strength and side support. (The lower the gauge the thicker the steel.)
  • The USDA Certified 100% organic cotton, that is also US grown, provides comfort for a good night’s sleep. An additional blended cotton layer topper adds to baby’s comfort.
  • The Organic Cotton fabric cover is soft to the touch and not only beautiful but practical because it has a dust mite barrier, is hypo-allergenic and waterproof as well.
  • Air-vents to promote a fresh mattress. The cloth binding is sewn with a lock stitch that helps prevent edge seam from splitting and moisture from entering.

Verified reviews


Too big for standard crib

The mattress was too big for the crib—it was so tight that it never was able to lay flat in the crib (fine when baby had reflux), but my attempts to get it to fit into the crib resulted in chipped crib paint and MANY ruined sheets (with holes from friction). I now use a $50 mattress from Ikea and I’m much happier.

Phoebe East Tallassee, AL

good mattress – fits crib well

The product that I received is white, not light brown colored as shown on the picture. It arrived without any damage, sealed in a plastic bag. Upon opening the bag, we noticed a marked odor (not a chemical smell, more like a musty/stuffy odor). It seems to have disappeared completely though after airing the mattress outside for a day and inside the house for another day. The size of the mattress fits our standard size crib very well and it has the right firmness. Baby seems to like sleeping on it. Overall, I am satisfied with the product; I just wish I had shopped around more for the best pricing.

Hallie Lohman, MO

Great mattress!!!

This mattress is great! Exactly what I was looking for for baby… chemical free, organic and soft cover (not the cheap plastic ones you typically see). Love that is has a firm side for baby and softer side for toddler years…My ONLY complaint was the manufacturers description (when I bought it)- said it included an organic waterproof mattress cover… but it didn’t arrive with one. So I called Amazon customer service, and they refunded the $39.99 it would cost me to buy one separately (I guess it’s doesn’t come with one). I did advise they should update the description then as it’s misleading.Overall happy with mattress- hope it works great when baby arrives!!!

Bernadette East Petersburg, PA

Good for the price

When I bought this mattress I was looking for an organic mattress that wasn’t covered in plastic and didn’t cost a fortune.Over all I’m happy with this mattress. The price was good (I found it at another retailer for less). It comes with a waterproof mattress cover, but I don’t use it and instead got an organic wool crib pad (I don’t like sleeping on plastic so I don’t think my baby should have to either). It fits my Graco crib just fine.The only down side is that I will say that my baby’s head formed a small indent in the mattress very quickly and you can somewhat feel the springs. I’m not happy about that, but my baby is comfortable and sleeps on it very well, so it’s not bothering him.

Mae Monponsett, MA

Nice mattress, missing something..

I love this crib mattress, it feels like it’s just the right firmness and it puts my mind at ease knowing that there are no harsh chemicals in it. However, it arrived without the organic cotton waterproof mattress cover mentioned in the description. After a call to amazon they refunded me enough to buy a one (which I got from Buy Buy Baby because I didn’t want to wait another two weeks for it). Obviously this has been an issue with other people too so know that if you purchase this mattress it may mean a call to amazon customer service. That said, it really is a very nice crib mattress for the price.

Selina Dallas, IA

Great mattress!

We were looking for something natural for our daughter so we wouldn’t have to worry about off-gassing. This mattress had zero odor from the day we first opened it, and we love it! The firmness is perfect, and we would definitely recommend this and buy it again!

Caitlin Clyde, TX

LOUD coils

I am very unsatisfied with this mattress becs it is so loud when i put my baby down and when he rolls around. I contacted the vendor and they admit to a product defect. Will not be purchasing anything from this vendor again. email response:To answer you question, the noise you are hearing when you put your babyon the mattress is because the coils were built too close and overlap alittle bit, but please be assured that there is no safety issue.Nothing worse then losing sleep becs your 3 month old is waking constantly becs of loud coils.

Alicia Coyle, OK