LA Baby Terry Cover for Cocoon Changing Pad

LA Baby Terry Cover for Cocoon Changing Pad

LA Baby changing pad cover for cocoon style close-ended changing pad style 3400 available on this site. Made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester terry cloth. Elastic bottom stretch band allows cover to fit either 30″ and 32″ sizes. White color.

Main features

  • Covers for changing pads
  • The item is for unisex
  • Fitted style

Verified reviews


great product

We actually use this as a cosleeper in our bed for our newborn, and it works really well. We feel secure in having him between us, it’s soft and secure.

Gail French Camp, CA

Fits great! Very soft!

This cover arrived quickly and fits my LA baby changing pad perfectly! It is nice and soft. I will be ordering another shortly that wat ill have an extra for when this is in the wash!

Rosemary Virginia Beach, VA

Perfect fit

I wish I had bought 2 of these. They are soft and comfy and fit very well. But with a boy you need at least 2.

Corrine Ridgewood, NJ

Changing Pad Cover not Needed

I bought this off my registry so that my newborn would have a nice soft pad to lay on, but I soon realized that changing pad covers are totally impractical and I won’t be getting a lot of use out of this. Babies leak fluids from every whole, and the changing pad (obviously) gets pretty dirty. Taking a cover on and off of it multiple times a week (if not multiple times a day) is impractical. It is much easier to just wipe down the plastic pad when it gets dirty. I will admit that the heavy use of my changing pad has already lead to a rip in the center, and keeping it covered would have probably protected it better, but the changing pads are cheap enough that I can just toss this when it’s beyond repair and buy another. Unless you are planning to stock up on changing pad covers so you can change it daily, there is really no need to have one. I will say that this one did wash well and was both soft and absorbent.

Hester Enterprise, WV

This seems to be the only cover for this pad and it’s not particularly soft

I bought this because it is the only cover for this changing pad and I really wanted a pad that had four sides instead of just two or three as most of them do. The flip side is that there are more cover options for the others and this seems to be the only one for this changing pad. I like that it fits perfectly and has elastic all the way around. However, even after going through the wash I don’t think this is particularly soft. I will use it because I’d like to keep the pad covered but if I had a choice I’d opt for something softer and–even better–with a different color and/or pattern. I have also seem changing pad covers with slits in the sides for the changing pad safety harness pieces to go through and this one doesn’t have that–you just pull them up from around the bottom. Basically, I bought this because I wanted the pad itself and would buy this cover again because it’s the only one that exists although if you’re not wed to this style of pad then I’d probably get a different cover.

Judith Cairnbrook, PA