Label Itz Bandette Cup and Bottle Labels, Zoo Animals

Label Itz Bandette Cup and Bottle Labels, Zoo Animals

Bandette cup and bottle labels are the perfect solution for all your labeling needs ending cup confusion and providing a space for both long term and short term labeling information. Bandette labels allow you to personalize your kids’ cups and bottles while alerting others to dates, contents, allergies and any other preferences. Finally, an easy way to end cup confusion and decrease the spread of germs from shared cups. The fun characters and bright colors make Bandette labels easy to identify no reading required. The unique nameplate is writeable and eraseable. For long term information (names and allergies) use a ball point pen to write the information and then boil the Bandette label or put it through the dishwasher, that information will then not rub off. For daily information (dates, times, and contents), write the information with a ball point pen and then rub if off when ready to change or before dishwashing. Bandette cup and bottle labels are completely reusable and easily moved from one cup to another. The comfortable, grippy texture of the Bandette labels makes it easier for little hands to grip and not drop their cups and bottles. Bandette labeling bands can be used on many types of cups, bottles and even small containers (snack containers, shampoo bottles). They are perfect for use at daycare, play dates, parties, camp and everyday use at home. Developed by parents of 9 children who got tired of the germ spread and wasted drinks associated with not knowing whose cup was whose. ViveVita, we’re making everyday life easier and cuter and#8211; developing innovative lifestyle products for today’s families.

Main features

  • Includes 3 irresistable labeling bands: blue panda, green monkey, and orange lion
  • Personalizable and reusable
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Fits most children’s cups, bottles, drinks and small containers
  • Lead free; phthalate free; BPA free; food grade silicone

Verified reviews


handy for daycare

I bought these for my sisters new baby.At daycare they were putting stickers on her bottles and it was sometimes difficult to get the sticky residue off the bottle and the marker would sometimes bleed and get on the bottles.These handy bottle lables eliminate all of these issues.The daycare center also loves these because it saves them time from having to put stickers and and label the bottles/sippy cups.These are easy to use and are so cute!!

Amber Seward, AK

Not impressed!

The packaging indicates that you can write on it with a ball point pen and rub it off, and that if you want to make something you’ve written permanent to throw them in the dishwasher or boil it. The very first time I used them I wrote on them with a ball point pen, and no matter how hard I rub, the ink won’t come off. I’m now stuck with labels thats have an old date! disappointed.

Norma Gilberton, PA

The bands are cute but the writing washes off FAST

These bands are cute and for the cost work well on the cups, plus they are dishwasher safe. However, even with permanant marker I can wipe the name right off and it doesn’t hold up to dishwashings either. Either way, my child has a different thing on her cups than others, so it still works as an identifier, but the name definitely doesn’t stay on well.

Madelyn Etters, PA

works as designed, good fit on most bottles, careful not to put in warmer

Works really well and we used them to identify breastmilk bottles for daycare. However, make sure daycare doesn’t put them in the bottle warmer or whatever you write on it WILL become permanent!!

Denice Danville, WV

Fits the Comotomo bottles

Purchased for my daughter who attends hourly daycare when needed and having labels on her bottles are a must. I was concerned that theComotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle Single Pack, Pink, 8 Ouncesbecause of their unique shape would have been a problem but they fit fine.The reason I took off a star was that it’s very hard to write on. They say to use a ball point pen but even with a marker it’s a little hard to stay on. It does state to place in hot water if you need it to stay on permanently but because the labels have to be dated I don’t need the permanent effect. I would recommend them non the less.

Marion Clear Creek, WV

Good for daycare bottles

I bought these to use for my baby’s daycare bottles. We use Tommee Tippee and they fit great! I was interested in labeling them in order to use so that I would know that my frozen BM was being used early in the day. I also put vitamins in his 1st bottle, so I know that he gets them everyday. The only thing that bugs me is that the black sharpie writing keeps rubbing off. I might try painting over it with clear nail polish to see if that helps. I would still buy them, and wish I had gotten them sooner.

Alison Sherwood, TN

Better than tape but not perfect

While I was happy to find there was some solution to sticking tape on my son’s bottles each day with his name, it still seems like there could be something better. These said you could write on with ink or permanent marker. I used ink but it started fading/rubbing off after two washings. The bad part is that it won’t come completely off so you can start over again, it stays behind and now just looks really messy as his name has been re-written over it. I should have followed the more permanent instructions and done the boiling water and dishwasher part from the beginning. Maybe permanent marker works better. Still a better idea than tape!

Connie Kekaha, HI


So much better then tape wish i had bought these months ago. Easy slip on and off. Colors are great

Savannah Berea, OH

Buy Cheaper at Babies R US – but these are the best label bands out there!!

I love these bands, but I was disappointed that when I went to Babies R US, they were $4.95, not $8.99!! I would check around before you buy, but if you dont want anything permanent, these are for you.

Betty Arcadia, CA

Great Buy!

These work great! Easy to write on and name stays on really well. Just throw in the top rack dishwasher basket to clean. I’ve also used them to label bowls when I send fresh cut fruits to daycare.

Bobbi Decatur, AL

Good if you don’t want to “erase”

I thought these would be wonderful for daycare, where we are required to have our son’s name and date on every bottle. The packaging said that with a pen, information is easy to "erase". I did not find that to be the case. After using them once, the date will not come off. I tried to write his name over it, but it doesn’t look great. If I had known, I would have just put his name and been done with it, but I now have 6 of these and it drives me nuts that I can still see the date from March!

Mayra Williamsburg, KY

just what we needed

I purchased these to help mark wide mouth Dr Brown bottles to take to daycare. While I was worried they would not fit the wide mouth bottles, I was relieved when they actually did quite easily.

Cathleen Afton, OK

Tell the difference between bottles again!

Our son takes his cup to daycare every day, and one of the other kids uses the same type of cup. I know daycare tries hard to keep track of which belongs to who, but it’s not always easy with 5 toddlers running around. We bought these to stick on the cups, and now we/she always knows whose is who’s! I took off a star only because I felt they were a touch big – they stay on his cups fine, but they only fit snugly around the base where it’s largest. I wanted to put it in the middle of the cup where it’s narrower. But, I think that’s mostly personal preference. They stay on great, and we’ve never had any trouble with them coming off.

Meredith Port Clyde, ME

Can’t erase the pink one – WTF?

I use these on born free bottles – they fit well and I find them easy to write on, but this is very strange – I can erase the ink from the yellow one and the purple one, but it won’t come off the pink one! I used the same pen on all three – it’s so weird. I can’t wash it off or anything. Aside from this random problem, I think it is a great product.

Hope Bryants Store, KY

Not really one-size-fits all

I bought these for my son’s bottles for daycare. They didn’t fit snugly and fell off. I figured they might work on other bottles. They were somewhat better, but not great. They work well for his sippy cups, but by then, I had found a better option for labeling his things.

Lynette Arapahoe, NE

Great for Daycare

These are great for daycare. There are a ton of bottles in the daycare fridge and these make ours easily distinguishable from everyone else’s. Love them!

Patrice Peru, IL

Easy to use. Perfect for childcare setting.

Great concept and works well for daycare and they fit our tommee tippee bottles perfectly. They are easy to put on and take off of his bottles. I would recommend them to any parent that has a child in daycare. I work in childcare and bought these after seeing them on an infant’s bottles and cups. They made it easier to identify his bottles and cups. At daycare we have to write child’s first and last name, contents, and the date and all will fit on these labels. No more messy tape or trying to find a label that will stay on for a few days and best of all leaves no sticky residue.

Natalia Marion, OR

Not bad; issues with permanence

These bands are a nice, less-expensive alternative to a lot of similar labels that I’ve seen. They fit well on our Playtex Twist n Click straw sippy cups. I wrote my boys’ names on the bands with pen and boiled them to make them permanent, as indicated by the instructions. They smudged off somewhat right away, so you can still read them, but they are faint … and yet dark enough that I can’t really write over them. Other than that, I think they’re good.

Renae Kunkle, OH

Works Well the First Time…

I loved the idea of reusable labels for my daughters bottles, but after a few uses, they went downhill. At first, it was really easy to write her name, but once I erased it a few times, it got harder and harder to write. Also, the ink never fully came off, so I was just constantly writing over smeared ink. Now I’m just using painters tape and a sharpie and it’s a lot easier.

Fannie Rockwood, TX

Great for church

I use these for my twins when we are function or church. Easy slip on. I don’t boil or anything. Wrote on them with a ball point pen and called it good. They also give a little bit of a handle effect so it’s even easier for tiny hands to hold their sippy’s.

Lucy Grayland, WA

use daily

I use these daily for my child’s bottles for his day care. They are durable and very handy. Would recommend

Jacklyn Harrell, AR


I bought these to put on my sons bottles and cups for day care. They are great. I use a sharpie to put his name and date on them and then it wipes off easy in soapy water. Very convient and other moms have asked me where to find them!

Lessie Saint Francis, SD

Perfect for Sippy Cups

These fit our sippy cups perfectly. We have a few different ones and they’re great. One of our cups our oldest son can take the band off, but it’s not easy. It took me awhile to figure out what to write on them with. We’ve tried ball point pen and sharpie. The sharpie seems to work best.

Rachelle Levels, WV


In the product description it clearly says: for cup AND BOTTLE ,,, wellif you are thinking on bottles DONT BUY IT they are so big! that it just dosn`t fit !!!just buy them for cups! DONT BUY THEM FOR BOTTLES!

Jeannette Fryeburg, ME

Cheap and perfect!

I needed something to mark which bottles were my 8mo daughters when I took her to nursery. These work perfectly and are so affordable!! We use with Born Free bottles.

Francesca Osterville, MA

Too big.

I bought these to put on the Playtex bottles since a lot of kids in dayscare have same bottles. But these are too big for those bottles. They fit perfectly on the Tommee Tippee bottles-which I don’t need these for as my baby is the only one who has Tommee Tippee bottles. So these are nice but didn’t really do what I needed them to do :/

Sandy Hill City, ID

Great For Daycare

I really like these cup and bottle labels. Makes it so much easier than using tape or stickers to label my daughters bottles at daycare. They fit all the different sizes of bottles and brands that we have as well which is great. I can’t comment on how they work on cups yet because my daughter is not at that stage yet. From what I can tell they will work just as good. Should they ever break or wear out I would not hesitate to buy them again.

Gena Aspermont, TX