Label Itz Bandle Bottle Labels, Baby Time

Label Itz Bandle Bottle Labels, Baby Time

Bandle bottle labels are the perfect solution for all your baby bottle labeling needs providing a space for both long term and short term labeling information. Bandle labels allow you to personalize your baby’s bottles while alerting others to dates, contents, times, allergies and any other preferences.

Main features

  • Includes 3 cute labeling bands: light yellow sunshine, light green baby, glow in the dark blue moon
  • Personalizable and Reusable
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Smaller diameter: Fits standard bottles and small cups
  • Lead free; phlalate free; BPA free; food grade silicone

Verified reviews


great product

I bought these to label my daughters bottles @ daycare. I wrote her initials on them and boiled them only once. Her initials have stayed on since, and mind you I bought them in December 2010. It’s now February and they are still going strong. I also love the fact that I can use them when she starts using a sippy cup. A must buy, you won’t be disappointed.

Amelia Ozona, TX

Waste of Money

Writing on them does not stay on very well…and yes, I have tried all the tricks. I’m no longer trying to use them. White electrical tape with a permanent sharpie is the best, cleanest method of bottle labeling for me. It’s also inexpensive.

Nellie Republic, KS

Better than tape

If you buy these, use a permanent marker. It says you can use ball point pen too but I had a lot of trouble writing with several different pens, now can’t get that writing off, and so they look messy because my son’s name has been re-written all over. Also I would recommend doing the boiling water/dishwasher step from the get go to make the writing permanent.

Faith Stanley, ID

Love these!

These work great for me and they are so much cheaper alternative to custom made bottle labels. What i like about these labels is that i can reuse them. I pump about 8 times a day and have about 40 bottles (20 5oz ans 20 8 oz). If i were to order custom labels, i would have spent about $60 dollars and i just refuse to pay that mount of money for a few pieces of paper.I agree with other reviewers that the writting on the label fades (i used the permanent marker), but it is fine with me – you can still read the name, which serves a purpose and meets daycare requirements. I also love that i will be able to reuse them for sippy cups.

Carlene Twisp, WA

Does what it is supposed to

This is great to place on bottles to label when milk was expressed. I like how it is re-usable. I just label it and when it is time to wash the empty bottle I just rub my finger over the label and the ink rubs off. I found that if you stretch the rubber a little while rubbing the ink it comes off more cleanly. I love that I don’t have to label bottles with masking tape anymore. This is a nice re-usable alternative to bottle labeling that works pretty well. I labeled it 4 stars because it doesn’t fit well on smaller bottles like the thin Dr Brown 5 oz ones. Otherwise it fits on most other bottles.. I have medela and born free wide neck, and it fits on the Dr Brown 9 Oz. I bought two packages. It works great for daycare as well. The item got 4 stars because if you are not careful you could accidentally rub off the ink when you don’t mean to, and the ink on the yellow band seems to not come off as cleanly as with the other two colors. But honestly, the flaws are not a big deal and for the price and the convenience it is worth it.

Lupe Agenda, KS


Our daycare required us to have these. It does what its supposed to so I really have no complaints. .

Yesenia Unionville, MO

Could have been better

I ordered these to label my child’s bottles. I also ordered a more expensive inch bug labels. These have just been ok. A few reasons. The ball point mark gets dull after a few washes. Writing using simple ball point before sending the container off to school, is not the easiest. I have to experiment with different pens before i get a few to work. However, this has also been a nice feature at the same time. Yes; the writing is difficult but at the same time the freedom to remove anything by rubbing makes up for that, I guess. Plus these are less expensive than inch bug labels. I won’t say these are very good but serve their purpose well. Could have been better, though. I like the color choices they offer.

Lizzie Ransom, IL

Love them and recommend them for childcare setting.

Great concept and works well for daycare however they are hard to get on and off our tommee tippee bottles. At first I thought they didn’t fit them and then I was able to get them on the bottles. They do go on them just hard to put on and take off. I would recommend them to any parent that has a child in daycare. I work in childcare and bought these after seeing them on an infant’s bottles and cups. They made it easier to identify his bottles and cups. At daycare we have to write child’s first and last name, contents, and the date and all will fit on these labels. No more messy tape or trying to find a label that will stay on for a few days and best of all leaves no sticky residue.

Margaret Thermopolis, WY


I have a family childcare home and have had a hard time finding a labeling system for the individual cups that lasted. These are great, durable, and easy to use

Alexis Mcchord Afb, WA

use daily

I use this product daily. They are great to lable bottles or cups. They are durable and reuseable. Would recommend

Emilia Shattuckville, MA

Perfect for Daycare!

I use these to label my sons sippy cups for daycare. I use a sharpie on them and it wipes right off when you wash them. So easy and convenient for a busy mom and less waste then a sticker or tape every day.

Elsa Rocky Comfort, MO

Names came off

I followed the instructions for making the written names "permanent" but they didn’t stay. I didn’t even wash them after the first time! I still use the bands on their cups, and rewrite their names periodically. Disappointed!

Bridgett Wayne, NY

Great for daycare!

I absolutely love these as a way to label my child’s daycare bottles. I used them for my first born after the daycare facility accidently gave him another kids bottle. We switched daycares after that, but still didn’t want that mistake happening again! Having this chunky label on it makes it very easy to distinguish from all of the other bottles that are only labeled with stickers. I loved them so much I ordered more once my second baby was born! Fit perfect on our Avent bottles.

Marissa Mammoth Spring, AR