Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer Deluxe Lact Aid Lactation Aid

Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer Deluxe Lact Aid Lactation Aid

Lact-Aid Nursing Training System From Lact-Aid Deluxe Lactation Aid System NEW, sealed from the Factory D1002 Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System (NTS) supplements baby at the breast, trains suckling, provides oral physical therapy and builds milk supply. Includes: 2 Nursing Trainer Units 100 Nursing Bags (50 bags per roll, 4oz each) 1 Adjustable Neck Strap 1 Bag-Filling Bracket 1 Formula Strainer 1 Funnel 1 Bulb type Cleaning Syringe Instructions

Main features

  • Feed baby supplement at the breast
  • Aid Suck-Training, for oral physical therapy
  • Effective nutritive suckling builds milk supply
  • Maintain or re-establish the breastfeeding bond
  • Provide adequate nutrition when milk supply is low

Verified reviews


Allows me to successfully, and happily, nurse my baby!!

After using both the Lact-Aid and the Medela SNS I can honestly say I prefer the Lact-Aid. It seemed intimidating at first with all the extra parts and cleaning bits compared to the SNS, but it didn’t take long to figure out and has been easier to use ever since. It doesn’t leak the way the SNS would, I can use to to nurse lying down, something the SNS did not allow me to do, it’s more comfortable against my skin, and my baby latches with it easier because there’s not as much tubing to get in the way. It has allowed me to have a successful nursing relationship with my 4 month old daughter, despite my low milk supply. I’m really grateful I gave it a try!!!

Harriet Glen Haven, CO

Great product for purpose!

I breastfed my first child without difficulty so it was hard on me to not be able to breastfeed my daughter without help. My daughter was born with Down Syndrome and did not have the oral motor skills/strength to feed at breast. So I went to pumping and bottle feeding but still want to breastfeed her. I ordered this product after looking at other reviews. The lactation consultant I am working with recommended it, and gave me a short term supplementer from another company. The other supplementer works on gravity feed so it would leak everywhere when the tube would come out of my daughters mouth. This product does not, it is on suction feed. I was worried at first that my daughter wouldn’t be strong enough to get the milk out, but it does not seem that difficult for her, and if the tube comes out of place it is not nearly as messy (I have been dripped on twice and then only a very minimal amount that was at the end of the tube). It has helped to increase my milk production since she is stimulating me and it is helping her build strength and skill. I am hopeful that we will get to a point that we don’t need the supplementer anymore, but right now I am very happy that I have this product. The neck strap is not that great. For me if it is short enough that the milk bag is between my breasts I can’t slip the loop over my head so I am not using it, but the bag can sit between my breasts tucked into my bra.On a separate note, if you are using this product I would suggest leading the baby onto the breast from their chin rather than the top lip so the tube doesn’t get knocked off place and also tape the tube as close to the areola as possible to avoid as much shifting as possible.

Kelli Jenners, PA

A complete rip-off

I paid 80 bucks for a few pieces of plastic, then I have to pay a fortune in plastic bags that should cost 1c. Also, try to follow all the instructions to the letter and you will spend you whole day washing this thing (not to talk about the useless funnel).Do yourself a favor and get the Medela SNS instead, we had to buy it after trying this one, and we never used the Lact-Aid again. The Medela is still expensive for what it is, but you won’t have to buy bags, you will have 3 different tube sizes for different flows, a strap you can easily adjust with one hand (not the crap this one comes with)… We can get ready with the Medela SNS in under a minute, and washing it afterwards also takes just a minute.

Joyce Springfield, MA

For someone with a LOT of time on their hands, also VERY pricey given everything is plastic and practically disposable.

I purchased this based on the high reviews and at the suggestion of my lactation consultant. When it arrived I eagerly opened it up and started to set everything up. With caring for an extremely fussy newborn I quickly realized that this lactation system was NOT for me. Too much time consuming set-up and clean up involved. If you are a VERY patient, stay at home mom this system might be more your speed. If you are an impatient person, as I am, and need something simple and quick I’d steer clear of this. I never even used it. I pretty much threw in the towel when I realized how much was involved before and after each use. Thankfully I am able to nurse my baby, even if for just a couple of minutes at a time to soothe and comfort her and supplement with expressed breast milk and formula.In summary, I am NOT impressed with the Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer and would NOT have bought it had I known there was so much to keep up with. The price tag is a bit much for what you are getting, all plastic parts and pieces. I think $40-$50 would be more appropriate.

Lena New River, VA

Cheaply made for how expensive it is

If I could go back I would have tried the homemade version first…google "homemade SNS" (supplemental nursing system). Also you have to keep buying bags, which is more money.

Allison Blue Mountain, MS