Lamaze Bella The Bunny Blankie

Lamaze Bella The Bunny Blankie

Bella the Bunny Blankie is a comfort blanket you can snuggle and cuddle up to! She has a smiley plush face to welcome your baby and fun crinkly ears to grab on to. She even rattles softly when you shake her. The blanket features bright colorful patterned edges trimmed with silky ribbons and contrasting black-and-white polka dot feet to play with. This comforting blanket is made of soft premium material with multiple textures for baby to explore. Lamaze inspires daily discoveries through toys created with delightful surprises that encourage baby to learn while playing.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Features soft premium fabrics perfect for cuddling
  • Includes a soft and soothing rattle sound
  • Satin ribbons and multiple textures perfect for baby to explore
  • Smiley plush face welcomes baby
  • Ages birth and up

Verified reviews


great item

beautiful and perfect size. the picture doesn’t do the colors or textures justice. great item. love this item for my niece

Dianne Monee, IL

Baby’s favorite toy

This was great as baby was still learning to grasp things and only really interested in super high contrast stuff. I like that it is washable since now he just sits and chews on it for the duration of every car ride. I will probably buy a second one in case he ever loses it.

Cleo Eaton, NY

Like it.

Great rattle, and fabric is nice. Only problem I found is that the panda.. is in the middle of the blanket.. AND.. that the blanket is smaller than I had expected. It’s is about the size of a large wash cloth… I wished it was larger.

Ellen Verona Beach, NY

Not the item you get

We purchased this item because we loved the shape and the colors. Item we received does not look like this at all. Item does have same Lamaze panda head, but it is in the very middle of a smaller square and looks more like a handkerchief than a lovey. Also, the colors of the fabric are completely different. We also bought the Lamaze panda rattle to go with it, as the red on the back of the rattle matched the red fabric in the picture shown here, but unfortunately they do not match. Item was similar enough that recipient was still happy, but it does not look like this. Seller did offer to rectify the situation in various ways. We reached an agreement and I am satisfied.

Penny Baisden, WV


It’s colorful, bright, and full of texture! It has Cute patterns and sounds. The baby loves it! I highly recommend!

Roxanne Lindsey, OH

Wonderful toy

My grandson loves this panda blankie. At 4 months old he loves to hold it, look at it, naugh on it and talk to it. The ears are the perfect size for little hands.

Ginger Neptune Beach, FL

Very cute

This is very cute, but also very small. It’s a nice soft lovey. My little one preffered another toy over this one so it’s just sitting in a tote waiting for baby #2. Better for little babies.

Latoya Deer Harbor, WA

absolutly love it

The panda is cute cute cute!! It’s so soft and easy to grab. Love the beautiful color and different textures on it. My sons loves to chew on the little arms and knots. I often saw him “french kissing” this little cute bear. I always hold the blanket and shake the panda’s head to active the rattle and my son would just laugh and laugh.

Tia Andover, IL

Great for Babies!

My 2 1/2 month old loves this. He received it as a gift. I love the different textures and colors of the fabrics. He loves the panda’s head and smiles when I drape it over his bouncer seat so he can look at it. He seems to give this one the most attention and I think it is the black and white/contrasting colors. I would recommend to other parents.

Hillary Amston, CT