Lamaze Bend & Squeak Penguin

Lamaze Bend & Squeak Penguin

Lamaze introduces a new line of High Contrast toys for babies geared towards encouraging the development of baby’s vision. Made with soft, premium materials, the Bend and Squeak Penguin features two sides of play. With bright bold colors on one side and high contrast patterns on the other, this squeaker stick is sure to keep baby engaged. Packed with developmental feautres that promote traditional play patterns, the Bend and Squeak Penguin is sized just right for baby’s little hands.

Main features

  • Soft, squeaking penguin
  • Fuzzy and satin textures
  • Knottie wings
  • Easy for little hands to hold
  • Ages birth and up

Verified reviews


Like this toy, but…………

I bought this for my new grandson who is almost 1 month old and he loves this toy. There is a squeeker that is not too loud. There is one problem, the label that is sewn on with the Lamaze Brand is very rough. It seems that the stitching is smooth on one end, but not the other.

Shelia Alta Vista, IA

Great clutch/squeak toy

I really love penguins. This is the first rattle I bought for my daughter. She loves to suck in its beak and squeeze the handle (where the squeaker is). It’s light enough that she was able to hold it at less than three months old.

Vera Morven, NC

One of our twins favorites

One of our twins has vision issues so we ordered a ton of high contrast toys. This has quickly become a favorite for both babies. We love this toy!

Roseann Pioneer, CA

very simply, durable and makes my daughter smile everytime

this toy is great, its a simple squeeze toy with a cute penguin head that my daughter loves everytime its squeezed, and now that she can squeeze it she plays with it even more. Its been washed a number of times and only needs a few squeezes after drying to start sqeeking again so happy with the durability.

Bertha Middletown, IN


My daughter doesn’t really care for the squeak. She won’t look at it when I squeak it off to the side, but she will look at it if I put it directly in front of her. She might like it more once she starts holding toys herself and discovers that she can make it squeak. All in all though, squeaking toys can be annoying, while rattling ones are not.

Luisa Rock, WV

Must get

My son loooooooves this toy! He stares at it and likes the sound it makes. I took this on a trip to Peru and all my family used it as a stress reliever for some reason haha anyways it’s an excellent buy!

Cynthia Harris, MN

Cute toy

My 6-month old grandson likes the penguin, and, of course, he enjoys putting the beak directly into his mouth. The squeaker in the handle is a soft sound that is easy for him to use.

Michele Cardington, OH

Penguin on a stick!

This little penguin on a stick is so cute. I love it because it’s easy enough for the baby to squeak themselves. Also, it’s always a great trick when you need baby to look at the camera. Works every time!

Lois Brooklandville, MD

My 5 month son’s favorite toy

I haven’t ever written a review, but I feel that this toy deserves one. My baby has his selection of toys, he has the classic Sophie the giraffe, the winkel, and other Lamaze and rattle like toys. This penguin is his absolute favorite. I can tell when he gets bored of his toys and I will bring his penguin out and squeak it once and his face lights up and he turns to the sound.In the description it says it squeaks when shaken, I haven’t notice that. You actually squeeze the little rod. It’s easy enough to squeak that my 5 month old son can do it on his own.I think the thing he loves most about it is the shape of the head and beak. I’m not sure if it reminds him of eating, but he just gnaws on it all day. It’s very soft head and the arms are that crinkly texture that babies love. It’s a great toy if you’re looking for one. Doesn’t look like much, but it’s been the winner in my house.

Nora Bloomsdale, MO

Very Happy !

This toy is exactly what I needed for my daughter, it is a great travel toy small enough to throw in diaper bag. I love the sound of the speak and it perfect for little hands. Would recommend this product.

Selena Red Lake Falls, MN

one of baby’s favorites!

The squeak on this toy is cute and my baby is drawn to the penguin face and patterns. She just loves this toy and prefers it to others and she gets excited every time she sees it. I gave it to her when she was 5+ months and now at 7 months she still enjoys it almost every day. She quickly tires of other toys in general.

Liz Miles City, MT