Lamaze Big Top Circus Gift Set

Lamaze Big Top Circus Gift Set

The Lamaze Big Top Circus Gift Set includes the popular Eddie the Elephant Play & Grow Character and the Lamaze Little Big Top Circus Board Book. Eddie the Elephant is a plush pachyderm packed with interactive developmental features intended to stimulate baby’s developing senses. Eddie features a fun tummy squeaker, clinky rings and a knotted. The Little Big Top Circus Board Book introduces the concept of big and little. Find the little object on one page and turn the page to see it’s opposite! This board book has easy turn pages.

Main features

  • Lamaze gift set, Soft play and grow elephant character loaded with developmental features, Play & grow elephant comes with Lamaze link for attachment to car seats, strollers, and play gyms, Includes Little Big Top Circus board book with easy to turn pages

Verified reviews


The Elephant in the Room!!!

Our little one is just at the point where she’s really noticing things around her. Her senses obviously play a big part in that so decided to get a few of these little toys. It was a good decision! We love them and more importantly she seems to really enjoy them!- The colors are bright and there are several patterns for visual stimulation. It has different fabrics: the purple is soft and plush, the ears/circles on the feet/tummy are silky, the legs themselves are just a matte fabric.- The nose/ears/circle feet all crinkle and there is a squeaker in the belly for lots of fun auditory stimulation!- I love that it has a ring clip so as not to be lost or dropped.- The leaves and rings are a nice touch to be chewed on when teething, plus we like to rub the two rings together to make a sawing sound for extra laughs. Our daughter is 4 months and already loves it. She can grow up with it and there are NO choking hazards.We love books so this was an extra bonus. . . and the reason I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5. It is a book of opposites. A very cute idea but they could have done way more with it! It repeats the same opposite over and over, Big and Little, plus there are only 2 words per page. Other books in this series have a sentence or two per page. All in all a wonderful toy and learning tool, I highly recommend it.

Tiffany Lockbourne, OH

Baby’s favorite book

My 8 month old granddaughter is in love with this book! She wants me to "read" it to her over and over again, day after day. It has few words, with the goal being to teach Baby the difference between little and big. She has other books, but this is the one she loves. She hasn’t given the stuffed elephant much attention yet, but that might be because she already had favorite toys before she got this one. It is a very nice little elephant, with crinkly ears & things to chew on. I actually bought this because I thought she’d like the elephant. The book was just a bonus that I didn’t expect her to like much. Just goes to show, you never know what will grab their attention!

Dena Mount Pleasant Mills, PA

Great fun & developmental gift for baby

I absolutely love the Lamaze brand of toys. I have several for my baby, and bought this set as a gift for a friend’s baby. Price is awesome as just the toy costs much more in retail stores, andhere you also get the sturdy board book. Great quality, has all the different textures and bits on elephant to engage a young baby. Definitely recommend.

Lidia North Jay, ME

This is too cute for words

I think the elephant is one of the cutest Lamaze animal toys.My friends just had a baby, and as I do with all my friends who have babies, I am stocking them up on the best, educational toys available. Okay, so they have to be really cute also. ;-)This little guy is just too cute, and the deal including the book is excellent! If you look it up, the book alone is $9.99!Lamaze toys have many interactive and developmental features to help stimulate babies.Eddie, the elephant, includes a Tummy Squeaker, knitted tail, rings that clink and lots of colors and patchwork ears.Babies are mesmerized by these and they can even be attached to car seats.The book teaches counting to ten. There are a different number of animals on each page to count. Just adorable even just to teethe on, because babies love the colors.Hope this helps. If it has, would you be kind enough to click on "helpful". Thanks!!

Kimberley Newberry, FL

Really great set!

I bought this set as a gift for a friend’s baby. It’ s really cute and he liked it a lot!My son loves this brand, the Lamaze toys are really great and I recommend them to everyone.

Wilda Mount Dora, FL

Lamaze makes good stuff

We have quite a few Lamaze toys, and although this elephant turned out to be not as popular as the dragon fly, the book was an absolute hit… she loved to read and play with it until it eventually fell apart (not really due to lack of quality, a book binding can only take so much!).

Lauren Easton, PA

My son loves it

We have a few different animals from this Lamaze collection. My son loves them all. ‘Nouph said. What else could you want.

Kristie Mccomb, MS