Lamaze Bitty Bite Bug Rattle

Lamaze Bitty Bite Bug Rattle

Lamaze introduces a new line of High Contrast toys for babies geared towards encouraging the development of baby’s vision. Made with soft, premium materials, the Flip-Flop Bug Rattle features two sides of play. With bright bold colors on one side and high contrast patterns on the other, this teething rattle is sure to keep baby engaged. Packed with developmental feautres that promote traditional play patterns, the Flip-Flop Bug Rattle is sized just right for baby’s little hands.

Main features

  • Peekaboo flap wings
  • Crinkle and jingle
  • Knottie antennas and textured teether handles stimulate baby’s gums
  • Easy to grasp handle
  • Ages birth and up

Verified reviews


great little toy!

My son loves this toy. It is rather small but it does so much! It rattles, crinkles, and the handles are great for teething! The colors are great and keep my baby entertained.

Janette High Shoals, NC

Easy to grasp.

It is a cute little toy for my baby. The only thing is, the black part of the face really collects lent. But other than that my son loves to play with it. He likes to grab on to the blue handles. Easily can fit his fingers around it and he likes to shake it. The wings are crinkly and he likes that as well.

Deidre Eutawville, SC

Antennae are good for chewing

Overall my baby isn’t too interested in this, but she went through a phase where she liked to chew on the antennae, so I guess that was one positive.

Stella Demopolis, AL

Awesome for the pram, just watch for it being tossed out

Great product, bought 3 of these for our little one, as she lost the first and they seemed to be running out of stock. Would buy them again

Christa Guayama, PR

My son’s favorite toy

This was the first toy my son reached for and grabbed as an infant, and remains a favorite. I think the colors are perfect for an infant and the size is, also. So much so that whenever friends are expecting, I have to buy one of these for them as a gift! It always goes over well! I also bought a spare for us in case my son ever loses his. Highly reccommended!

Ruby Genoa, WV

Love ’em

Love these little noisy feet rattles. Kids love to learn how to kick and this encourages kicking. The bright contrasted colors are also great for baby .

Bettie Sterling City, TX

Love this bug!

This bug has great eye catching colors for your baby. It is very easy for there small hands to grip. The wings crinkle and if you didn’t notice, the bug has soft orange knotted antenna which my baby LOVES to eat. The bug also rattles.

Gina Stevensville, MT

My 4 week old infant LOVES this

He’s too young to actually hold it but we hold it in front of him and shake it and play with it and he is fascinated! It has even elicited one of his first smiles at 6 weeks.I keep this in my bag of tricks for him and use it to promote interaction and getting him to focus on something for very short periods. He loves it.Nice little item, well made and I think he will start to enjoy it even more when he can actually hold it.

Leonor North Houston, TX

Lamaze Bug Rattle

Very cute little rattle, the arms are good for chewing and holding onto for baby, but my child wasn’t very interested in it beyond that. the lamaze snail held his attention much longer. i dont understand why they put the wings over the black and white stripes. because the stripes are what my son wanted to see. not the best design but still cute and good for holding onto and chewing now that he is a bit older.

Gena Bloxom, VA

Doesn’t like it

My baby could care less about this toy. Unless I’m rattling it above him, he doesn’t even look at it. Every time I’d give it to him to play with, he would throw it, so I just gave up. Really disappointing.

Lori Kinsley, KS

A favorite!

When my daughter was very young (until 5 or 6 months), this was her favorite toy to chew. It got very, very slobbered on, but stood up to the abuse. My only suggestion to Lamaze is to make the antenna out of a different material. The amount of slobber they retained lead to some molding on the antenna. . . but with regular washing (and some scrubbing), we were able to keep it largely at bay.

Claudine Thurston, OR

great sensory toy for 0-6mos

This is one of my kid’s first toys. the wings are crunchy and crinkly and fun to play with. the handles have different textures too. this doubles as a teether as well. very easy to clean, just throw in the wash.

Roseann Cheney, WA


It looks cheap and unlovingly stitched. The colors are good, however, and the rattle’s sound level is just right. Mine arrived dirty, as if it had been sitting on the shelf bare for about 1 year. I washed it.

Jeanne Mc Nabb, IL

Great Diaper Bag Toy

We love Lamaze toys, and we keep this little one in the diaper bag with someBright Starts Lots of Linksso we can connect it to the stroller or carseat on the go. Our baby girl loves the dark side and the yellow side…when she gets bored with one she turns it over and it is almost like having a new toy. She is teething now (7 months) and likes to chew on the bumpy handles on the sides. Overall a good buy for baby.

Valarie Templeton, IN

My 6 month olds favorite!

Last week sometime, while out and about, my daughter lost her lil’ bug toy. I didn’t even bother searching the car before I quickly ordered another one – bottom line – SHE LOVES THIS THING.Its really adorable – two sides/two bugs, my husband makes it fly and my daughter (G) giggles and reaches for it. The wings are crunchy paper, and the handles are perfect for her little hands. She’s teething pretty bad right now and she loves the textures on the handles, and sucking on the antennas.I bought it for her when she was around 3 months old, and she didn’t really care about it. Around 5 months though she realized it was the best toy ever and now at 6 months its the toy my husband and I make sure goes everywhere.I think its so super cute I include one in all baby shower gifts too! Great great purchase!One con: I haven’t found a good way to clean it. It says to spot wipe, but I’m not sure how thats really practical for something thats being sucked and drooled all over. Any suggestions?

Sara Clinton, MA