Lamaze Chime Garden

Lamaze Chime Garden

Another award-winning toy from Learning Curve. Learning Curve has been recognized as among the best of the best, garnering hundreds of awards to date from many prestigious organizations. Features: Five friendly faces light up and smile hello Bright colors, and fun textures entice baby to look, reach, and touch Sweet sounds play when baby touches a flower Three musical modes, including chimes and three partial and full songs Item # LC27205

Main features

  • Unique music toy in the form of a flower garden
  • 5 engaging flower characters and 3 modes of music play: chimes, song segments and full song play
  • Each flower features a different Nte when hit, or plays a song
  • Requires three AA batteries, included
  • 6 Months and above

Verified reviews



This is a pretty toy to look at, but the sounds could really improve.The toy has three sound options: 1 – plays single chimes, 2 – plays a melody when a flower is pressed, and 3… I really couldn’t notice the difference between 2 and 3.The chimes in option 1 are actually pleasant, but a little loud for an indoor environment. Options 2 and 3 are way too loud and overwhelming. Our baby would cringe if the toy was left in mode 2 or 3 by accident.Lack of volume control is a big minus. It would perhaps be a suitable toy for the car, but it is heavy and could seriously injure the child in a crash.

Wanda Surry, ME

wonderful toy for my 7-mo old grandbaby

Only had this for a few days but baby, mom and dad are pleased with it so far. The colors/lights are more impressive at night or in a low light room. I like the music options. I got a “good job Grandma” from my DIL. She and my son are both teachers… pressure there! A nice toy overall with music, visual stimulus and fine motor skills rewards.

Augusta Mastic Beach, NY

Wonderful toy for 4+ months

Our baby is now 5 months old, and we have placed the Chime Garden on the changing table for a distraction. We could have been using it when baby was 4 months, I’m sure. She loves to grab at the flowers’ petals, which are all made of different materials. If she could put them in her mouth, I’m sure she would, ha ha ha!The first play setting is a set of chimes, do, mi, sol, la, do’, depending on which flower you press.The second play setting is “If You’re Happy and You Know It” where you must press the flowers (doesn’t matter which one) three times to get through the entire song.The third play setting has two tunes: “The Happy Farmer” by Schumman and another piece that I have not been able to identify quite yet. The Farmer one gets annoying after three or four go-rounds, so I try to get the diaper changed quick!We were able to get this at a consignment store for around $7 (discounted from $9).I agree with other reviews that say the music is rather loud. I only use it during the daytime, never would use it at night, it would stimulate baby to wakefulness.

Rebekah Deering, ND

Chimes Garden Chimes!!!!

My granddaughter just loves this little toy. It keeps her occupied for quite a while. Its well made as well.

Alison Haviland, KS

Musical Flowers.

Our son received this for a Christmas gift when he was two months old. And even though this product says it’s for babys 6+ months it was such a great distracter! If our boy was really fussy during a diaper change or he was colicky my husband hit one of the flowers and it lit up all over and played music which cut out our boy’s crying all together. We started using it everyday. When our son was able to really play with it on his own he liked grabbing the stems and swinging it it the air. He loves the different textures of the petals and leaves. He especially loves the one that is like the Taggie books and blankets. What’s also great about this product is that there are 3 different musical options, so there are three different modes of play for him, three different song styles for you.

Octavia Mongo, IN

Doesn’t hold baby’s interest

I think this toy is really cute and fun. I purchased it for my now 9 month old daughters for Christmas. They don’t really play with it much and it doesn’t hold their attention. I am hoping they will grow into it but it just isn’t much of an interactive toy for them.

Pansy Lucerne, CA

wonderful toy

When I was pregnant, I walked around the toy store for what seemed like hours trying to decide on what would be the best toys for my daughter. I fell in love with this toy right away! The music is sweet and not as loud and annoying as most of the toys out there. Luckily for me, my daughter liked it too! She played with it for over a year before finally moving on to other toys. I bet that if I got it out again after some time off, she’d play with it some more!This is such a great toy if you want some music for your child but don’t have to have your ears hurt from it being too loud or go crazy from annoying songs.

Etta Scalf, KY

One of Our Favorite Baby/Toddler Toys

When I think of the toys that my kids played with a lot when they were little, this is one of them that I think lasted and had broad appeal. It is durable and offers three ways to play depending on the switch setting.When you tap the top of the flowers you can either: play a single chime note; play a single note from a song so that when you hit the next flower, it plays the next note in the song, and play a full song. The song is “The Happy Farmer”, a fun little diddy for kids. My son loved that the song was in an old cartoon video that we had.It does not have a long play value (hours and hours) but it is a toy that kids go to again and again. It is also very responsive to babies and toddlers as they hit the flowers and are rewarded with noise.

Belinda Groveland, MA

Captivating for infant, Love it!

From just a couple of weeks old, we used this toy to distract her if she was having a meltdown (of course she couldn’t hold it then) and she still loves this toy! Now she can throw it around and squish the flowers. The lights and music did a great job calming my baby and still does! Well worth the money.

Jaclyn Owingsville, KY

Baby LOVES it

This was given to my daughter as a gift when she was just 3 months old. She is now 7 months old and is still in love with this toy. She absolutely loves it. When she first received it, we would sit it in front of her and play the music for her (music plays when you push the flowers) and her eyes would get super wide and she’d reach out for it. Now that she is older, she plays it on her own and is still just as much in love with it. Sadly the batteries have died and the screw is stuck. That’s the only thing I do not like about this toy. The screw for the batteries is really REALLY deep into the plastic. So when we tried to unscrew it, it got halfway out and got stuck. It seems that the screw is stripped so it won’t budge :o( I might have to get another one of these for her just because she loves it so much. I highly recommend it!

Tara Margaret, AL

My baby’s favorite toy

My baby loves this. She’s had it since about 3 months and seems to be getting more interested in it now that she’s 6 months old. She likes the crinkly sound of the leaves and the way the flowers light up. She also likes the different textures around the flowers. I actually like the music. It isn’t too loud or annoying.

Jean Pierpont, OH

Baby loves this toy

This toy is just perfect for a baby who can sit up or who is in a bumbo chair – baby can kick it, swat at it and get great positive feedback from the sounds and lights. Very pleasant to look at and the music is nice. Colorful and very engaging.

Doris Norco, CA

OK- won’t last

My 6 month old daughter got this for Christmas. She did enjoy pushing the flowers and looking at the lights, but seemed like a bit of a waste to me. And within a year of occasional GENTLE use, the thing broke. Definitely WOULD NOT buy again. There are so many better toys out there at this price… do yourself a favor and get something else.

Sadie Dalton, NY

A Musical Baby Toy Adults Can Bear!

This toy is great. Not only does my 6.5-month-old daughter love it, but it doesn’t drive my husband and me crazy. It has 3 music settings so you don’t hear the same 1 or 2 songs over and over, and the music is delicate and quiet (not digital and loud like most baby toys). This is a definite winner in our house.

Jimmie Warrendale, PA

its not annoying!!

I try to avoid all battery operated toys because I find them loud, obnoxious and annoying. This toy is one of the few exceptions. The music is pleasant and not too loud. My baby got this toy at six months, but it was around 8 months that she began loving it. Its easy to get the music going by batting the flower heads plus there are many engaging textures to explore through the flower petals and leaves. The whole toy is light weight and easy to manipulate. If you are trying to avoid battery toys and would like one or two for a special treat, I would recommend this toy. Lamaze is also a very good company, they are very willing to let you know what their toys are made from if you ask them. I asked them about this one and there is no pvc, phthalates, or bpa in this toy. In fact, most of their toys are this way. When I am looking for a mainstream, readily available toy that does not cost too much I turn to Lamaze. We tend to buy wooden toys made in Europe, but the grandparents would rather get something they can find in walmart or babiesrus, this was a great choice for us!! I also highly recommend the baby einstein mp3 player.

Yesenia Munith, MI

Great toy!

Bought it for my 5 months old and he loves it — both touching the flowers for the music, and chewing on and touching the leaves! Would recommend it for babies that can sit (was not so great before my son could sit)

Sarah Dalton, OH