Lamaze Clip & Go Captain Calamari

Lamaze Clip & Go Captain Calamari

Full of developmental features that capture baby’s imagination and stimulate the senses. Features a crinkly hat, clacking rings, 8 knottie activity legs, rattle, and a surprise mirror.

Main features

  • Eight knottie activity legs
  • Surprise mirror
  • crinkle hat and clacking rings
  • Perfect for fun on-the-go
  • Lamaze clip lets you hook Stretch to strollers, carriers and diaper bags
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Verified reviews


Cute but…..

I ordered this along with the elephant and the beaver, I am returning this one and the beaver but keeping the elephant. The reason I ordered 3 is because we have one already I believe it is the butterfly one which my 5 month old loves. This guy is cute and that is about it, once we got it out of the packaging there really isn’t much for the baby to play with, nothing really for him to pull on. When you attach it to the carseat, crib or stroller all the “entertainment” just kind of hangs there and really there isn’t much to it. I was very disappointed with it because it is so cute. I would definitly reccommend the elephant and the butterfly one becaues they do have things to keep a child entertained.

Catalina Donora, PA

O Captain! My Captain!

This little stuffed cephalopod has always entertained my baby daughter since we got him months ago.The legs are lovely to chew on, the hat makes nice crinkly noises when clinched in teeny fists, and the secret mirror between his teNtacles (careful spelling that) is always a happy surprise while slobbering on the plastic teething rings.The Captain is bigger than I expected, making him actually cuddly, which is great.The noises he emits when being played with are never annoying, which is much appreciated.He can entertain both sexes without lacking personality, unlike some gender-neutral toys…I am looking at you Mr. Plain Yellow Duck.I tip my hat to the Captain for allowing me to wash the dishes for a FULL 20 minutes to the sounds of a delighted and entertained baby.

Lesa Hambleton, WV


Sorry to get technical here, but first things first: this guy is an octopus. 8 appendages = octopus. 10 appendages = squid.Okay, now that that technicality is out of the way…This toy is all right. I’m sure it’s just like any other toy–it’s going to be a hit or a miss. With my daughter, it’s been a miss. I bought this thinking I could hang it from her carseat handle, but I wasn’t paying attention to the dimensions and it’s rather huge to be doing that. I started exposing it to her around 2 months of age at which point she showed minimal interest. On an exciting day, she’d suck on the knots on the ends of the legs and that was about it. She just never got into any of the features or found this toy particularly interesting (she’s now over 1 year old). She loves toys that rattle and make sounds or toys she can gnaw on, but I still could never get her interested in the rings or rattling ball on this toy.Unfortunately, our Captain Octopus remains very lonely buried at the bottom of the toy basket.

Cheryl Smith Center, KS

Cute Cute Cute

This toy is super cute and actually a bit larger than I thought it would be. It holds my sons interest for a while. He loves the two rings and the mirror on the bottom of it. The ball attached makes a rattle noise which is cool. I love how I can hook this to my sons stroller with no problem. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Jo Baltimore, OH

Five Stars

My kid loved it. He played with it until one year.

Rowena Edinboro, PA

Baby loves this!

The people at Lamaze really know what they are doing, this is another wonderful toy for babies. My 3 month old adores this toy and will sit there for quite a while playing with it. It is larger than most of the other toys in their line which is great. My only complaints are that the ring which it hangs from should be removable so that if he wants to hold the toy without it hanging it does not get in the way. Also the rings that the baby plays with are big enough for him to fit his hands/feet through and can get stuck if you are not careful. Overall this is one of his favorites.

Mallory West Edmeston, NY

A favorite

From 4 months on, my son has loved this toy (he is now 14-moths). It has provided endless entertainment in the car.

Brooke Delmont, NJ

Lots of good features, keeps him entertained

I have several of the Lamaze Play and Grow toys. This is one of the better ones. My baby got this around 4.5 months and is now 6.5 months. The tentacles are nice for chewing on. He really likes the felt feather in the hat. The rings are probably his favorite part of this toy because they are easy to hold and he can chew on them. He’s getting better at grabbing the rattle ball. The mirror does nothing for him, surprisingly. Over all, the toy is very cute and kinda reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow which makes a lot of adults that see it like it as well.As far as comparing it to the other Lamaze Play in Grow Toys we have, I’d probably rank them in this order:1. Jacques the Peacock (excellent toy and perfect length to hang off the side of my diaper bag, I highly recommend)2. Freddie the Firefly (very good length to hang off the stroller visor)3. Captain Calamari4. Tina the Tiger5. Logan the Lion

Bessie Dorr, MI

Baby love this

Baby boy love this toy, he now that it’s almost 3 months can show with facial expressions how much he likes it. I put him closer to it and he tries to reach him. It’s and awesome toy my baby loves it, it keeps him calm and happy if he’s crying.

Imogene Junction, IL

My son can’t get enough of Captain Calamari!!

I already have Jacques the Peacock and my son absolutely loves it so I figured I would get another Lamaze toy, I was quite hesitant to get Captain Calamari because out of all the Lamaze toys it had the least amount of reviews, but my son can’t enough of him! I think he actually likes him more then Jacques the Peacock, only because he’s a lot easier to grab at, and he bites on the rings.. It is a bit big, but it fits okay in our stroller plus we hang it from our activity mat and he’s obsessed with Captain Calamari! Definitely recommend it 🙂

Valarie Smithwick, SD


My son loves this toy. It is cute and decent sized. There are quite a few different textures, colors and sounds to keep a child occupied.

Ester Hollywood, AL

Our guy LOVES this

So many things to do with this toy- lots of different textures, sounds, colors for him to explore. This is, by far, his favorite toy. We hang it above him in the pack and play with "lots of links" to get it down to his level.

Mona Tularosa, NM


We got this for our son. It is a lot bigger than what we expected! We love all the toys on it and it looks and feels very durable. To top it off, it’s adorable.

Heather Gatlinburg, TN

Ayee Ayee captin!!!

My baby & I was in LOVE withLamaze Play and Grow Rusty the Robot Take Along Toyso of course I had to get her more friends! The captain is such a fun little friend!! I am teaching her about textures right now and he is just too perfect for that lesson!!! She also loves talking to her 1 eyed friend when I hang him on theTiny Love Take-Along Arch, Sunny Strollthat I attached to her rock and play bassinet. I am seriously obsessed with buying all the lamaze toys! I also got herLamaze Early Development Toy, Dee Dee the Dragonand alsoLamaze Play and Grow Jacques the Peacock Take Along Toy

Cecilia Saint Marks, FL

Love it

Lamaze products are so cute and colorful. This toy is no exception. i bought it for a freind and her son loves it.

Sheila Lime Ridge, WI

Great concept

This little toy is adorable and has a great concept, however; my son was never really interested in it so for me it was a waste. that doesn’t discredit the quality though.

Amparo Dayton, WA

Cute and my son loves it!

My 5mth old love this!!I put it on his carseat and take it wherever we go. He loves to chew on the rings and tentacles. It’s cute too! It is great for him since he starting to teeth! I will definitely be getting more Lamaze brand items.

Mariana Palm Harbor, FL

Love it!

My daughter was scared of it at first but now she enjoys chewing his tentacles. The toy is bigger than I expected, the colors are so vibrant and beautiful. Also each tentacle is a different color and pattern. I am very pleased with this product. I love Lamaze toys!!!!

Luann Goose Prairie, WA

4 month old’s favorite toy

My baby loves this toy. He likes the textures, the rings, the rattle, everything about it. My 9 month old nephew also loves this toy, so it seems like it will be popular with my younger baby for a long time. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a small infant.

Terry Claiborne, MD

Love the Captain!

This guy is adorable and sturdy. My son loved grabbing and chewing on the tentacles. Now, I buy him for baby showers. Also, cleans up great in the washing machine. (It might say spot clean but yeah, right!)

Angela Toa Alta, PR

THE baby toy

My BFF gave our little pirate Captain Calimari and immediately he rose to the top as baby’s favorite toy by a landslide. Baby started loving at 2 months and continues to play with at 5 months. All of the arms made out of many different materials are easy to grasp, some crinkle, and are safe for baby to put in his mouth. The rings are perfect for little baby hands to grab and in fact I think this is where BB learned most of his eye-hand coordination. The rattle is just for fun. Love it, cannot say enough good stuff! Also love the naming convention, now call ALL our toys “Junior Jelly” and “Sergeant Seahorse” etc…

Ella Cambridge Springs, PA

My daughter’s FAVORITE toy!

Since 3 months, my daughter has been completely in love with this octopus! Best toy purchase I ever made! I was a little hesitant to spend the money on a “stuffed animal”… SO GLAD I DID! Worth much more than I paid! Will be getting a second one to keep at my mother-in-law’s house now!

Nelly Eutaw, AL

Perfect Baby Toy

Captain Calamari is a must have. Plenty of colors, textures, and surfaces to chew on this is the perfect baby toy.

Amy Bumpass, VA

adorable toy!

this is more adorable in person. very fun and interactive too. so many noises and different textures. some of the arms and hat makes crinkly noises and when you move captain calamari around you hear the rattle and clunking noises from the 2 teething loops hitting the rattle. now i bought this for my baby and he isn’t born yet so not sure how he’ll like it so i’ll update when he gets here but i’ve seen some babies on youtube playing w/ him and that’s what won me over.

Jade Davis City, IA

lots of crinkles and doo dads to keep the little …

lots of crinkles and doo dads to keep the little guy busy, we hung it from the activity mat until he outgrew that, now its hanging from links in my car…

Rita Austin, TX

first toy with which my daughter really interacted

All the Lamaze toys are great, but I think this one is best because the rings are easy to grab and it has a rattle. She grabs and mouths the rings and the rattle all the time. I’ve put it on her car seat off to the side so it doesn’t swing and hit her in the face, and hung it from the highest point on her baby gym (it’s pretty long, so only the highest point works, and I can’t put her right under it… I put her to the left or right of it, or so that it dangles over her belly), and she loves it everywhere I put it. I can also put her in a baby seat (like the bumbo) in front of where it hangs on her baby gym, and that works, too.

Christina Huey, IL

We LOVE Captain Calamari!

From the time he was only a few weeks old, up until now (he’s 8 months old), our son has been entranced with Captain Calamari. In the early days he would lie on his back on his play mat and just stare at him. That eventually moved to batting randomly at his dangling rings & tentacles. Eventually he learned to grab on to him and now enjoys chewing on the feet and rings that are attached. The textures on the toy are great because they allow him to explore many different fabrics. He loves all the different sounds, especially the crinkly one (that has always been a fav!). This is our go-to toy for him still and it never disappoints!

Dana Cutten, CA

the most interesting car toy you can get

honestly. this and the giraffe from bright starts. these two car toys and you don’t need any of the taggies or the boring kids toys that will ultimately end up wasting your money (totally wasted a few bucks on uninteresting toys, can’t you tell?) stick with these two and i promise you, you’ll have a happy baby.

Gayla Government Camp, OR

well made, but our kid hates it

Our son DEVOURED his first Lamaze toy (the "knotted" one, without a character), but this one he truly can’t stand. Both are terrifically well-made, extremely complex in color, texture & overall experience, but for some reason our baby can’t stand the sight of this thing. No knowing why.

Melissa Recluse, WY

This toy helps my son sleep!

Mr. Calamari ohh how I love this toy! The little ball helps my son go to sleep in the car it’s a lifesaver !!! It’s a very entertaining toy for my son.

Lynne Meta, MO