Lamaze Clip & Go Firefly Freddie

Lamaze Clip & Go Firefly Freddie

This friendly bug features a soft velour body and busy wings with peek-a-boo mirror, textures, squeaker, and crinkles. Also includes clinking rings, tethered ladybug teether and knotted antennae for chewing.

Main features

  • Stimulates baby’s vision and auditory skills
  • Soft velour body and multiple textures on the wings keep baby engaged
  • Features peek-a-boo mirror, ladybug teether, squeaker, crinkly wings, jingle, and clacking rings
  • Perfect for fun on-the-go
  • Plush toy keeps babies entertained^Clinking rings, tethered ladybug teether, and knotted antennae perfect for chewing^Firefly design with soft velour body and busy wings with multiple textures and crinkles^Includes peek-a-boo mirror and squeaker^Newborn to 24 months

Verified reviews


Freddie the Firefly vs. Tucker the Turtle for a newborn

I have both the firefly and the turtle. Both have pros and cons. I prefer the turtle because of the large mirror on his belly. My newborn has been fascinated with this since she was a month old. The firefly mirror on the wing is too small to interest her even though she is now 3 months old. However, the tangling teether from the firefly should come in handy in another month or two. If you were to buy only one Lamaze for a newborn, I recommend the turtle for its nice size mirror.

Emily Union Center, WI


We received Freddie as a baby gift. At first I kinda thought he was just a cute, but tacky useless stuffed animal. Boy was I WRONG! My son (who is now 4 months old) has been obsessed with him for months now. When he was tiny he loved to just stare at him. Freddie’s back is done in big white and black print which dear son could stare at forever. When he started holding things it was easy for him to hold because Freddie has big, but flat wings and it was hard for him to drop him. Now he loves hearing Freddie crinkle, looking at the mirror, chewing on the lady bug in his pocket, and grabbing his rings. Freddie does have a small squeaker that isn’t too annoying and is semi hidden so only my husband and I push it when wanted. It’ll be a little bit before the baby can grasp squeaking it on purpose. And even then it’s not loud and obnoxious like lots of baby toys.Freddie is by far our favorite baby item. We’ve accidentally left him at home once and that was a BIG.MISTAKE. This toy is now my “go-to baby shower gift” for all moms. He’s FANTASTIC.

Rae Lahmansville, WV

shipped directly from China

this concerns me because I am not sure of the safety of the toy or whether it’s a legitimate Lamaze toy. It looks legit, but this issue just raises concerns for me. Again, I am not saying that this toy is unsafe or not Lamaze, just that the buyer should be aware of where the toy is coming from.

Marguerite Purcellville, VA

my son is not a big fan

I decided to get this toy for my 9 month old baby after reading so many great reviews. My son is very active and likes playing with a variety of toys and things. However, from day 1, my son was just not interested in it. He will play with it for a few seconds and move on to something more interesting to him. The toy itself is a great idea and well made but it didn’t work for us.

Lily Somis, CA

love freddie!

we love freddie and so does my daughter. she’s had it since she was about 4 months old and is now 18 months. we keep it around just because, and she still plays with him every once in a while. it went everywhere with her when she was still an infant and she loved to stare at him.

Dee Big Sandy, TN

Great if your kid likes it!

I expected my baby to like this more but she really isn’t that into it. It looks like it has everything a baby would want to play with. Maybe it’s just my kid, but I wish I would have picked a different toy.

Shirley Oakfield, WI

Entertaining baby toy

My niece likes the weird, and this most certainly fit the bill. It is a weird looking firefly (looks like a butterfly to me) that has all sorts of things to discover. You get crinkly sounds on some wings, hidden mirrors on another and teething rings to either put in your mouth or just pull for fun. Now I realize I am writing this review as if an adult will be playing with this. To be honest, when my niece was sleeping I liked to fool around with this thing. It is interesting. Lots of color and very well designed. Easy to clean and will keep any baby entertained during a short car ride to grandma’s.

Laura Port Costa, CA

Hey, if Emma loves this, you will love it, too!

This is a great toy with lots of funny textures to touch (and chew on!)Lamaze Freddie the Firefly became even more popular when Emma’s manual desterity allowed her to get a better grip on him. That funny “rustling” sound he makes is a hoot!This toy is very well designed to hold a baby’s attention and stimulate play!

Nan W Hartford, CT

It’s ok

We have three of these toys and this one is kind of in the middle between moose and peacock. My daughter 4,5 month is interested in it when she sees it for a few minutes. However, wings are not really comfortable for her to pull into her mouth and she loses her interest pretty quick.

Jodie Dufur, OR

Survived the wash!

Our 10 month old has pinkeye, so I did my best today to sanitize all of her toys (they are now in quarantine until she’s had enough doses of antibiotic eye drops). Freddie’s tag says: “Surface Wash Only!” Our daughter has moved past her deeply in love with Freddie phase, and he is a 2006 model we received as a hand-me-down, so I threw caution to the wind and threw Freddie in the washing machine with detergent and oxygen cleaner on Warm/Cold. He did fine, so I gave him a final durability challenge- the dryer. I am happy to report that Freddie is as good as new. He still jingles and squeeks and all parts are intact.

Kathryn Sterling, CO

it’s OK

I thought this is a good design, has multiple parts with different purpose. But in fact, my baby only plays with the rings, not much other parts of the Firefly.

Luella Bedrock, CO

4 month old not interested

My 4 month old has had this toy for 1 week now and still shows very little interest in it. She prefers her other musical and teething toys and blanket. Hopefully, she’ll enjoy it at some point.The toy is a good size, bright colors, and has many different textures. The fabrics are not overly soft. This may contribute to her disinterest. From my observation, she still prefers simpler toys at this stage. And the look of this toy is very busy, with little to do (for a 4 month old) touch and mouth it.UPDATE: she’s now 14 months old and NEVER had any interest in this particular toy, not even as a teether.

Maura Litchfield, ME

so so

I purchased this for my grand baby, but this is not very cute!Bigger than I expected and I don’t care for the fabric used in her dress.Thinking about sending it back!

Shawn Grosse Tete, LA

My daughter adored this toy for over a year

I was sorting through my 18 month old daughter’s toys today, I came across her Freddie the Firefly. I had purchased this for her when she was 4 months old because her Mortimer the Moose had been such a hit. Although the red teether came apart after the first use, the rest of the toy held up beautifully. My little girl loved this thing like crazy. Freddie the Firefly used to come with us everywhere we left the house to run errands. There were so many things she could do with the him (crinkle, gnaw, shake, pull, etc) that she never became bored or fussed – no matter how boring our outing was. I don’t know how we would have managed trips to the DMV, tax preparer, doctors visits, etc without him.I’m kind of a germ-phobe so this toy had gone through the wash quite a few times. Even so, his colors are still vivid and he looks almost like new.

Libby Corydon, KY

A good toy

I bought this for my grandson who is now 5 months old. It is rather large and he can just now handle grabbing it and enjoying the various areas to chew on. I never tried hanging it above his head, but he always has enjoyed it when we shook it to play with him. There is a "squeaker", a mirror, a crunchy area and lots of areas to hold on to and chew on. It provides a good level of entertainment and is very colorful. He really enjoys it. We even packed it in our suitcase when the whole family went on vacation!

Susan Bentley, LA

mom of 5 month old

this item is bigger than it looks so I can’t really hang it on my sons bouncer mobile thing. it does have lots of different parts that are more interesting to him the older that he gets…but it is just a little big for him…he loves to teethe on it but it isn’t his favorite toy.

Freida Troy, SC

Fifi the Firefly – cost more than Freddie

For some reason, girl-colored version toys sold on Amazon are almost always more expensive than their boy or gender-neutral counterparts, eg. Fifi/Freddie, Vtech Roll and Learn Suitcase, Mega Bloks Big Building Bag (Pink) etc. Perhaps marketing targeted at mothers of little girls? Sadly, I fell for it and paid more for Fifi (and the Bloks), since many of her other toys are red, blue, green, and yellow.We bought this for our daughter for her one-year birthday, but I’m afraid she may have already outgrown toys of this nature (as with her Lamaze Classic Discovery Book). She has an Alien one in the car also from Lamaze that was given to us and it had worked well to keep her occupied and even lulled her to sleep during car rides before. So I thought I’ll get her a similar toy for her cot to encourage her to go to sleep in her bed. Unfortunately, no such luck. She hasn’t shown much interest in it, and for the price I paid, I’d say it wasn’t worth it. Still a cute toy though, with many features to discover, touch, suck, and chew on, just probably more suited for younger babies.

Autumn La Canada Flintridge, CA

First toy my son has loved!

My 4 1/2 old is not impressed by much except an O-ball rattle and his own feet, but I introduced him to Freddie this week and he is in love! He gets a good 30 minutes of entertainment from the crinkly wings and colorful torso. I highly recommend as a baby gift or for soon-to-be moms!

Lauri Oblong, IL

My son loves this – very colorful and lots of different textures to keep him busy

My husband kept giving me gruff because he said this was a butterfly but clearly it’s a firefly! :)Either way, my 9 month-old son has been playing with this since he was 4 months old and he loves it. I have other similar Lamaze toys that he also loves. They do a really great job making their toys very colorful. This also crinkles…and babies love to crinkle things! Very satisfied with my purchase.

Ann Fort Plain, NY

Only toy my newborn likes!

This is a great toy that has a black/white geometric pattern on the back side, which is more stimulating to younger babies than the bright colors. It is the only toy my 6 week old has any interest in, and she will follow the back side of it with her head and eyes when we show it to her. I’m sure she’ll love it as she gets older too! The ring on the bottom is great for hooking on the stroller/diaper bag/car seat as well.

Katina Big Creek, WV

Love this!

Our daughter is less than a month old but we wanted things to stimulate her. This product is great because there are so many different textures, colors, and sounds on it. I’m able to run her hands along the different textures, which is nice. The back of the wings have black and white patterns, which are really great for newborns. She stares at them and seems so intrigued. This is a great product and I’m so happy we bought it!

Carolyn Scotland, SD


I got it for my 3 month old, he’s now 4 months and hasn’t stopped looking at it and playing with it. You can hang it from anywhere!!

Robbie Avery Island, LA

I like it, but Baby Didn’t

For some reason my 10 month old grandson was not interested in this toy. He should have been because of the wonderful textures, colours, mirror, strange sounds, and some chewable features. It can also be attached to strollers, carseats, play pens, etc. Perhaps he didn’t bother with this toy because it was another Lamaze toy and he has many of the same.

Sandy Mayesville, SC

Love it!

she loved since day one!!! i hot this for her almost 6 mos ago, and it’s her favorite still!!!! i put it in the car seat so she doesn’t cry on the car rides!! totally recommend it!

Maryann Folsom, PA

Love Lamaze, actually wish it was smaller tho

My son has three different Lamaze cloth books and they are far superior to any other brand (sassy, bright starts, infantino etc) of soft books we have had (I returned or donated all the other ones actually). So I was really excited to replace his old car seat hanging toys with a Lamaze brand toy for baby #2… but this is WAY too big to use on our car seat handle. The rings at the bottom basically smack my one month old right in the face. I’m sure it is super annoying, so we had to take it down and replace it with a sassy brand toy.Overall, this toy is superior to the others. It has every “gadget” you could want on a newborn toy. Different textures, contrasting colors, a teether, a hide and seek pocket, a peek a boo mirror, a squeaker, a pull tail … really it has everything! I just don’t know how much my daughter is really going to get to play with it, considering it’s main function should be to hang from a car seat handle.

Traci Woodland Hills, CA

Nice and colorful

My baby grandchild loves to look at it. It is colorful and a safe toy. I would buy it for a gift for a new baby.

Glenda Maple Falls, WA

A must for newborns

This is a fantastic stroller toy, chewing toy and tactile toy for newborns on up. Highly recommend to any new parent or gift giver.

Doretha Sardinia, OH

My son’s favorite toy

We got this before my son was born and are very glad we did. At first we would hold it up for him to see (only a couple weeks old). He would look at it and try to focus on it. When he got older, this was the first toy he reached for. Now at 4 months old, he loves to pull on it, grab and feel the different fabrics and textures, and chew on the plastic rings. He smiles everytime he sees it. The toy is very durable, easy to wash, and brightly colored. Perfect for developing senses in little ones.

Corrine Throckmorton, TX

My daughter loves it

I hooked it to her car seat and she grins as soon as she sees it. She plays with every part of it, from the ribbon cord knotted feet to the crinkly wings. She is only 3 months old now, I am hoping when she gets more dextrous she will even use the little teether.

Kimberlee Waldenburg, AR

Favorite toy! Glad we purchased this!

This is our son’s favorite toy. It goes with us everywhere we go. Before our son could grab at toys, he loved looking at the black and white patterns on the firefly’s back. At three and four months of age he loves to grab at the rings and dangling teether and sucks on them; he also loves to scrunch up the crinkly wings. He has yet to discover the mirror and squeaky wing, but I think he still has to learn how to use these. We hang this from the arch of his tummy time mat and throw it in the car seat wherever we go.

Madge Bypro, KY