Lamaze Clip & Go Flutterbug

Lamaze Clip & Go Flutterbug

Flutterbug stretches, dances and wiggles back onto his flower! Simply pull the rings at each end to stretch him out then watch it wiggle and fly back together again. Flutterbug’s satin legs and woven wings have fun patterns and bright colors. Includes crinkly, textured flower petals and clanking rings for hours of discovery and play. The Lamaze clip lets you hook Flutterbug to strollers, carriers and diaper bags to take him along for on-the-go fun. Lamaze inspires daily discoveries through toys created with delightful surprises that encourage baby to learn while playing.

Main features

  • Pull the flower stem down to see the bug flutter
  • Clacking Rings
  • Crinkle Petals
  • Perfect for on-the-go fun
  • Lamaze clip lets you hook Flutterbug to strollers, carriers and diaper bags.

Verified reviews


Great toy!

I actually like this toy better than some of the other Lamaze hanging toys. The bottom part of the flower has a black and white pattern on it that instantly captured my 4-month olds attention. When you pull the rings on the flower, it “buzzes” back up to the turtle above. My 4-month old LOVES the buzzing noise and is strong enough to pull it a little bit herself. I think the nice thing about this toy is that my baby can play with the turtle part above while sitting in her Bumbo or carseat, but when laying down can play with the flower part, making it almost like two toys in one.

Willie Ripon, CA

Baby likes it, that’s all that matters

It is durable, makes a fun hum like sound when you pull the bottom part. She has three lamaze toys she likes them in the following rank order. I hook two on her car seat at all times, I swap the flutterbug out for Princess Sophie. I always leave the Firefly, it is her favorite, she gets upset if it is gone. She stopped crying in the carseat the first day we hung Freddie Firefly in there. Now she holds the rings and plays with him, or falls asleep holding those rings. (Granted if we take a very long car ride she will still cry – these got us about 30 minutes of silence/happiness on car trips)1. Freddie Firefly – by far her favorite2. Flutterbug3. Princess Sophie

Kathie Creede, CO

Great car seat toy!

What a cute and fun toy for baby! Works to calm/distract fussy baby in car seat while on the road when nothing else seems to do the trick. Lots in the way of sensory stimulation. Certainly a toy that will grow with baby. A must have for busy moms.

Sharlene Ingomar, PA

Great toy

this and “Freddie the Firefly” are my baby’s favorite toys. She loves all of the different colors and the back has contrasting black and white patterns that she can see when I hook it to her play mat. She bats and bats at these toys and has just learned to grab on to them. I am pleasantly surprised at how long these toys keep her attention and how she is “growing up” with them. For example, at first she just looked at them, then she was hitting them, now she’s learning to grab them, and she seems surprised when they make noise as she touches them- so as she progresses developmentally, the toys are right there with her. I love the Lamaze toys!!!

Rachael Chester, CA

Baby loves it!

My baby loves this! I used to hang it over his changing table before he could reach, and he would stare at it. Then he started reaching and would reach for it, and now (at 8 months) he loves to crinkle it and play with it. The fluttering makes him laugh sometimes. It’s a great toy for the car and changing table for a long time.

Johnnie Union Hill, IL


When I first saw this bug, I immediately wanted my daughter to have it. It’s wonderful! The petals and wings are crinkly and perfect for grasping and chewing. We attached this to her jumper so that it’s easy to grab and it shakes and rattles when our daughter jumps. She loves pulling it toward her and playing with it. If you pull it downward, the string reels it back up and it buzzes. The buzzing sound is perfect and it reminds me of walking through fields when I was a kid and hearing insects buzz as they flew away.

Darla Alzada, MT

fun interactive toy.

what a fun interactive toy. makes alot of noises just by grabbing the petals and the bug. vibrates when you pull apart the bug from the flower. the black and white pattern is very eye catching for babies underneath the flower petals and it makes them want to grab it.

Jana Sparkman, AR

Love it!

Attached it onto mobile of my 4mo olds swing (fisher price zen)…now when he wakes up instead of crying to be picked up he stares up (the bottom of the toy has black/white contrast) and bats at the rings. He liked his swing for sleeping before, but that was about it. Now I can finish a few things while he entertains himself. I had tried another toy like this and he wasn’t interested, as well as a high contrast picture but that only worked to have him look at something as he fell asleep- not for when he woke up. This combines the best of all! Highly recommend!

Faith Brunswick, MD

So cute and fun!

This was my daughters favorite when she was an infant. She could pull on the rings and she loved the vibrating bug when she let go!

Juana Montville, NJ


My daughter loved this toy but she could never pull it. I wish it was easier for a baby to pull.

Hester Spencer, WV


great colors and love the jitter you get when you pull the string1 just love the Lamaze products! Great choice1

Dorothy Milburn, OK

Great developmental toy

My son loves this toy, from birth he had this toy and because of all the details, like the black and white underside, the vibration, bright colors, the crinkle petals, fascinated him. Whenever he fusses I pull this toy out and he calms down and plays with it. It is very exciting to see him fall in love with a toy like this. I actually just bought another Lamaze toy for him, Rusty the Robot.

Marianne Cruger, MS

Cute Toy!

I keep this on the car seat in the car. My baby loves to bat it around, pull on it, and bite on it. When he was around 3 to 5 months, this toy could keep him interested for a while in the house, but now that he is 7 months, the crinkle sound it makes when you hold it doesn’t hold his attention as long. So, as a toy hanging from his seat while in a car with nothing else to do, he enjoys playing with this.

Reyna Gilchrist, OR

Great for newborns

Love the black and white contrast on entire bottom for newborn to look at. It also attaches very easily to his activity mat for an extra toy to look at. It also makes a loud fun buzzy sound after you pull the flower down on its way back up. Also the flower crinkles with cellophane which newborns also seem to love.

Toni Eleroy, IL

My son’s favorite toy!

My little guy started enjoying this when he was about three months old. He’s not very impressed with most of these kind of toys, but he loves his Flutterbug. He loves to grab the rings, even more than those on other toys – I think he likes the texture. He also likes to make the petals crinkle. He mainly plays with it on his activity mat and toy bar.

Monique Waukee, IA



Keri Martinsville, OH


My 8 week old daughter loves this toy. I hang it from her play mat and she loves to look at the bottoms of the petals which have black and white designs on them. She bats at it and loves to hear the crunchy noise when she hits the petals. She also likes to grab the rings hanging down. I just recently started pulling it down for her so that it vibrates and she was very interested in it and got really excited. The clip is strong but bendable enough to fit around most things you want to attach it to.VERY CUTE, even cuter than I had expected – you and your baby will LOVE it!

Ashlee Willow, OK