Lamaze Clip & Go Marina The Mermaid

Lamaze Clip & Go Marina The Mermaid

Full of developmental features that capture baby’s imagination and stimulate the senses. Features fun flowing hair, rattle star, sea horse teether and an activity tail with peek-a-boo mirror.

Main features

  • Activity tail with textures, ribbons, mirror and crinkles
  • Seahorse teether
  • Fun flowing hair
  • Perfect for fun on-the-go
  • Lamaze clip lets you hook Stretch to strollers, carriers and diaper bags
  • Perfect for fun on-the-go^Lamaze clip lets you hook Marina to strollers, carriers and diaper bags

Verified reviews


Great toy for baby, similar to other Lamaze toys

My daughter loves Jacque the Peacock so it is no surprise that she likes the other Lamaze toys as well, as they are all pretty similar.The dolls hair is fun for baby to feel (each strand is individual, felt like material). In one hand the doll has a starfish which has a rattle inside. In the other she has a plastic teether seahorse. The mermaid’s tail is a flexible mirror, with some mirror and crinkle fabric on top.All in all a great interative toy for a newborn. My only small gripes are that the toy is made in China and also that it is surface wash only.

Mercedes Pellston, MI

Daughter loves her crazy orange hair

The Lamaze toys are great! My daughter has the Mermaid, the Peacock, the dog and the Kangaroo. I would recommend them for any baby. There is something about the different colors and textures and sounds it makes that keep their attention wonderfully! I always have one in my car so that it will keep my little girl occupied while we are sitting in traffic. The mermaid and the Peacock are her favorites!

Isabel Otwell, IN

One of my daughter’s favorites

We keep this one clipped to her car seat and it has been a godsend on the way home form many places. She is loving it more as she gets older (she is 6 months now). She loves pulling on her hair and her tail. Great toy for an infant.

Augusta Burnside, IL


bought this for my new baby niece and it is gorgeous, colorful, well constructed and worth the money. happy to have purchased.

Minnie Wever, IA

6 month old baby girl not a fan

We have quite a few of these Lamaze toys and my baby likes the other ones we have better ( peacock is her fave). I don’t know if its the texture of the hair that off putting but my daughter really doesn’t have that much interest in this toy at all.

Lorraine Wilburn, AR

Great Baby Toy

This is a great baby toy. My daughter loves the texture of the hair, which is strips of fabric. She also really loves the rattling star and the mirror tail. There is a crinkle patch too but I do wish it were bigger because she loves the crinkle sound on other Lamaze toys.

Edythe Bradley, MI


She isn’t what I needed for the age of baby I bought for….When she gets older, I think she will like it. Lyla was too young at 6 months.

Pamala Hiltons, VA

5 month old loves this!

We received this as a gift for our 5 month old daughter and it has quickly become her favorite dangle/chew toy. We attach it to her play mat and she loves grasping it and chewing on the green seahorse. She stares at the face very intently and has been fascinated with it since she got it. Great quality and a cute toy!

June Philpot, KY

Baby’s Favorite

We have a lot of colorful toys for our daughter, but this is her favorite. She loves the mirror and the crinkle on the bottom. The face makes her smile. The teether is smooth and just the right size. AND it has a rattle. It’s just the right combination of things and is tall enough of a toy to hook on her bouncy seat or the car seat handle for her to look at. We don’t leave the house without this toy. I’ve come back to Amazon to purchase similar toys but I have a feeling this will still be our favorite. What’s best is our daughter has a mermaid themed room so it’s quite cute. I highly recommend, especially for the price!

Arlene Goodyear, AZ

Stimulation Overload…. in a good way!

We purchased this toy for our 5 month old and she absolutely loves it. There is so much going on with this toy, it entertains her for hours. We strapped it to her caraway, and she loves the teething toy part of it, as well as the mirror on the tail. The bright orange hair she loves to stare at. So many colors and textures, she juat loves it! And it was only $10… I would definitely recommend!

Norma Shermans Dale, PA

cute toy, but baby daughter not really interested

This is really brightly coloured and cute, but our baby just was not interested at all. She much prefers some of the other Lamaze characters in this line. Would recommend because it is a nice toy…just didn’t work out for us.

Mai Pinnacle, NC

Very cute – baby loves it

My 5 month old loves playing with he textured hair. I think this is the only one that doesnt have a squeaker. Machine washable. Lots of different textures and colors to keep them entertained for a while. Plus, its just cute.

Whitney Greensburg, LA

Please read!!

It was given to me as a present and my 4 months old absolutely LOVED it. But soon I started to notice plastic fibers thinner than hair coming out of it (the stuffing I guess). It was very disappointing since I had read that lamaze is one of the few companies that have high quality products, non toxic, PVC free, lead free, etc. They should care also about what is inside the toys or use an exterior fabric with smaller pores!

Liliana Luquillo, PR

Cute stroller/carseat companion

I bought this doll for my 4 month old daughter. She is fascinated with the hair strands and crunchy tail fin fabric. It is also very cute and colorful.

Concepcion Anatone, WA

Brings smiles every time

My little one is 2 months old and she loves it – she smiles every time she sees this little mermaid.

Marisa Fort Shafter, HI

Daughter loves

This was larger than I expected. My daughter likes the bright colors and looking at the doll’s face. It’s a great price for the item.

Jean New Kingstown, PA

The first toy my baby responded to!

I LOVE Lamaze toys for young babies. I have Marina as wellcas a couple others for my baby. I started hanging Marina in front of my baby starting at 2 months. At first she just stared at the big eyes in front of her, then started lookin at the different colours like the bright orange hair or yellow sea star on her hand. The first toy my baby ever grabbed for was the little yellow sea star! Now at 4months old, we never leave the house wihout Marina. My baby holds Marina’s hair which is a fun wavy felt material, as she sits, and plays with the star rattle. She has also just discovered the mirror on the mermaid’s tail and loves looking at herself. She also puts the ring, meant to hang the toy from, in her mouth, as well as the green plastic seahorse. It has been amazing to see my daughter develop socmany skills with just this one toy! Definitely recommend for the baby girl in your life!

Mattie Cannonsburg, MI


My 6 month old daughter loves her mermaid. She got her 2 months ago on Easter and instantly fell in love. She talks and babbles to her whole we ride down the road. She chews on her – the teether fish & the mirror. She loves feeling her hair. I love the crinkling sound in the tail and the rattle in the star fish because I know she is awake while I am driving (I have a severe anxiety about SIDS happening in her car seat or crib). I love that the toy has many bright colors and detaches from the car seat handle easily – not for a baby, I just mean I don’t have to wrestle or pry it off. Lamaze wins again!

Edna Adelanto, CA

One of a kind

Love this toy among Lamaze collections.Marina has a lot of features like Freddie the firefly.Great size,good value for money.

Beverley Coles Point, VA

so so

purchased this for my grand baby, but this doll is not very cute!Bigger than I expected and I don’t care for the fabric used to make this doll.Thinking about sending it back!

Vivian Medford, MN


My baby lived it carried everywhere with her we would attach it to her stroller and carrier it made her smile and she loved playing with it

Tracie Trabuco Canyon, CA

Colorful mermaid

Colorfully playful mermaid with a variety of colors and texture for coloration, a rattle and crunchy. She’s a great size and has a clip to take along. Great for babies exploration.

Sherri Lewisville, MN

♥ it!

I bought this for my infant, but my 4 yr old also loves it. The only issue I had with it was the obnoxious label smack center on her tail. I spent a solid hour ripping that out. Now it is perfection.

Melisa Three Rivers, TX

Our baby loves her mermaid!

I bought this little mermaid toy for our daughter who just turned eight weeks old. She always smiles at this toy and it makes her happy. We keep it clipped on to her car seat!

Faith Almelund, MN


My little girl loves to chew on the mermaids hair and tail. It keeps her amused in the car seat for quite a while. Plus it’s cute!

Chelsea Dennisville, NJ