Lamaze Clip & Go My Friend Emily

Lamaze Clip & Go My Friend Emily

My Friend Emily is a Lamaze Play & Grow character that comes with multiple textures and sounds to keep baby entertained. Baby’s first doll features a rattle necklace! Comes with a Lamaze link to take wherever you go.

Main features

  • Crinkle dress and feet
  • Rattle necklace
  • Clacking rings
  • Perfect for fun on-the-go
  • Lamaze clip lets you hook Stretch to strollers, carriers and diaper bags
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Verified reviews


My daughter likes it

My 5 month daughter likes this doll. She likes to hear the crinkling of the dress and grab at the rings on the doll’s hands and chest. She chews on its hands and feet. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 stars is just my personal preference – I am not that into dolls myself. I got this as a baby shower gift. I’d rather have a gender neutral toy like an animal, but we also have the Lamaze Pupsqueak which is similar, but my daughter doesn’t like it as much as this one.

Alison Grady, AL

Great except for the hook!

Our 4 month old LOVES this toy. The bright colors and various textures are awesome! Our daughter likes to grab the rings in her hand and shake the whole doll. She giggles like mad! The only thing I would change – make the hook removeable. We don’t really need to attach it to anything, and the plastic hook is HARD! Our little whacked herself in the face with it once when she shook it and it scared the daylights out of her! After that, I cut the hook off and now it’s perfect! It’s entertaining for our daughter, inexpensive, and well made. Love it, but I suggest cutting the hook off. 🙂

Nettie Wilmington, NY

My daughter’s favorite

I received this at my baby shower, and it has become my daughter’s favorite toy. This amuses her the longest per session, and most consistently day to day.Her favourite parts are the two rings in Emily’s hand – perfect for teething and clutching (she is also a fan of teething on the white ring you use to clip the doll on things – the edges are beveled and just the right width – and seems to find this soothing on her gums). She also loves the crinkle skirt, particularly the “hem” of the dress, with all of its different textured fabrics. Every so often, she squishes Emily’s feet to hear them crinkle. She likes the rattle within Emily, too.Although it is speculation, the high contrast of color and pattern in her dress seem to be part of what keeps my daughter so interested (she stares at the doll intently when touching and playing with the dress).When I bounce the doll from the attachment hanger at the top, she laughs and laughs.This is the toy I clip to her car seat when we go out: it keeps her amused all day.Wonderful toy – SO glad I received this as a gift.

Pearlie Seaton, IL

with nice textures and colors

It’s cute, with nice textures and colors. A shame my daughter never really got attached to it.

Colleen Chalk, TX

Great Doll for Little Ones

This doll is really cute and has many things to keep a baby’s attention. It has rattles, different textures, and a crinkling dress. I really like this toy and my baby loves it.

Jeannette Larchmont, NY

nice doll

Visually pleasing.Crinkle skirt.Has several “taggies” for fine motor skills.Love the fact it has the large loop to secure it to carseat, stroller, etc.

Penelope Potlatch, ID

The cutest first doll!!!

My baby girl is now 13M and still plays with her Emily! This doll is very cute, we take it wherever we go! The colors are so vibrant and takes her attention right away! We figured out like a month later we purchased that when you press the belly it makes the squeak sound, she was very surprised with that sound just like us! It has all the features to keep little baby busy for at least half an hour!!!

Cleo Altmar, NY

Cute but what is plastic made out of?

A cute doll for my 4 months old. Not sure about how safe the plastic is. Is is BPA free? The packaging does not say anything about this. My daughter keeps taking the rings into her mouth…not sure if it’s safe though.

Milagros Port Aransas, TX

8 month old will not let it go.

I picked up my daughter from daycare a week ago and she is usually elated to see me. But this occasion was different because she was so into this doll. So I purchased one for home. She loves it. She wont let it go. She is entertained by the different features from the teething rings to the crinkly dress. At least 20 min of fun.

Ma Emporia, KS

Very engaging

My baby really seems to enjoy this doll. The crinkly dress is VERY noisy, so if your baby likes that sort of thing, this will be a hit. My daughter also loves the rattle necklace. It’s very cute and the little balls make a nice sound. She loves the little curled ribbons on the shoes and hair too! The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is I don’t like her eyes. I know they probably are meant to be visually stimulating with the contrast, but I think they are ugly.

Aurora Maple Rapids, MI

got for my 6 month old daughter

I have a little girl named Emily, so I got this doll for her… SHE LOVES IT! specially the dress part — it has that crinkle paper in it… and her little bit of hair that sticks out — she loves that too!

Jasmin Mohawk, MI

Great doll!

My daughter has loved this doll since she was a tiny tiny baby. She loves the color and all of the different things it does (squeak,crinkle, rattle). Awesome doll that is worth getting!

Reva Proctorsville, VT

Great toy

This doll was a hand me down but it has quickly become my daughter’s favorite! It is a little larger than other small baby toys so it is easy for her to hold. She likes that it makes crinkly noises and has other attachments that keep her attention. Great toy!

Teri Lake Monroe, FL

Baby loves it

We got this as a gift when my daughter was 3 months old and she loved it right away. Her interest has gone down now that she’s 7 months, and I’m not sure why. I wish this doll had more of a teething feature like Freddie firefly. Still a cute doll, though.

Sharon Vernon, AL

Baby’s best friend

I received this doll as a gift when my daughter was born. She is now 4 months old and absolutely loves the Emily doll! She loves the crinkle sound of her dress and the two rings that come with it. It attaches to the car seat and stroller which make it a lifesaver on car trips. The bright colors and different textures make this doll a great learning tool for baby! I highly recommend it!

Leonor Walker Valley, NY

Cute doll

My daughter is 3 months old and loves this doll. Every time I bring her out during playtime, my daughter smiles at her and "talks" to her. The doll has a raddle in her head and also a sqeaky in her chest. Really cute. I also recommend the peacock made be the same company.

Mindy Epping, NH

We love ours!

A great buy!! I was looking for a “doll” for my baby girl and this has worked well for us. We can hang it on her play mat, which I really like. She’s also easy to put in a sitting position. I highly recommend.

Pearlie Bronston, KY

My daughter loved it!

I bought this for my daughter when she was a baby and, 3 years later, she still loves it and pulls it out to play with. I love that it’s colorful and makes a crinkle sound. It’s just interactive enough for a baby. I was looking for a gift for my baby niece and this was the one I chose.

Jaclyn Meridian, TX

Lulu Lamaze

My granddaughter has loved this doll since she was a new born. Loves the scrunchiness sound she makes. She is nine months old and still loves her Lulu Lamaze doll (that’s what we named her).

Mollie Laurel, MD

Goes everywhere

We call this little doll "Penny" and she goes everywhere with us. Baby girl has loved it from the time we bought it a few months ago and still loves it at 13 months old. We hear her jingling her in the back seat when we drive. Not sure if you’re supposed to machine wash her or not, but we do and she comes out well, except for some condensation in the rattle on her front. She clips onto the car seat or the cart at the store so she doesn’t get lost. The only problem is now there’s a tear where the ring attaches to her head. I recommend this to keep babies entertained day after day.

Samantha Atlanta, ID

Great toy for belly time!!!

My daughter and my neice loved this toy for belly time. They both played with it for what seemed to be hours (probably more like 30 minutes. It made crinkly noises, has a little mirror and other little, yet safe freatures to keep them entertained. Other toys were not as interesting for as long. My daughter would search for this particular toy among others within her reach.Now that they are mobile, they are on to other things, but they still both like the dolly.

Lynne Telford, PA

Colorful, tactile fun

I bought this for my five-month-old daughter and she seems to like it. The rings on the doll’s hand are easy for her to grasp, and as with anything that goes in my daughter’s hands, she puts it directly to her mouth to gnaw on it. This doll is bigger than I anticipated, which is great, as is the bright color scheme. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five, is because the doll’s entire dress is lined with loud crinkly material. It sometimes startles my daughter! I think it would be more appealing if just the hem was crinkly, but we still love this toy.

Roxanne Hendrix, OK

Love this Emily Doll

My baby girl loves her Emily doll. She has fun crinkles, textures, and a friendly face. Great toy, well made.

Darlene Balaton, MN


Its a bit big/heavy/bulky for beginning teethers. It was more of a hit in our house closer to 10 mos and up. I love the crinkly fabric; and of course that she’s washable.

Enid Northvale, NJ

Very sweet toy – well worth the price

This is a very sweet toy, and well worth the price. Currently it is clipped to her stroller, where she is delighted to rediscover it each time we take her out.

Jody Marshall, AR