Lamaze Clip & Go Peacock Jacque

Lamaze Clip & Go Peacock Jacque

Designed for use from birth on up, the Lamaze Play and Grow Peacock has bright colors and multiple textures and sounds that are sure to stimulate and delight baby. Developed in conjunction with child development experts from Yale University, this “first friends” toy comes complete with a Lamaze link for easy attachment to strollers, carriers, and diaper bags, so it’s a snap to take the Play and Grow Peacock with you on play dates, errands, or trips in the car.

Main features

  • Bright, colorful crinkle feathers
  • Self-discover mirror and
  • Knottie wings
  • Perfect for fun on-the-go
  • Lamaze clip lets you hook Stretch to strollers, carriers and diaper bags
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Verified reviews


Lame and boring

Other than the flashy colors, this toy is a bummer! My son has virtually ignored this toy since day 1. Maybe he just doesn’t get it. But I’d skip this one.

Kara Demopolis, AL


Dont know what was the hype all about. Bought this for my son, he chews it like any other items I would offer to him otherwise nothing special about it. He’s almost 5 months old

Tina Easton, ME

Fun, colorful, but challenging to hold and chew

Like all the Lamaze animals this one is adorable and memsmerizing for an infant. It is harder to hold and chew on than many of their other ones though (the horse & dolphin are better).

Cecelia Hubbardston, MI

Cute toy.

I bought this for my son when he was about a month or so old, and he really liked it. I took it everywhere with us, and it kept him entertained. Jacques comes complete with a mirror, a squeaker, taggies, lots of textures and colors, and a link so he can tag along. The entire back of Jacques’ plumage consists of a variety of black and white patterns, which my son loved to stare at.He is now 7 months, and doesn’t play with it as much as he used to since he is more into musical and talking toys, the jumperoo, and is busy crawling and cruising…but Jacques continues to never be too far from my son’s reach.

Blanche Esbon, KS

Nice toy

I bought this because my little boy ( now 7 months old ) really loved Freddy the Fire Fly. Jacques is much smaller, but still a nice size for the baby to play with. He was fascinated enough to play with him for a few hours when I first have it to him but he doesn’t really even want to play with him now. On an occasion I can get him to play with him for a few mins, but he’s basically bored with him quickly! I put him on the floor as an option for him to play with. I rate this as an, ” OK toy. “

Willa New Troy, MI

I like it more than my baby

When I first saw this peacock, I thought my baby would love its colors and textures (she has a similar toy, a firefly that she loves). Well, it turns out that she grabs and looks at it for a short while and then turns it down in favor of other things… I am still surprised she is not interested… but I still like it…

Elda Kirkville, IA

Everyone loves Jacques!!!

My little girl loves Jacques! Everytime she sees him she starts pumping her little arms up and down, kicking her legs, smiling, and cooing. She loves to crinkle his feathers and suck on his nose and he is really the first and only stuffed toy she has shown much interest in. We have Mortimer the Moose too, but she doesn’t like him nearly as much- but, he isn’t as brightly colored either. I think I am going to get Freddie the Firefly next, he seems to have the same bright coloring and positive reviews that Jacques has. All in all we are really happy with these toys, I would definately recommend them!

Sharon Winnsboro, SC

Fascinating attention grabber

From day one, my daughter has loved to look at Jacques from all sides. When she was old enough to grab him by herself she delighted in the crinkling of his feathers. She grew attached to him to the point where he had to go everywhere with her, but with the nice Lamaze link that’s not a problem! As she gets older and interested in flashier toys Jacques has taken a bit of a backseat but when it’s wind down time or she wants a bit of comfort Jacques seems to do the trick.

Lucille Weston, WV

This is our second one

We received our original Jacques the Peacock as a baby shower gift and our son loved it when he was small. My MIL’s dog got hold of it with very sad results, so we needed to buy another one for our new daughter. The colors held our son’s attention and he loved the crinkly feathers and mirror. It’s good for our newborn daughter as well with the black/white patterns on the back. I think she’ll really enjoy staring at it.

Elisabeth Acton, CA

Interesting toy for baby

What I think is really great is that the peacock has very large eyes. Research shows that babies like faces and eyes and I heard that Lamaze increased the size of the eyes on their toys. I like Lamaze toys.This peacock is brightly coloured on the front, black and white in different patterns on the back and each ‘feather’ has a different texture such as silky, furry or courderoy. It makes a crinkly, crunchy sound when you touch it which is interesting to my baby. It has a squeaky button too which will be better when my baby is older.A couple of weeks ago I started holding up the peacock in front of my baby and describing the colours and textures to him (as talking and describing is good for babies) and I can spend almost 5min talking about this toy as there is so much variety! Now he can hold it himself and bring it to his mouth.I am online now writing this review as I am about to buy one for my friend’s baby.Edit: Baby is now 8mths old and still loves Jacques. It keeps him occupied in the car really well. I definitely recommend this toy.

Althea Roca, NE

Texture is great!

Our 6 month old daughter loves to play with Jacques because of the texture and the crinkly sound of the fabric. She’s had this toy since she was 4 months and is still playing with it!

Juliette Van Lear, KY

Colorful and textures that sound.

My baby loves this toy, she is 4 months old. It hangs from the car seat handle and it’s within reach for her little hands.

Myra Graham, OK

This is a great toy

My baby wasn’t that interested in this toy at first. I gave it to him when he was about 3 months old. He started getting more interested in it as he got older. Maybe 4-5 months? He likes to look at it and hold it and play with the tags and stares at the colors. Really consumes his interest at times which is great. He concentrates and looks at every detail. Great to use in combination with his Super Seat. He sits in that seat and looks at his peacock!

Sherry Toledo, OH

Jacques is GREAT!

I got this for my baby when he was 2 months old. He wasn’t that interested in toys yet, but he was quickly drawn to Jacques. The color and scale of this toy is just right. I keep it clipped by his car seat. If we have to go in anywhere, he is the perfect length to clip to the stroller clip on my diaper bag and not touch the ground when I set it down. And he’s still very entertaining 3 months later. We have a Freddy the Firefly too, but I think my kid prefers Jacques, which kinda surprised me because Freddy looks a little more interesting to me. But Jacques is definitely a good buy.

Tracie Ohio, IL

Interesting toy for my baby

My son it’s 3 month old and can’t have enough of it! He loves to stare at it and the squeaky noise too! It;s a life saver 🙂

Rena La Plata, PR

A favorite

My son loved this toy!! He played with it from about 1 month old until he was about 6 months old. He loved all the bright colors and he often chewed on the "wings" and the beak. He always had it with him.

Alfreda Norwalk, CT

Baby loves Jacques!

We received Jacques as a baby gift and initially as a newborn, my son was neither interested nor disinterested in it. When he was around 2 months of age, he became fascinated with this toy. He loved the colors on the front and the light reflecting off of the ‘mirror’. He sat through my husband’s graduation (2 hours long) quietly with me holding and shaking Jacques near him. Any time he is starting to get fussy, Jacques comes to the rescue! My son’s now 5 months old and is still enamored with this toy.

Lorrie Atlanta, GA

One of the best toys!

I bought this for my son after he had a surgery done and he has loved it ever since. When we’re in the car and I hook it to the handle he can’t stop staring at it and he’s always trying to grab at it. I had some previous toys hanging from the handle prior to buying Jacques and he never ever seemed interested in those. Plus, when he’s crying I just use Jacques to cheer him up and he’ll automatically stop! He loves it.. one of the best things I’ve bought, I can’t wait to see him get more interactive with it, I can tell he really really wants to! 🙂 Buy him if you haven’t already!

Tonya Ramsey, IN

5 month old LOVE this

I got this toy for my son when he was 3 1/2 months old. He is currently 5 months and still loves it. I love being able to connect it to a variety of things. We have used it on his stroller, car seat, summer infant 3 in 1 booster seat, his exersaucer, and his infant to toddler rocker. Great buy and great price on Amazon.

Gladys Silver Lake, NY

Grows with your baby

I bought this for my daughter when she was just two weeks old because she was mesmerized by black and white patterns, and this guy has several different b&w; designs on the back of his “feathers.” She loved to stare at them, and would often focus on his bright red bottom. I loved that the link would clip onto her baby gym so that we could dangle him above her. Then, once her color vision improved, she was fascinated by the bright colors on the front side of Jacques’ feathers and began to reach for him and swat at him.Now that she’s four months old, she really likes the different fabric textures, and enjoys grabbing at the feathers and touching them. The link is still really useful, because it allows us to clip him to her carrier or diaper bag. That way, he’s always handy, but can’t get lost like a few other unfortunate (and missed!) toys have.Overall, Jacques has held up well as my daughter has grown from a tiny newborn to a curious infant. I’m really pleased that she continues to find new ways to play with him.

Kathy Sumneytown, PA

Quality baby toy

My son loves this! This is a bright, good quality baby toy. The picture really does not do it justice.

Shelby North Olmsted, OH

Great Toy

This is on of the greatest toys it is so colorfull and a nice size to, it is my sons favorite toy he loves it and started really playing with it at 3 months by kicking at it and grabbing for it and loves to chew on it we cannot go out without it. get it you will not be disapointed.

Renae Kayenta, AZ

Fabulous toy

Wonderful toy!! It is great with the black and white with red on the back side for intial few months. Then as your child gets older you can turn it to the front and they can play with everything. The different textures on the front are great as well as the squeaker in the toy. My daughter loves Jacque and looking at him as well as grasping the crinkly feathers.

Celina Annapolis, IL

I recommend this product and this seller

I bought for my daughter, who is expecting baby and she loved it. Very colorful and very beautiful. On-time delivery and very good price

Jana Grand Marais, MN

A Great Baby Toy

My son loves his Jacques, ever since he was first born, he would stare at it on car rides and in his stroller. Jacques the Peacock is a great educational toy for a wide range of ages. He crinkles, has a little mirror, features bright colors on one side and black white and red on the other. It attaches super easily to car seats and strollers and my son still loves it now that he’s eight months old!

Mellisa Avilla, MO

Jacques is a lot of Toys in One

We received Jacques the Peacock as a gift shortly after our baby was born. We were amazed to see how much our baby immediately liked looking at this toy. The back of Jacques is different black and white patterns and a big red tail. From what I understand black, white and red may be some of the only colors newborns can see. Within weeks we hung Jacques from our baby gym and our baby was hitting it and making it spin.It has been a great toy to travel with because it has so many different stimulating things. One of the feathers is a mirror, one is a squeak toy, one makes a crinkly sound. She can pick him up now and turn him around and attempt to eat his feathers. Overall, he’s a lot of fun.And he conveniently hooks onto everything. So that is a plus!

Adrienne Lake Lynn, PA

My baby is obsessed with Jacques

Maybe it’s his scary, beady eyes. Maybe it’s the ugly combination of colors. Whatever it is, my baby has been obsessed with Jacques since she was around 5 weeks old. She’s now 4 months and Jacques is the only toy that is sure to elicit a squeal of glee. Personally, I think he’s garish and ugly, but for whatever reason, he is a hit with the tots!

Tina Nineveh, PA

perfect baby shower gift! A staple for babies

Apparently this item is so popular that mine got stolen. This toy helped during the colic months (0-3). This kept my baby busy in the carseat and was soothing during teething. I would definitely recommend this toy for boys and girls. I WISH I got one of these at my babyshower. I purchased it myself on Amazon and I don’t regret it at all.

Blanche Modoc, IN

The best educational & FUN toy for my newborn!

We own several of the play and grow toys, my baby and I are just in LOVE with them all but Jacques is the most educational of them all! He is perfect for teaching my baby about touch, sound, cause & effect, has a mirror for her to check her cute little face out, little tags to lick on and the back is the BEST ever!!! It has awesome bold contrasting black and white patterns that is the only thing that seems to grab my newborns attention & calms her during the dreaded tummy time!

Nellie Hickory, KY

Colorful = gets baby attention

This is a Must. It is durable and chewable which is needed for my starting to teeth baby. Entertaining on car trips or a walk around the block. Each “feather” has a different texture or effect that engages sight, sound, and feel. We also have Freddie the Firefly which is nice to pull and teeth on the rings.

Cheryl Scott Depot, WV