Lamaze Clip & Go Princess Sophie

Lamaze Clip & Go Princess Sophie

Royalty never looked or felt so good as Princess Sophie. She holds her jewel clacking beads in her hands for baby to play with, and her skirt crinkles to keep baby’s interest. Her bold colors and contrast prints help with visual stimulation and development. The high contrast patterns stimulate vision. It crinkles for auditory development. This is the perfect for baby’s first doll. The bold colors and contrast prints help with visual stimulation and development. Lamaze makes a great for your baby.

Main features

  • Bold colors and contrast prints help with visual stimulation and development
  • Crinkle for auditory development
  • Perfect for baby’s first doll
  • Color teething beads
  • Lamaze clip lets you hook Sophie to strollers, carriers and diaper bags

Verified reviews


My 4 month old broke it.

My daughter loves this toy. Unfortunately she ripped the plastic attachment thing right off. Now we can’t t take the toy on road trips.

Marguerite Kirkland, AZ

super cute

bought two of these and my daughter liked the other one better than this one. they are super cute, though. bright colors.

Pat Sumner, IL

take along doll

Ava’s first doll put it on her carrying seat right know it colorful for her to look at. easy to hold and likes the way it crinkles

Merle Sheridan, MI

Cute and Crinkly

Sophie the princess is cute and her whole skirt crinkles, other than that it has nothing else. My daughter is 3 monthes and has no intrest in this lamaze toy at all. Thankfully I purchased the lamaze moose and Olivia the owl, those are her favorite.

Lenora Barhamsville, VA

Nice little doll.

Our 6mo baby likes the sounds it makes when she handles it, she’s teething and likes to massage her gums with the figures in the ring.

Lilian Eola, TX

Great Toy for Little Ones

I saw this in a local store and my daughter loved it, so I jumped on Amazon and purchased it. She loves the crinkly skirt and the beads the doll holds. However, she does get bored of it easily. I think this is more a result of her being 6 months old and wanting to explore more as opposed to sitting and playing with one item. I think it would be better for smaller babies. It’s a great product though, bright colors and well made.

Bobbie Orbisonia, PA

great for different reasons

Princess Sophie was gifted to my daughter when she was almost 2 months old, and she took to her immediately. The crunchy skirt, the bright, varying colors–all great. She likes to chew on the ring and jewels Sophie is carrying, but often just likes to chew on the ring the doll hangs from! 🙂 I haven’t tried washing her, though I probably should… she’s definitely been eaten and drooled on plenty.Overall a great toy. Would love if she were easier for my daughter to grab, but that’s about the only small issue I have.

Lou Baltic, OH

not sure

purchased this for my grand baby, but this doll is not very cute! Bigger than I expected and I don’t care for the fabric used in her dress.Thinking about sending it back!

Cecile Vancleve, KY

Sooo cute!

I bought this to attach to my daughter’s shopping cart cover (along with some other toys) to keep her busy while we were out & about. It is ADORABLE! It makes “crunchy/crinkly” type sounds, which my daughter loves. It also looks like my daughter so that makes me love it even more!

Tania Napoleon, IN

Baby likes it

The baby likes it and that is about all that matters. She likes the firefly better than “Princess Sophie”, but she does play with both. She likes the crinkly sound of her skirt the best.

Jasmin Homer, IN

Love the crinkle sound of the skirt

I purchased this toy for my grandchild who will be born soon. The parents decided to name her Sophie, so of course the Lamaze Princess Sophie was a must-have. The skirt crinkles when you touch it and this is a sound that my other grandchildren have found to be very interesting and captures their attention. Sophie has bright eyes that will definitely be an attraction to very young babies and the clip to attach to car seat, baby carriers, etc. is perfect.

Sydney Luke, MD

Cute but definite choking hazard!!

I received this about 10 months ago as a baby shower gift and my daughter loved the crinkly dress but within a couple of months that ring holding the 3 beads broke. For a while it wasn’t a big deal because she couldn’t get the beads off but she has since figured it out and I found her trying to shove one in her mouth. Needless to say this toy has been thrown away. Be cautious.

Hattie Simpson, WV