Lamaze Clip & Go Stretch The Giraffe

Lamaze Clip & Go Stretch The Giraffe

Designed for babies from birth up to 24 months, the Lamaze Stretch the Giraffe is made to delight babies and stimulate their natural curiosity. Whether playing in his crib, sitting in the high chair, or traveling in the car, your little one will enjoy hours of interactive play and exploration with this cute, cuddly toy. Developed in conjunction with child development experts from Yale University, Stretch comes complete with a portable Lamaze link clip for easy attachment to strollers, carriers, and diaper bags.

Main features

  • Stretchy legs
  • Clacking rings
  • Knottie tail
  • Perfect for fun on-the-go
  • Lamaze clip lets you hook Stretch to strollers, carriers and diaper bags
  • Builds coordination by rewarding baby’s pulls, squeezes, and grabs with fun sounds^Soft body and head^Teether rings around neck^Perfect for fun on-the-go^Lamaze clip lets you hook Stretch to strollers, carriers and diaper bags

Verified reviews


Buy Freddie the Firefly instead

My child hates this toy. He likes Freddie the firefly much better. This toy does not make the crinkle noise. The foot is suppose to honk and stopped honking after one month of light play as child was only 3 months old. My child at one point was afraid of this animal. It does have bright colors but is not fun for him at all. I highly recommend freddie the firefly by lamaze instead.

Tonya Marion, MA

Favorite toy!

This is the favorite toy of my new grandson. He always laughs a lot when he plays with it. He is four months old now and has had it for two months. There is just something about the eyes that he LOVES!

Clara Lake Pleasant, NY

Cute toy, but not for older kids

We got this for our son and hook it to the stroller or car seat and he used to play with it a lot. Now that he is 10 months old, he has grown tired of it and would rather just look out the window or have his rattle instead.The product itself is high quality and withstood a beating from my son, but I wish it did something more for him to keep his attention longer.

Judi Plaza, ND

Fun for the little one

This was much larger than I had anticipated. I love it since my little one can easily grab it. There are a lot of different textures and sounds.

Alice Guernsey, IA

My baby loves all his Lamaze animals!

The Lamaze toys were the first ones that my baby showed interest in. He loves the smiley faces, noises and textures. I like that these attach to the crib bumper or other places and don’t fall out of his reach.

Wilma Milwaukee, NC

Another great Lamaze baby toy

My wife and first came across the Lamaze brand by accident. Our 4 month old loves Freddie the Firefly. We bought Stretch the Giraffe for some variety – it’s excellent. We like Freddie Firefly because of the mirror and the crinkle wings. Stretch has a different texture to the legs and our son loves pulling on them.He loves cuddling the toy and entertaining himself with it, which is a huge lifesaver when you want some “me time” to get stuff done.This is a great price on Amazon. It’s $5 more at […].

Hannah Point Comfort, TX

My 7 mo old loved this

For whatever reason my kid loves this giraffe we got the same brand of another toy and he won’t touch it. I would recommend this as a shower gift for friends, or for your own baby. My kiddo is 7 mo old and can’t get enough of it. Fits length wise into his torso so he can get a grip on it well.

Frieda Madison, GA


My baby boy loves this toy. It’s a great size for them to grab, chew and look it. Very bright and colorful. We hook it onto the car seat, stroller, everywhere we go!

Nadia Lexington, GA

Lamaze rules!

I just love all these bright and colorful soft body toys for babies.They help with baby coordination as when they reach for something and finally grab it, they are rewarded with some sort of sound (rattles, chimes, squeaks, crinkles and so on). Even his legs stretch!On Tomy then giraffes neck is a teething ring. He is just full of surprises!There is also a link on the toy so you can hang him up when you take him places.Great stuff! Please, click on “helpful” if my review was to you and THANKS!! 🙂

Rosa Institute, WV

Great Gift!

I got this for a new mother and she’s loved it! She brings it with her anytime she and the baby are out visiting or running errands. It keeps him happy so she can at least have short adult conversations!

Marla Cleveland, AR

My daughter’s favorite friend!!

This WONDERFUL giraffe was given to us as a baby gift. From the very start, my daughter has loved this giraffe!! She likes to nibble on his ears and tail. She loves to play with the legs and cuddle with him, We can not leave the house without taking him with us! She got him when she was only about a month old, and she is almost 9 months old now, and still loves him. He has become quite a good friend for her 🙂 I highly recommend Stretch the Giraffe, and we will have to buy another one incase she loses him.

Virgie Fort Dick, CA

Cute toy!

Baby girl really likes this toy, it’s colorful and well made. Lamaze products are nice, haven’t had any problems so far my little girl loves each one of her toys. This giraffe is def a fun toy to take for long trips keeps baby really busy and happy.

Melissa Marlborough, CT

Love Lamaze, this is not their best toy

The toy is nice, but definitely not as good as some of Lamaze’s other take along toys (check out Captain Calamari). The legs barely stretch and the rings around the neck are sort of odd since they’re sewn in place (can’t really grab them or chew on them). Each foot makes different noises but a baby won’t really have enough finger strength to squeak the squeaker. Bottom line, my child was bored with it.

Kimberlee Hull, MA

Baby’s favorite toy

At 2 1/2 months, baby LOVES this toy. We got her the toy at 2 months old, and she loved it from the beginning. As the weeks go by, she grows even more attached to it. It has loads of places for baby to grab ahold of, making this the first toy that she wants to play with. It is relatively light weight. Lots of different materials/textures to feel. There are different types of sounds to entertain her. She especially likes to hear the crackling sound as she grabs ahold of the ears. When I bought this toy, I was surprised that the legs are not stretchable, but baby doesn’t seem to mind. She is fascinated by the colors, sounds and feel. She stares at or plays with the toy for an hour at a time, giving Mommy and Daddy a chance to get caught up on things around the house.

Staci Herndon, VA

Another awesome Lamaze toy

My son loves this one just as much as he loves his Eddie the Elephant. I have left this one hooked onto his playmat and it’s one of his favorite ones to pull on. He loves the legs the most that have the rattles at the feet, of course right now it’s all about the sounds for him that delight him. I would definitely like to get a few more of these take a long toys that you can attach to pretty much anything.

Geneva Bremen, ND


My baby loves this giraffe. She will play with him for hours if it’s just in her car seat or during tummy time at home. Also hooks to her exersaucer which is awesome.

Wendi Taunton, MN

I liked it at first, but my baby never showed interest

I gave this 3 stars b/c my son has never had interest in it. I hung it on his car seat when he was a couple months old and it caught his eye immediately. He’s almost a year now and the last several months it’s just gotten in our way. He never pulls on the legs. I kinda expected them to retract or do something, but they don’t. He never grabs it and plays with it. The thing is huge. I guess so he can reach it. But as I mentioned, it’s just in the way more than anything. It IS cute. I wished he had liked it. But I’d probably opt for something smaller and that makes noise or something, if there’s a next time.

Michelle Pine Island, MN

Buy this as a first toy for your very young baby.

Great as a first toy. Clip in on your stroller and your very young baby will love it! He will be fascinated by the bright colors and later hen he can hold it he will have fun exploring the textures.

Jodi Stevensville, VA

Great Toy

I really love all the Lamaze toys that I have purchased and this is no exception. I am very happy with this one.

Chris Togiak, AK

cute but could have diff textures

Like a normal toy…yea it makes a bit of sound and has bright colors but besides that not much to entertain baby.Unless u love giraffes buy a dif toy

Addie Cold Bay, AK

Nice toy

This toy distracts my 6 month son for a short while, he likes to pull on the legs then he gets bored. I think there are better car seat toys out there. On the plus side you can attach this toy to the baby gym.

Keisha Crestwood, KY

Good Toy

This is such a great toy for my 4 month old who is discovering so many things right now. It keeps her busy with all the different sensory things it has going on. It seems well made. I’ve only had a week so we will see.

Kimberlee Long Point, IL

Awesome toy, but not very durable

My baby absolutely loves this toy… so much so that I had to buy a second one after she chewed through the foot of the first one and exposed some plastic and the stuffing.This is the only reason why I gave this giraffe only 4 stars instead of 5. It is an awesome toy and my baby seems very interested in all of its parts–from the colorful feet, to the stretchy legs, to the ribbon hair, to the plastic rings. She can’t keep any part of the giraffe out of her mouth.I would have preferred that this giraffe have been a bit more durable. My baby doesn’t even have any teeth, but she was able to chew through the stitching of one of the giraffe’s feet.

Anastasia Sparks, NE