Lamaze Clutch Cube

Lamaze Clutch Cube

Clutch Cube has soft handles for grasping. Textures, clacking rings, crinkle, and rattle encourage exploration.TOMY works closely with parents and child development experts to create Lamaze toys that encourage early development of the senses, spark creativity and introduce discovery and sensory development.

Main features

  • Bright colors for visual stimulations
  • Fun sounds awaken auditory awareness
  • Interesting textures for baby to explore
  • Includes link for on-the-go fun
  • Lamaze makes a great shower gift!

Verified reviews


sort of interesting.

This cube is okay. Occasionally my son will play with it, but mostly he just likes to throw it. It might be a good toy to hang from a car seat handle. As a gift, it’s okay but I wouldn’t spend my own money on it. Not worth it.

Renee Vaughn, MT

20 minutes of entertainment

We got this toy when baby was 3 months, but didn’t really play with it until 6 months. This is THE toy she reaches and scoots for during her daily floor playtime.

Janie Marshes Siding, KY

Great toy

Really had all the bells and whistles. It really had everything you want for your babies first toy and definitely a good buy

Janet Milford, KS

Has all the right features for a first toy…

On its surface, this seems like a total perfect first toy: black and white, contrasting colors, mirror, rattling, crinkly…but it is kind of big for a baby or small child. I know it doesnt look it, but both of my kids had a hard time picking it up with their little hands and really getting to all of its features.

Bonita Shipman, IL

Baby Loved This

My daughter played with this from a few months old until she was 1! She liked chewing on this and it has so many little interesting things on it that kept her busy! Would buy again!

Lucile Weldon, IL

Great toy

When my baby was 4months old, she LOVED this toy. The crinkly arms, the cushiness of the cube, and THE RINGS. Oh, she LOVED the orange and blue rings. This toy entertained her everyday for a good couple of months. At 7 months old, I think she might have grown bored of it? I still think its a great toy, but I think some of the other Lamaze toys provide more variety of textures, colors rattles, and other discoveries.

Noreen Guerneville, CA

Awesome toy

Son loved this since he was 2 month old. He likes the crinkling sound, the low bell sound, the mirror. He’s 9 month now and in different stages, he found different things amusing. Now if I look in the mirror when he’s looking, he gets all excited by my deformed reflection.

Ola Edgewater, MD

One Of Our Daughter’s Favorites!

This toy is one of our five month old daughter’s favorites! Our PeekaBoo Clutch Cube looks a bit different than this one…it does not have a hook/clip to attach it to a stroller or car seat and the panda is on the inside with a black and white bullseye on the outside flap of one side. Overall, it the same toy with minor differences. The handles are ideal for small hands and our daughter loves to shake it and hear it jingle. She also enjoys chewing on the rings. The “peekaboo flap” crinkles and this is another favorite aspect of the toy for her.I also recommend the Infantino Peek, Rattle and Teether if your baby likes this toy.Infantino Peek, Rattle and Teether

Deann Orfordville, WI

Quality Toy That is a Bit Large for Baby…

Lamaze makes a very high quality soft toy. Like the others my grandson has been given, the Clutch Cube Baby Toy is very well made. The seams are securely sewn. The different fabrics offer differing tactile experiences to stimulate baby’s sense of touch. The bright colors are visually stimulating. The hard rings are wonderful for gumming when baby’s teeth are coming in. The hidden panel which opens to reveal a mirror provides the element of surprise to entertain baby.My only criticism is that this cube is rather large and is hard for younger infants to handle. I question whether older infants who are large enough to handle this toy will find it interesting. For a six month old who is very interested, this toy is just too large to handle and Grandma ends up manipulating it to entertain baby.

Corine Dennis, TX

cube toy

This is a cute toy, but I’m a bit disappointed in the “interactiveness” of it. Granted, it is called a “clutch cube” because that’s about all you can do with it –clutch it. I had mistakenly thought this was a cube that I saw on line made by Zolo toys. The Zolo toy cube has “lift up tabs” on EVERY FACE of the cube with interactive things, such a streamers, squeakers, pull things, mirrors, etc…. You should NOT get this toy if you are looking for an interactive toy. Instead, get the one by Zolo Toys. I thought every face of this cube had a “hidden thing” underneath, but it’s only one side — the mirror side. If you notice, that’s the side that is advertised in the picture. Don’t let it fool you — that’s just about it with the flaps. If your kid loves to “clutch things” then this is a good cube… but if your kid loves to actually interact with a toy, then this is not the toy for you.

Latasha Montpelier Station, VA

Good toy

It is fun for babies, it is big but not too big. It has different textures for babies to experiment. It was one of my babies favorites for a while.

Tamika Underwood, WA

The one toy we couldn’t live without!

This is by far my daughter’s favorite toy. She’s been playing with it since about the age of two months. She would just look at it and smile but now at 9 months, she still loves it and manipulates it in every way. The hook is great for hanging it on play gyms, strollers, or car seats. The “handles” on the corners are perfect for tiny hands to grasp. The two little rings on the handles make a pleasant soft clanking sound and make great teethers. The panda face makes the crinkly sound and if you lift it up there is a mirror underneathe for playing peek a boo. There is also a green apple scent on the underside of the panda face. I have heard other reviewers say it stinks, but I think it is pleasant and not too strong. It still has the scent after all this time. There is also a monkey face and some different patterns on the other sides of the cube. There is a satin like fabric and a flannel feeling fabric on some of the sides. So many different colors and textures to keep baby entertained for a long time. There is also a bell that rattles when you shake the cube or turn it.Our daughter’s favorite is the crinkly green-apple smelling panda face. This is the one toy we ALWAYS have when we are on the go. She will play with it in the car, it entertains her at restaraunts while we eat and is great fun at home too. It’s roughly 6″ cubed, so it can be a little big, but can still be crammed into the diaper bag.Highly recommended!

Nina Farmville, NC

Playful Discovery

My 6 month old loves it! But since he can’t type, I’ll do it for him. This toy is soft and colorful and has a jingle bell inside so when he hits it, it makes noise. Several textures and shapes come together to make a wonderful opportuinty for playful discovery.

Kay Rocky Hill, KY

Great exploring

Our baby has had this since she was 1 month old. Initially she just found it visually interesting She is now 5 months old and adores it. She will spend so much time turning it around, pulling at it and sucking on it. I can take a shower or even eat a meal and she will occupy herself very contentedly.I smelled the panda side and we have no problem there. I can only find the smell if I hunt for it, and it’s a very mild green apple scent. That is her favorite part, I guess she finds the crinkling quite tasty in her mouth.The cube is not machine washable like the inchworm, but we have done sink washings and it dries like new.When offered a choice she goes for this toy the most. We all like it enough we added it to the must have list for baby shower gift we assemble.

Miranda Potrero, CA

Kid tested times 3.

My first two children had an older model of this and loved it! My new little guy (3 months) loves it too. Easy to hold, great colors and textures.

Bertha Texico, IL

A Must-Have

Our baby has loved this toy from the day we brought her home from the hospital. It helped her put herself to sleep because she would stare at it in the bassinet. The noisy bits, mirror, and colorful fabrics still keep her attention, and she’s nearly five months old now. And the rings and soft loops are perfect for teething.We take this toy everywhere we go, as it is small enough to fit into the diaper bag and will clip to just about anything. I’ve bought it as a gift for several friends having babies.

Deann Hyattsville, MD