Lamaze Counting Zoo Gift Set

Lamaze Counting Zoo Gift Set

The Lamaze Counting Zoo Gift Set includes the popular Morgan the Monkey Play & Grow Character and the Lamaze Counting Zoo Board Book. Morgan the Monkey is packed with interactive and developmental features to stimulate your baby’s senses. Morgan features a fun tummy squeaker, clinky rings and a knotted tail.. The Counting Zoo Board Book is a fun way to count to ten! This lift-the-flap book features cute, colorful animals and easy to turn pages.

Main features

  • Lamaze gift set, Soft play and grow monkey character loaded with developmental features, Play & grow monkey comes with Lamaze link for attachment to car seats, strollers, and play gyms, Includes Counting Zoo board book with easy to turn pages

Verified reviews


Great fun and developmental gift for baby

I bought this monkey gift set as a gift for a friend’s baby. I love the lamaze toys, and have a few for my own baby. This set is a great deal, the price is cheaper than just buying the toy in a retail store. The book is a nice and sturdy board book. Awesome gift for a new baby.

Roslyn Franklin, IL

Cute Lamaze Gift

I love the Lamaze toys for babies! We gave this as a Christmas gift to our five month old niece. I can’t comment on the story since I did not see it however the monkey is very cute. This Lamaze animal did not have as many fun things for a baby as the Freddy the firefly and the Peacock toys(both by Lamaze). But it is an all around great gift set, especially for the price.

Shauna Bretz, WV


My son loves the monkey toy so much! It makes a cute noise when you shake him. The book is great too. It has flaps to pull down and count the baby animals. I love this brand too. Everything is so well made. It is also a great price for the toy and the book together.

Edythe Falcon Heights, TX

Great gift idea!

This boxed set was a great deal at $10.50. I may need to buy more to give out as gifts! The monkey toy is cute. It has elastic legs, a crinkle banana, and makes a “monkey noise” when you shake it. My only complaints are that the rings are really hard and you have to shake it vigorously to get it to make the noise. My 9 month old can’t do it on her own… maybe I received a dud? The book is also very cute. It features different numbers of animals up to the number 10. It also has flaps that you lift up to find the baby animals. These flaps are not very sturdy, so you may want to heed the 18+ month recommendation for the book. My daughter tries to pull the flaps off instead of up… she hasn’t been successful yet but I can see the seams are starting to pull away. Overall, I would recommend this set, but the gift set with the elephant is probably the best.

Nadine Troy, MO

Lamaze is the best! Amazing deal!!

My friends just had a baby, and as I do with all my friends who have babies, I am stocking them up on the best, educational toys available. Okay, so they have to be really cute also. ;-)This little guy is just too cute, and the deal including the book is excellent! If you look it up, the book alone is $9.99!The monkey (Morgan) has many interactive and developmental features to help stimulate babies.This includes a Tummy Squeaker, knitted tail, rings that clink and lots of colors.The book teaches counting to ten. There are a different number of animals on each page to count. Just adorable even just to teethe on, because babies love the colors.Hope this helps. If it has, would you be kind enough to click on “helpful”. Thanks!!

Jordan Mount Hope, WI

Ooh Ooh Aah Aah!

Our little one is 4 months, everything around is starting to matter. Obviously the senses play a big part in that so we decided to purchase a few of these toys. She has really responded well and seems to love it!It is a cute little thing very soft. The arms/legs are stretchy, the hands/feet crinkle, and if your turn the monkey from upside-down to right-side-up you get a sort of squawking sound like that of a monkey! It’s very cute and stimulating. . . for the baby 🙂 Also kinda works if you shake it up and down.The clip ring is nice for keeping it close and clean. The rings and ears are nice for teething and chewing. We like to rub the rings together to get a sawing sound for more fun times. NO choking hazards and seems to be very durable. It will be a toy she can grow with.The book was a nice bonus, we love to read. It counts up to ten using zoo animals so kids can learn more than one thing from it. Great fun, Great learning tool, Highly recommend it!

Susana Dover Plains, NY



Bernadine Wabaningo, MI

great book

I started reading this book to my 6 month old. The book is stick cardboard with colorful illustration. I know this book will help my son with his counting when he is a little older. Right now, he likes looking at the pictures and listening to me read to him. I really like the monkey, if you jiggle him up and down you can hear a monkey noise. I’m glad I got this for him.

Billie Killeen, TX

cute toy, various chewable options!

soft to baby’s touch. various options to play with and chew on. the little pig tail is fun to pull and suck on. Baby loves the banana, which is easy to grip. The book has flaps which reveals various animals, baby finds it amusing.

Dena Mclean, TX