Lamaze Crib Soother, Pond

Lamaze Crib Soother, Pond

With lovable animal characters and bright colors, this soft musical soother welcomes baby’s touch and encourages tactile exploration. When the soother is activated, soft, colorful lights slowly turn on and off, calming baby and keeping him engaged. The soother will also lull baby to sleep with three classical melodies or soothing nature sounds. Settings on the soother allow Mom to choose from lights only, sounds only, or lights and sounds together. For an even more customized experience, Mom can connect her own mp3 player and the lights will dance to the beat of the music. It also includes adjustable volume, an auto-shut off button and an adjustable crib clip that fits all cribs.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester fabric
  • Imported
  • 100% Polyester Fabric
  • Baby Can Press The Ladybug To Activate The Soother
  • Soft, Colorful Lights Slowly Turn On And Off, Calming Baby And Keeping Him Engaged
  • Customize The Fun By Using The Mp3 Player Cord- Attach It To Your Mp3 Player And Watch The Lights Dance To The Beat Of The Music
  • Adjustable volume
  • Includes adjustable quick-clip crib attachment that fits all cribs

Verified reviews


My son loves this!

My son really loves this soother! He loves the lights and the music, and I love that I can hook it up to my iPod when I get tired of the 3 songs that the soother provides. I took a star off for a few small problems. First, like a lot of the Lamaze products, the buttons are kind of a pain. They automatically scroll through the songs and the light options, instead of being able to set them to a setting that your child likes, and being able to turn that on easily every time. Also, it plays one song at a time for 20 minutes, instead of scrolling through songs. Lastly, the ladybug on the front only triggers 5 minutes of nature sounds, not music, which is what my son likes. So, it’s not perfect, but still a great unit.

Johanna La Belle, MO

HUGE lifesaver

After reading the mixed reviews on this product i wasn’t sure how i’d like it but figured id give it a shot. I LOVE it. My slightly fussy 2 month old loves it! She watches it and drifts to sleep. It’s very soothing and everything works perfectly thus far. It is also lightweight, soft, and easy to attach or remove from the crib. and the button for the baby to use later works great too!I would recommend tying a piece of fleece or a sock over wherever you plan to attach it to your crib though, if you have a crib you dont want scratched, as the plastic snap could damage it if left unprotected when the child is old enough to play with it.Also, i read a review saying it was loud when turned on and skipping to songs, I turn it on before bringing my little one into her room and keep it turned on low. Thus far, skipping ahead songs hasnt bothered her in the least.All in all, Love it!Update: after about two weeks of daily use I can honestly say this thing is a lifesaver. My daughter will lay in her crib (once drowsy) and watch the lights and listen to the music till she falls to sleep. It also helps soothe her back to sleep if she wakes up and theres nothing wrong (such as hungry/dirty diaper). I HIGHLY reccommend this product. Oh, and the batteries it came with? still rocking on.

Lacey Nyack, NY

entertains, and lulls baby to sleep

we have been using this soother mainly at nap time, and it has worked great at putting my sometimes fussy son right to sleep. I love the music that comes pre programmed on it, and also love that you can add your own music as well, and the lights can “dance” along to the music and your music too. The other crib toys/ soothers seem too engaging and do not let the baby relax into sleep, this one is a good balance, and we really enjoy it. – we have had it now for a little over a week, and I will update review later after we’ve used it for an extended amount of time.

Jean Broadbent, OR

MomMart Product Review

Product Review: Lamaze Northern Lights Soother for […]There are two ways to work this soother. It can either be a child activated soother by pressing the little soft ladybug on the front of the soother or it can be turned on by the parent by pressing both the music button and the light button. The music button turns on either three classical melodies or sounds of nature and can be placed on either a soft or loud setting. The light button simple activates or deactivated the glowing lights in the soother.The Northern Lights Soother has something that I have not seen in any other soother, the ability to hook up to an mp3 player and play my music. This is a very cool feature. There is a cord located at the top of the soother and even a neat little pocket to hold your mp3 player on the back.Something to be aware of with this soother is that once the soother is attached to the crib it is difficult to access the pocket on the rear.Instead of having to tie the soother to the crib there is a simple adjustable clip. I love this feature! I no longer have to bother with ties that come loose or are impossible to untie. I no longer have to worry about the choking hazard of loose ties. The clip is easy to use and easily adjustable. I have even brought this soother downstairs and attached it to a play-mat and the back of a kitchen chair, depending on where we were going to be spending a lot of time.This soother is soft, so there is no danger of self injury. As a mother of boys I guarantee that if there is a way to hurt themselves they will find it.The soother itself is very engaging. The different layers display the mellow lighting beautifully and the animal faces are adorable. My baby can’t get enough!

Patrice Strunk, KY


Well I would love to write an awesome review but this product came NOT working. It would turn on, play music for 5 seconds and then just shut off. I tried pressing the buttons, changed the batteries, tried the mp3 part and NOTHING. I am following the directions (not like they are hard to follow) and nothing is working. What a pile of crap, I really wanted to love this and maybe if the company sends me a new one that actually works I’ll have better luck but for now I’m extremely annoyed and agitated by this crappy crib soother.

Carolina Mc Coy, CO

MP3 player doesn’t work

I only used the MP3 player like twice. After that it doesn’t work. It will randomly switch to MP3 mode sometimes if it’s plugged in but does not switch on. It’s very annoying because that’s the whole reason I bought this and now it’s too late to return! I see others have had this same issue. There are only a few songs and they aren’t very good. I would not recommend this product.

Karin Jackpot, NV


so I was so excited to buy this for my little girl but I am a little disappointed. Firstly it looks cheaper than it does in the pictures. Its just a screen with some pictures behind it. Secondly, I really wanted this to hook it up to my mp3 player so that I didn’t have to listen to the same nursery rhymes over and over again. the website made it seem really easy, plug in your mp3 player and away you got. this is not the case, I have been able to get it to work once and that’s it. It got 3 stars bc my little girl loves it even if I don’t.

Leila Hinton, VA

Baby loves the lights!

My son who is 2 months old sometimes has a hard time falling asleep if I put him down for bed when he’s still awake. The lights on this make a world of difference! He no longer cries, he just stares at the lights and they lull him to sleep! The only thing I don’t like is that it only lasts 20 minutes. Sometimes it takes him longer to fall asleep and he starts crying when it goes off.

Michele Dresden, KS

LOVE IT! Great for convertible cribs.

I could not find a crib toy that would fit my convertible crib. The fisher price ones with the plastic straps do not fit, they are too small. This one not only fits, but my daughter LOVES it! She smiles and laughs for a while, then falls peacefully to sleep. I do think it could be a little loud for some babies, my little one is not bothered by noise when falling asleep so this wasn’t an issue for us.

Charity Harvard, MA

Great product!

My little loves this soother. She is now able to turn it on by herself by touching the lady bug. In the morning time I walk in her room and she has this soother on. It gives me an extra 15 minutes before getting her out of the crib in the morning. Love it and highly reccomend this product!

Bobbie Hastings, NY

Great soother

I have purchased the Lamaze soother in the hope that I could get my 5 month’s old daughter to unwind and fall asleep on her own and not that I give it all the credit but it sure does relaxes her. The option to use the lights without music is great and the fabric is definitely a plus now that she reaches and grasps it. The ladybug in front is another nice bonus and she is now able to turn it on by herself. Overall another good product from Lamaze.

Liza Fairmount, IN

We use it every night!!!

This was such a huge help the first few months after the birth of my son. And he still it to this day. Awesome!

Cheri Cloverdale, AL

Works well with my iphone 5

I bought this because of its ability to play my own music (lullabies, etc) as well as it’s soft frame just in case it got loose somehow, (which would actually be difficult because it is securely fastened with velcro). My 5 month old enjoys the lights and music, however it would have been better if the animals moved.

Jeri Plainville, IL

Baby loves it!

This has been in my granddaughter’s crib since she was 4 months old, and she loves it. At 7 months old, I have observed her trying to turn it on when the music stopped. She is at the age that she pulls on it, but the straps hold it firmly in place on the crib side. I like that there are different music selections to choose from, as well as different light settings. The nature sounds are nice, too.

Karen Sonora, TX

Cute concept but far from perfect

We got this after numerous problems with Fisher Price soothers. It is really cute and the lights definitely mesmerize my 12 month old. My issues with it are:1) The volume is too loud, even on the quieter setting.2) It would be more interesting if the animals moved.3) It doesn’t stay on for very long.4) It is difficult for my little guy to turn on by himself. He wrestles with it quite a bit and only about 1 out of 5 times is he successful in pushing the lady bug button.Because he does enjoy the lights, we have both this and a good old Fisher Price soother attached to our son’s crib. He is able to turn the FP one on by himself so that at least keeps him occupied as he’s settling himself for nap. One of the things that I do like about this one is that it is portable and we should be able to pack it and take it with us when we travel for the holidays.

Roslyn Blanch, NC

Super cute

We love the lamaze products. I loved the soft box and forest friends. It was difficult to find and a little pricey but it is now on it’s 2nd baby 🙂

Petra Gretna, LA

Really Cute Idea, Love the Option to Play Your Own Music

When my kids were babies, Fisher Price had an aquarium that hung on the crib, made bubbles and played music. I love it but the water kept going lower and lower (without a leak, just evaporation I guess). So when my step-son had a baby, I looked into crib toys. I found others that were similar with the water but decided, based on features and name brand quality reputation, to go with the Lamaze version.There is no water to evaporate and the edges are all soft, colorful, and enticing for babies (as far as I can tell!).I really like that even though it comes with programmed music, you can hook up your iPod and play a lullaby playlist. What a great idea!I like how it is shaped to visually tip downwards and the lights and movement are great. Once your baby gets a little eye/hand coordination, they can start it themselves.Highly recommended as a baby gift or for your own new bundle of joy!

Katherine Scranton, AR

Great Soother

I love this soother. It is super cute and well made. As others stated the characters don’t move. They are painted on the screen. The sounds are nice and not annoying. The batteries last a long time. I did notice as the batteries begin to wear down certain colors of lights no longer work (I can’t remember which colors right now). At first I thought it was broken but I replaced the batteries and it was good as new. I like the option to attach an MP3 player although I haven’t used that option so I don’t know how it works. The ladybug on the front is easy to push. My daughter was able to push (or kick) it at 3 months when she woke up in the middle of the night and it would put her back to sleep. So nice to not have to get up to turn it back on. Although when you push the ladybug the music only plays for 5 minutes. I wish it played for at least 10. Overall a great baby item.

Georgina Rocklake, ND

It does its job

I was going to buy that “other” brand crib soother that looks like an aquarium that has gotten good reviews… but I didn’t want to spend that much money.This one was a lot simpler than I expected. Nothing moves in it (For some reason, I was expecting the animals to move), it’s basically a very simple diorama with flashing lights, but it serves it’s purpose. I was able to place my crying baby in the crib, turn this thing on, and she would immediately quiet down and turn to stare at it. It only runs for 5 minutes before turning off, so sometimes my daughter would start crying when it shut off if she was still awake.My daughter eventually figured out how to turn it back on by pressing on the fabric ladybug, so now she can play it to her heart’s content.

Tisha Lewis, NY

Great product for crib

I like this product for the following reasons: it has soft edges, it turns itself off after 20 minutes, the light is very soft, not a harsh bright light, you can attach your own ipod or mp3 player to it for a variety of songs, but the best feature is that the strap is actually long enough to attach to my crib.I bought several other crib entertainment products but had to return them because the strap is just too small to fit around my (apparently extra thick) crib trim. I have on other by Baby Einstein that fits, but just barely and not where I originally wanted to put it.I would recommend this to everyone!

Juliette American Canyon, CA