Lamaze Discover the Sea Carousel Musical Crib & Floor Toy

Lamaze Discover the Sea Carousel Musical Crib & Floor Toy

The Discover the Sea Carousel is a grow-with-me soother that transitions with your child from a crib soother to a floor toy. The soother features a spinning face with peek-a-boo graphics, wobbly soft characters, and a night light. Modes include a soothing mode (length of music is set by parent or caregiver) and a child-activated play mode. Additional features include a universal crib clamp (attaches to all cribs) and a cry-activation sensor.

Main features

  • Cry-activated with adjustable sensitivity
  • Soothing, mobile-like motion
  • Grows with baby; becomes a developmental floor toy
  • Easy on-and-off universal crib attachment fits convertible cribs
  • Soft nightlight with peek-a-boo scenes

Verified reviews


My son Loves it

When i first set it on the crib I didnt think it was going to be a hit. But there were feature I didnt know about. There is a setting that you can set to where it automatically turns on if the baby fusses or begins to cry which is nice. My baby 5mo LOVES it. he like to grab the little crinkly creatures and watch it. I do however think it is very loud(the turning/spinning mechanism), is almost louder than the music when it is turned down, but my son doesnt seem to mind so…

Susana Brisbane, CA

Didn’t like the music.

I purchased this toy for the crib hoping that our son would play with this during the night (we’re waking up and turning the mobile on for him and we needed to buy a replacement Freddie). I was hoping to replace Freddie the Lamaze mobile with this toy. Unfortunately, this toy did not play the same music as Freddy and our son was not interested. We returned the carousel and purchased another Freddie.

Stacie Franklin Springs, NY

Cute but Not a Good Soother

My 4 month old is having trouble sleeping. My husband and I have a regular bedtime routine for her, she’s breastfed, not very fussy during waking hours, is real active when she is awake, but just has trouble sleeping through the night. She wakes up 4 or 5 times each night needing to be put back down. After reviewing many of the sleep soothers we hoped that this would do the trick because it can play up to 40 minutes. Unfortunately UP TO should be emphasized. After a couple of weeks of trial and error I’ve learned that it is better to just set the autocry function at 10 minutes as the 40 min funtion only works for the spinning and lighting mechanism, not the music. The sound of the motor is noticeable but not too loud if the music stays on but once the music stops it is annoying and keeps the baby up. We’ve tried replacing the batteries multiple times, but this machine sucks batteries up so much that one needs to change them out each night. My husband and I have gone back to just using the glow worm that plays music for 10 minutes, it is pretty helpful on the easier nights. As for the sitting up and playing aspect, my daughter loves that but if she grabs one of the characters the motor starts having issues. This could be made better.

Meagan Byron Center, MI

Pro’s outweigh the Con’s

Pro’s- Strap to attach is brilliant, no matter the size of the crib this thing fits. I even attached it to the front of the headrest during a long road trip. We have a crib with thick molding and found it almost impossible to attach a traditional mobile or theVtech – Soothe & Surprise Nature Lightthat someone bought us.- My daughter LOVES it. She loves the continuous mode and the spin and play mode. It also helped her learn to reach and grab (she is developmentally behind physically)- The back can be removed to turn it into a toy. This is a great toy to use during her physical therapy. She loves to grab the fish and spin it around.Con’s- the motor is a little noisy, but we, including my daughter, don’t mind it- batteries die pretty quick(we have found this to be true for most all her batteries operated toys), especially when you use it every night. Now that we use it only 1-2 times per week, we don’t change the batteries that often.- The timer and sensor worked great at first, now not so much.Honestly the most annoying thing is the battery life, but hey I think that batteries are just a part of raising a kid these days. Batteries are now our #1 shower gift. Duracell even sells a pack of batteries that comes with a mini screw driver. We keep the screwdriver in my daughter’s room with her first aid/medical stuff and grandma sends batteries with any care package 🙂

Tanya Columbia Cross Roads, PA

Cry Activation Feature Doesn’t Work & Batteries Die Fast

I was so excited when I ordered this for my baby. It plays 40 minutes of music and it is supposed to be cry activated. When my baby cries, you CAN’T miss it! My baby has a seriously strong set of lungs. With that said, even on the most sensitive setting, this thing will NOT turn on to crying! I even tried “crying” like my baby would, right next to the thing, and nothing! I am so disappointed. I called Lamaze/Learning Curve customer service about this issue and they really could not help unless I paid to have the item shipped back to them for a replacement (which I won’t because it’s fairly heavy and shipping is expensive – going to avoid buying Lamaze products from now on). If you’re buying this product for this feature, don’t rely on it working! It also has a pretty loud motor, though that doesn’t bother me as much, personally. Batteries last roughly five 40-minute plays, we went through one set of batteries in 36 hours. Overall, not the best purchase I’ve made.UPDATE: Characters stopped spinning completely after two weeks of use. Since I’d just changed the batteries the previous day (the unit required daily battery changes) I thought they may have died again and put in fresh batteries. This did not fix the problem. Luckily Amazon took this item back for a refund, it was so horrible I don’t want a replacement.

Karina Pierpont, OH