Lamaze Discovery Shapes Crib Gallery

Lamaze Discovery Shapes Crib Gallery

Grows with baby from a high contrast crib gallery to a unique floor puzzle. Discovering Shapes Crib Gallery is a great high contrast toy in the crib or during tummy time. High contrast patterns and primary colors stimulate baby’s vision. Each shape has its own unique sound to awaken auditory awareness. Smiling characters engage baby during tummy time play. As baby grows, remove the item from the crib to transform it into the Discovering Shapes Activity Puzzle. This puzzle introduces baby to problem solving experiences. Shape and picture matching promote cognitive and fine motor development. Bright colors and fun sounds stimulate baby’s senses. Clutching and holding shapes make little hands strong.

Main features

  • Shape and picture matching promote cognitive and fine motor development
  • Smiling characters engage baby during tummy time play, each with its own unique sound
  • Attaches to crib
  • Puzzle shapes fit neatly into the puzzle and won’t get lost
  • High-contrast patterns and primary colors stimulate baby’s vision
  • Grows with baby from a crib gallery to an activity puzzle^High contrast patterns and happy faced characters promote visual stimulation^Textures and sounds encourage exploration^Puzzle shapes fit neatly into the puzzle and won’t get lost^Shape and character identification encourage problem solving

Verified reviews


Daughter does not play with it

I bought this as a present for my 9 month old daughter based on the reviews I saw here on Amazon, but I have to admit I am somewhat disappointed in the toy. The shapes do not fit into the spaces well and the toy in general does not seem to interest her. She has about a dozen books, some cardboard and some cloth, and likes to play with most of them but never this one. Perhaps it is intended for a younger child, but I would suggest going with one of the soft books that has a story and has activities (flaps to lift etc.) on each page. Her favorite is the Lamaze Peek-A-Boo Forest which is also available from Amazon:;=UTF8&qid;=1359555563&sr;=1-1&keywords;=cloth+book

Hilda Scotland, GA

Like it but not for the price

Eye catching toy and my 3.5 month likes it so far, however think its not worth the money. Might make a nice gift.

Therese Centreville, MS

a little too late

i should have gotten this earlier instead of later. i put this up in her playard and she’ll cruise over to it and yank on the animals but that’s about it. she quickly got bored with it. she’s much more into bells and other things that she can hold and manipulate.

Rochelle Bethel, MO

Good toy but doesn’t hang well in crib

Visually, this toy is a hit with my 4 month old. We hung it in his crib so that he could occupy himself (which gives us a couple extra minutes of sleep in the morning). Unfortunately it does not hang as well in the crib as I thought it would. If you face the black and white side so that he can see it, the ties are at the top and it hangs just fine. However in order to have the colorful animal side face out, the ties are at the bottom which makes the entire thing tilt at an angle. It doesn’t seem to bother my son but all they had to do is add a second set of ties and this would be the perfect crib toy.

Miranda Sagamore, PA

Only hangs one way.

I ordered this for something my infant would look at when she woke up in her crib. The thing only has two ties on the black and white sides. It would have been smart to add ties to all four corners because if you attach it to the crib the colored side is upside down and not as interesting. Disappointed. Design flaw. booooo

Marie Montmorenci, IN

ok product

well made ..but my baby doesnt care for it has never been able to capture his attention …it only makes sense if u tie it to a crib ..not like the baby in the picture sitting and playing..that picture is very deceiving ..

Claudine Dugway, UT

Doesn’t hang both ways correctly.

This has two sides so you can switch the product for a different side as baby gets bored. However, when hung up on my LO’s crib, only one side has the picture facing the correctly (the contrast colors side). When I hang it up with the other side exposed, the pictures are all upside down. The only way it would work is if I tied it to the crib so that the item is laying flat on the crib mattress, but that is a safety hazard. I’m not impressed. They should have flipped the pictures or added ties to both sides so that it could be hung properly.

Bettie Cokercreek, TN

Most favorite!

My baby is 5 months old and since day 1, he has loved this more than any other toy, rattle, anything he could look at and play with. I don’t know what his fascination is with this little book, but this was the BEST money ever spent. He can spend 30 minutes just looking at this, pulling at the things that come out, and seeing what happens. it is amazing! This is a must purchase! This goes with him daily to grandma’s house (she keeps him while we work). I thought he would get bored with it, but he is now actually pulling the little animals out of their place. He has looked at this since he we got him home from the hospital. We would keep it on the black and white side a lot.

Shanna Mona, UT

Dud with flaws

As others have said, the puzzle pieces do not fit into their spaces. That totally ruins half the purpose of this toy. And you cannot tie it to the crib with the animal scenes right side up. I laid it flat in my sons crib so he could play with it and it just took up space. I bought it because the concept of a soft puzzle for crib play was good, but it didn’t work very well. If you want a book, buy a book, but I would not recommend this. Lamaze makes a soft book with the same animals as used in this toy, called Peekaboo Forest, and it is really useful and cute.

Katelyn Mesquite, TX

Great concept, probably better for an older child.

This toy is very attractive with colors, patterns, and the charms make little noises. I think my newborn (4 mos) is too young to appreciate all of it, but will keep it for when she is a little older.

Constance Eaton, CO

Great learning toy for newborn and up

This is a great product and a great price. I was really looking for a learing toy for at the time my 1 and a half month old and im glad I found this. He loved looking at the black and white side right when I held it in front of him.It keeps his interest and he thinks its funny. Now that he is 3 months old he likes to reach for the puzzle pieces and when I put them in his hand he likes to chew on them, which is just fine on them. He also really likes to watch us put the puzzle pieces in and out of there place. They stay in good when they are put in and all make a differant little noise or squeak. I would recommend this for any newborn, its a great 1st learning toy.

Tamika Greenville, CA

Good product

We bought this as an introduction to puzzles and problem solving for our 7 month old and we have been pleased with how he as taken to it. As with all Lamaze products it is well made and illustrated and allows your wee one to work on their detailed manipulation.I have gun this 4 SARS because the shapes do not tend to stay in there allotted holes and my wee boy gets frustrated by this

Marva Benson, MN

Delivery came from China – not worth the wait

This wasn’t as great as I thought it was going to be sadly. I don’t understand how Amazon can offer 2 day shipping, then I find out something comes from China. If I would have known it was coming from China I wouldn’t have purchased it. The toy arrived and it has a strange smell to it. I need to air it out and febreeze it before I give it to my child.

Ollie White Haven, PA

My kid loves this!

Great toy! I got this when my baby was 3 months and she still loves it and uses it at a year. I recommend the peek a boo book by lamaze too.

Adrian Big Bar, CA

Very colorful!

Love the colors of this toy and the different crinkly and squeaky noises built into the animals. My son really is attracted to the colors of it and once he’s a little older, I am sure he will enjoy it that much more.

Abbie Stanardsville, VA

Just as it looks in picture

This has been my 4 month old’s favorite toy for a couple of weeks now. Nice and bright, love the matching exercise.

Katy Arvin, CA

Fun toy!

My son loves this toy. We have it in his crib right now and he likes playing with it before he falls asleep.

Callie Boring, MD

Good crib toy

We tied this to the slats of our baby’s crib (once he could sit up and roll over) and he plays with it as he’s going to sleep or once he wakes up. It’s not too noisy or stimulating but it’s entertaining enough to keep him busy. A good purchase.

Brittany Albia, IA

i love it

my boy love this book, well he bites on it alot too, its soft and nice and the back and front has pics which i love

Darlene Cary, MS

Eh. Not amused

I like it more than my son does. He was 9 months when I got it, is 10 months now, and has never showed much interest in it. He likes his other book toys, peekaboo by Lamaze is his favorite!

Flora Valier, IL

Doesn’t attach to crib well

The product is brightly colored and has different shapes that baby can experiment with, but it doesn’t attach well to the crib. There are a couple of oddly placed yellow strings that are supposed to tie onto the crib slats, but they don’t keep the panel from sliding down to the level of the crib mattress. This is a crib toy that will have to wait until baby is a little older before it can go into the crib safely.

Lawanda Almont, MI

Great for developing child.

My daughter loves this book. It has lots of stimulating colors. I would recommend for developing little ones. She loves playing with the individual shapes. She’s not quite old enough to know to place them in the slots but it won’t be long.

Katrina Stow, MA

I was 50/50 on it until

I realized he liked the black and white pattern more then the colorful side at 3 months. he will sit there and lay in his crib staring at it till he falls asleep, quite helpfulonly reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is the strings that tie it to the crib are a little hideous, would have prefered something a little more blending in or neutral like white or black

Jeanine Horace, ND

Nice for a baby !

It’s cute and functional .

Keisha Bridgewater, NJ

My twins love love this book

We received this book as a gift and my 3mo twins love this book. I can prop them in my lap and ‘they seem to be mesmerized by the book.

Kelly Waverly, PA

Baby loves this toy

Soft, washable and can be used from newborn for visual to toddler age. I bought the hard cardboard visuals too which are good only first three months.

Renee Spottsville, KY

Baby loves this!

Our six-month-old loves this. We have it on the b/w side, but he loves to look at the images and pull on the animals. He began to enjoy it at three months, and it doesn’t seem to have gotten old!

Krystal Fort Irwin, CA

Cute book, good quality

The book is nice and the workmanship seems pretty good. Each of the pieces that are attached well and they make noises either krinkly, or rattly, or whatever. We like it and feel it was worth while.On the downside there’s just a few minor things to mention. Our 6-month-old is only barely interested in it sometimes and would rather play with other toys. He liked the box it came it much more than the book itself (Isn’t that what always happens?). There are some annoying yellow strings that hang off it all over the place for attaching it to a crib and they just get in the way. Also the pieces don’t stay in the openings made for them very well. You can barely get the pieces in and then they fall out immediately.

Thelma Dustin, OK

my baby LOVES this! Even at 10 months!

We’ve had this gallery on the side of my son’s crib since he was 4 months old. He would stare at it after waking and keep quiet for up to 15-20 minutes (definitely a rare occurance for him). As he got older and could roll around, he would roll over to it and bat at it. Now, he’s almost 10 months old and he consistently plays with this EVERY morning! Usually when I hear him wake up, I check the baby video monitor and he’s standing up, playing with this toy. He has a bunch of other soothers and toys attached to his crib, but this one is his absolute favorite. He loves the little round animal attachments, and grabs and bangs them. We have always left it on the black and white side. I thought I might only get a few months of mileage out of this toy, but it looks like its well worth the money! I only wish I had gotten it sooner, I bet he would have loved the contrasting images as a newborn.

Desiree Coeymans, NY

by baby likes it!!

and it does provide like 10mins of nice playing with it, jajajajajajaja, why is it that babies require to change their toys so rapidly!!! it takes longer for the parents to unwrap them!!!

Dionne Luebbering, MO