Lamaze Early Development Toy, Bill D. Beaver

Lamaze Early Development Toy, Bill D. Beaver

Bill D. Beaver is full of developmental features that capture baby’s imagination and stimulate the senses. Features an activity tail with mirror, ribbon, squeaky hammer, jingle and a fun, textured belly.

Main features

  • Activity tail with mirror
  • Squeaky hammer
  • Fun textured belly and jingle
  • Includes Lamaze Link for on-the-go play
  • Lamaze toys make great shower gifts

Verified reviews


Adorable… but that is about it

I ordered this beaver along with the elephant and the calamri, I am returning this one and the Calamri but keeping the elephant. The reason I ordered 3 is because we have one already I believe it is the butterfly one which my 5 month old loves. The beaver is cute and that is about it, once we got it out of the packaging there really isn’t much for the baby to play with, nothing really for him to pull on. When you attach it to the carseat, crib or stroller all the “entertainment” is on his tail and he can’t reach it. I was very disappointed with it because it is so cute. I would definitly reccommend the elephant and the butterfly one becaues they do have things to keep a child entertained.

Mandy Blomkest, MN

I love lamaze toys

And so does my 6 month old daughter this was a nice addition to our other lamaze toys, Mortimer is her favorite and then there is Captain Calamari, which she also loves! 5 stars!

Michell Skippers, VA

Poor quality

I have three other Lamaze toys (Firefly, Lion, Peacock) and this is the least favorite for two main reasons:-poor quality. Within 2 months the stitch holding the hammer in fell apart (with zero play, as the baby was only looking and not even grabbing at the toy yet), and at 7 months the entire seam along the back broke open. The first incident was just annoying, but the second is unacceptable. When the seam broke, all the stuffing came out and it could have easily been a choking hazard. I have contacted Lamaze about it, as the second break shows that it wasn’t an isolated incident, something with the construction of the beaver is wrong.-not as engaging as other Lamaze toys for earlier babies. It has the usual Lamaze additions (mirror, rattle, squeaker) but the way they are placed on the beaver is boring. The baby can’t really grab and bat at things as easily (as compared to the firefly or lion). I think this toy is more suited for older babies/toddlers, a 2year old I was watching was more engaged in this beaver because of the texture of its fur!

Mable Pine Grove, CA

Our second Beaver!

This has become my 7 month old sons go to toy. We lost the first one while shopping, on our way home I ordered another so that he would have it the next day. Thank you Amazon!!!!

Kathryn Columbus, NJ

kinda boreing compared to the other lamaze toys

I have several of these toys and this one is kinda boreing. The other toys have so many more colors and things to experience. However the toy is completly safe and compact. This is one of the toys we keep in the diaper bag because it has a mirror on the tail and it keeps her entertained when she starts to fuss in public. However, if your looking for a great all around toy lamaze has other ones that are better.

Ramona Wolcott, NY

Cute multi-sensory toy

Great toy for young infants to stimulate their senses with a variety of colors, textures, sounds, and tiny mirror. I got a kick out of it when my son was about 5 months old since he used to smile and giggle at it whenever I hung it in front of him. I’m not sure if he thought the beaver looked silly or if he was checking himself out in the mirror. Now that he’s a toddler, he’s a lot less interested in it than when he was a baby, but I attached it to the baby gate and he occasionally goes over to play with it.

Carol Fultonham, OH

Great Toy – Incredibly Durable!

Our daughter is a mini Hulk. You know that commercial for “Up All Night”? Where the parents are wrestling with the baby? Yeah. Us since day one.We’ve had this since she was about 7 months old (she’s ~14 months now) and Bill has stood up to multiple washings, hours of play time and one unfortunately incident of being run over by a Subaru Outback (oops).GREAT toy!

Bobby Kempton, IL

Great Entertainer!

This building Beaver is adorable! The colors, squeaker, contrast, mirror, and taggies! They are wonderful and My 3 month old loves his!

Chelsea Canton, MA