Lamaze Early Development Toy, Dee Dee the Dragon

Lamaze Early Development Toy, Dee Dee the Dragon

Full of developmental features that capture baby’s imagination and stimulate the senses. Features crinkle wings, ribbon, soft textured tummy, rattle, and mirror tail.

Main features

  • Crinkle wings
  • Ribbon
  • Soft textured tummy
  • Rattle
  • Mirror tail

Verified reviews



The dragon has a rattle that hangs from the hand….originally I really liked all the features but when baby is shaking the toy vigorously this rattle turns into more of a mace and hits really hard. We had to cut it off for safety reasons. After we cut it off we love the toy. The mirror on the tail is my daughters favorite component….I just feel that I shouldn’t have to butcher a toy to make it safe.

Kristine Harrells, NC

Interesting Lamaze Product

I have made a habit of ordering Lamaze toys for my daughter. She greatly enjoys this (as an astrological water dragon) but something about it makes it feel of slightly lesser quality than the typical Lamaze. Perhaps developed for another country?

Meagan Warrenton, MO

Dee Dee is so cute!

I was so in love withLamaze Play and Grow Rusty the Robot Take Along Toythat I immediately had to buy my baby girl more friends to play with! Dee Dee is so freaking cute with her dorky teeth and colorful body! She is not quite as educational as Rusty but I think Dee Dee will be just as fun for her to grow with and be BFF’s with in the end!BTW we now have addedLamaze Early Development Toy, Captain Calamari] and [[ASIN:B000I2MRLK Lamaze Play and Grow Jacques the Peacock Take Along Toyto the crew!!!

Judi Holdrege, NE

Love the Toy Dee Dee the Dragon

This Dragon is very CUTE !!! My baby loves it even i love it too : ) Easy to take along w you … i even bought Prince Lance, Princess Sophie, and the Story Book for them : )

Eva Fombell, PA

Dragon for my Dragon Baby

My daughter was born in The Year of the Dragon, inspiring a dragon theme in her nursery. Because there is not a lot of baby dragon items out there, I purchased this dragon toy to go with the "theme." At 9 months, she still plays with this toy, as I have it attached to her car seat.

Constance Hunt, TX

Great lamaze toy

We bought a very large selection of the lamaze developmental clip toys for our son when he was born and Dee Dee was the one he gravitated the most to. She’s a beautiful pink and her wings crinkle loudly. Her legs are a fuzzy felt and she has a great little rattle. Her tail has a piece of reflective paper in it but you really can’t see anything when you look at it. She was a great addition to the collection.

Graciela Marble Hill, GA

Perfect for babies.

Our 6mo baby girl loves her Lamaze dolls, they’re the perfect size for her to handle and have all the features she enjoys: they have bright colors, bitable bits, and crinkle when she handles them, this one even has a little mirror on it’s tail.

Debbie Versailles, CT


my son loved this toy. He especially loved the rattle ball the dragon is holding. Unfortunately he ripped the ball from the dragon’s hand. We kept the rattle ball around for several more months because he still played with it. Now my daughter plays with this toy.

Clarice Walford, IA

This is his favorite toy

My baby loves this! He likes all the different textures and colors and will play for ten minutes at a time (that’s forever for a six-month-old) with his dragon. I often worry about fabric toys’ stitching but despite being gnawed on for months it is still sound.

Eileen Hoboken, GA

Great baby toy, but one big issue…

Our daughter loves Dee Dee. The crinkle wings and mirror tail keep baby entertained. Also, the attachment ring is great for connecting to plastic rings to use when out with baby.I did have one big issue however. The rattle that is attached to the dragon’s right hand is made of rather hard plastic. Also, (as you can see in the pictures) the edges of the rattle are dull, but mirror a ‘spiked’ rattle. My biggest worry was that like most babies, my daughter would grab this toy and swing it back and forth as she plays and perhaps hit herself in the eye/face/head. I can tell you that the plastic rattle ball attached to Dee Dee is hard enough that if that happened it would definitely leave a mark and cause some tears. I was concerned enough that I actually cut the string attaching the rattle portion to Dee Dee to avoid any possible self inflicted injuries.

Amanda Wheatland, IN

Just OK

I’m not sure what the big deal is with these Lamaze take-along toys. They are pretty cheap looking, and my baby was not particularly interested in it either. She mostly just chewed the mirror, which caused the reflective coating to scratch off. Yuck. There are better toys out there. We prefer lovies or soft books for the car. Tiny Love also makes excellent stroller bars that are way more fun for about the same price.

Kathie Preston, ID

Son born year of dragon

Not able to find this locally but was shipped from the UK and arrived in 4 days! My son was born the year of the dragon and loves the other Lamaze toys. He loves this one as well. Safe for children under 1.

Jeannine Larslan, MT

Too big.

Too big for car seat – works okay to dangle from a swing. Doesn’t jitter or pull down which was the point for me.

Latoya Greenbrae, CA

Cute dragon 🙂

I got Dee Dee the Dragon for my daughter for Christmas. She really like it. There are really good sensory features like crinkles, mirrors, rattles etc. and it’s also really soft and cute.

Brenda Greenville, GA

Daughter’s choice

This is the first toy that my daughter grabbed and liked. I sort of had to get it at that point. It’s really cute, we named him ‘Ruffles’ because he has ridges on his belly. The only cons about this toy is the ring at the back of his neck is starting to come un-stitched and secondly, this toy is not washable in the washing machine, it’s damp cloth wash only. That doesn’t exactly help when your daughter projectile vomits up 8oz of formula all over the toy. The felt just doesn’t look the same. Overall I’m happy with it because my daughter loves it.

Lilly Melvin Village, NH


Super cute, not too big, not too small. Wasn’t sure what size to expect when I ordered it, I didn’t read the fine print, but this is just the right size for a little one that can start to hold things. Has the noisy tissue inside the wings, an attached rattle, can be attached to a crib, car seat, etc. Very nice colors and seems to be me made of high quality material. I bought this for my not yet born baby girl, it was too cute to pass up….this being the year of the dragon. She won’t get to play with it for some time, but having had other kids, I can safely bet this will be a favorite.

Doris Lilliwaup, WA

cute and multifunctional…

I love Lamaze toys in general. I think this company makes high quality and well designed toys and offers them at fair prices. This is how my little one entered the world of toys. We have dee-dee dragon, captan calamari, octopus and various other small soft toys from lamaze. We put them close to my son’s bed a few weeks after he was born. You can also attach them to the crib or the stroller using the top white circle which is a plus.It took a month or so for my son to show interest to these colorful toys. This is probably because of the fact that newborns can only see, black-white and red properly until they get a few months old. But after that he really enjoyed playing with this one and the other lamaze toys. There are many different colors and each part feels different to touch (rough, smooth, squeaky or fluffy…) Besides it has a rattle (the purple ball like thing it holds). So it offers audiovisual plus tactile stimulation.For proper brain development, experts recommend offering as many age-appropriate stimulus as you can and that helps smooth integration to the surrounding world too. Apart from the rattle bit and the white circular bit, which is rounded, there is no hard plastic, so it is very unlikely that a baby can hurt himself while playing with that.It is easy to clean and it should be cleaned often. I have tried surface rubbing with vinegar for routine cleaning and besides that every once in a few months I put it in washing machine (inside a T-shirt or sweater) and I have not experienced any damages at all (I have High efficency machine).There are toys, one would like to keep it as memorabilia of his/her baby’s first days, this one can be a good candidate for that spot.

Carrie Chester Springs, PA

It helps my little one busy…

This keeps my little one busy during my thirty minute commute.I love that it clips on the car seat handle and the stroller.

Lynne Hermitage, PA


This was so cute. My daughter loved playing with this. I would attach it to her carrier. It would be a great gift for a baby shower.

Ada Williamsburg, IA

My Baby Loves this thing!

Love all the different textures on this product! I hung it on the play mat and my baby loves to grab and shake it. Received just what I ordered.

Susie New Columbia, PA

Love DeeDee

Love this product nice size, colorful with a variety of textured for baby to enjoy, crunchy, rattle and comes with a take along clip.

Ursula Waldport, OR

Best toy for my young baby

My baby did not start grabbing toys early. We have been waiting while trying to teach him to reach out to a bunch of colorful toys. None of them had him interest enough to really reach out for. This pink little dragon was given at baby shower and it was the one that my baby like the most. He would stop crying when we shake it in front of him in the car. And guess what, it was the first toy he ever had enough interest to reach out and explore (4 months old). I was really glad. After that for days before he started grabbing on other toys solidly. I will buy another Lamaze soft toy today!

Daisy Mexico, PA


Dee Dee is adorable. I love her and my daughter does too! I have the princess and the moose too. All are equally adorable but each are a little different so it’s fun to change them up. Easy to take with us and to play with at home. I would highly recommend the dragon!

Francesca San Luis, AZ


My 2 month old loves it. I hang it on her swing and she stares and smiles at it all the time.

Summer Roll, AZ

Baby girl, 5 months, LOVES it

She smiles every time she sees her dragons toothy grin. She likes her Sir Prance a Lot, and the Peacock, too, but the Owl wasn’t impressive, apparently. Lamaze toys are the best!

Tonya Davenport, FL

added to the collection

I have a few other lamaze toys and this one is one of her favorites. She loves the mirrored tail and chews on the tail constantly. We did however have to cut the ball off of it, she managed to hurt her eye swinging it around and I didn’t want to chance her getting hurt again. Other than that we love it.

Francine Lehi, UT