Lamaze Early Development Toy, Olivia the Owl

Lamaze Early Development Toy, Olivia the Owl

The latest Play and Grow friend, Olivia the Owl, features an activity mirror mobile, squeaker, crinkle wings, rattle and leaf teether.

Main features

  • Activity mirror mobile
  • Squeaker
  • Crinkly wings
  • Rattle
  • Leaf teether

Verified reviews


Super Cute Toy

I bought this as a Christmas gift for our 4 month old daughter. We put it on her car seat and she loves it. It makes her smile and occupies her while in the seat. She loves the green leaf to chew on and now at 5 1/2 months she is figuring out how to squeak the blue toy and turn the other toy to look in the mirror. We get a lot of compliments on her as well. People are always asking where she came from. Even my 3 year old is interested in her. Olivia is a great toy and worth the purchase.

Queen Brodnax, VA

Love the dangling squeaker, mirror, and chew leaf features

Too bad Lamaze isn’t making this toy anymore. My baby LOVES it because of all the dangling toys. It seems like all the newer Lamaze toys don’t have this feature. This has been my baby’s favorite toy since she was about 3 weeks old (she’s 3.5 months now). Please start making options with the dangly toys again!! We need a few more options at our house!

Bobbi Deweyville, TX

Our 3 month old loves olivia

We’ve been so pleased with how our baby has responded to Olivia the owl. He shows genuine interest and it sustains his attention for 3-4 minutes at a time. When we shake it to make it ring, he will smile.Very cute toy.

Dixie Mount Blanchard, OH

Big Owl!

Olivia is larger than expected as other reviewers have mentioned, but the size is ideal to hang from the carseat because baby can actually reach the toy and it dangles in front of baby’s face. My son is 5.5 months and he enjoys chewing on the teethers. Before Olivia came along, Jacque the Peacock was hanging from the carseat, but baby didn’t have as much interest because Jacque didn’t hang quite as low. Overall, nice toy for 4-6 month olds.Update 11.11.11Baby is now 7 months and still loves Olivia and her teethers 😛 Great toy for 4+ months. And Olivia still is hanging from the carseat.

Barbra Mcclusky, ND

5 month old LOVES this toy

I spied this at USA Baby and just grabbed it because I love owls. Normally, I’m the kind of person who spends a lot of time searching for reviews before buying something. I’m so glad I bought it when I did though, because my baby girl loves it!!! It can literally entertain her for a good hour (which as any parent knows, is like a lifetime!) The loop to hang the toy to strollers or whatever she can get her arm through, and that’s a good thing because that means she can’t throw it. She loves the crinkly wings and loves to shake it back and forth to hear the bells jingle. We also haveLamaze Mortimer the Moose, and she likes it, but not as much as Olivia the Owl. =)

Serena Quantico, VA

Olivia was a huge hit with my baby!!

One of the best purchases I bought for my newborn! But then again, just about anything “Lamaze” is fabulous! Highly recommended by my child… Olivia won’t disappoint!

Mina Dodge, ND

Super cute

My daughter loved this toy when she was about 6 weeks old and on. She goes through phases of being into certain toys and Olivia is often in the rotation. She seems to enjoy the appendages and likes to look at the face.I am deducting one star because I just feel like this thing is a bit too big…any time I tried to hang it it would be so big it would hit baby in the face. I love all the Lamaze toys (great colors, fabrics, interesting crinkles and squeaks) but wish they were like half the size.

Wilma North Blenheim, NY

Great Toy – Hones Grasping skills

My 2.5 month old daughter used this toy constantly to grasp… its attractive and long enough. teh colors are nice and its a tall toy…

Toni Pahala, HI

Daughter loves it!

I attached this toy to my car seat to provide entertainment to my daughter when we are driving around (she no longer sleeps while in the car). She LOVES car rides so much more now. She previously would cry out of boredom but now Olivia jingles from the car motions and provides interesting crinkly noises when grabbed. Several other mothers have seen her and bought a Lamaze toy off of Amazon after seeing Olivia.Can’t rave more about this toy!

Colette Bisbee, ND

So Cute, My son loves this

I love owls and I love Olivia. I bought this for my son before he was born and started giving it to him around 2 1/2 months old. He loves the owl. I can hand this to him and he will play with it or I have strapped it to his stroller for on the go trips and hung it from his play gym. He consistant goes to this toy and it is in his top 3 favorite small toys. Colors are great, very true to image. The dangling green leaf is a teether, it also has a dangling mirror. He will grab any of the dangling items but most often when reaching up for it grabs onto the branch the owl sits on. I like that it has multiple areas for his grasp.

Tracy Caribou, ME