Lamaze Early Development Toy, Sir Prance A Lot

Lamaze Early Development Toy, Sir Prance A Lot

Lamaze Early Development Toy, Sir Prance A Lot

Main features

  • Squeaky knight
  • Clacking rings
  • Knottie activity legs
  • Jingle
  • Crinkle

Verified reviews


My Grandbaby’s FAVE toy!!!!

Out of all the very many toys I researched and ordered for my infant grandbaby, this one was the Best! She loved it the most out of all the crib hanging toys. It goes every where baby goes! It’s a great toy for crib, car seat, stroller, walker and every place in between. It has been easy to keep clean and sanitize. The toy has held up to alot of usage and still looks new. We have had no safety issues with this toy. I highly recommend it and glad I bought it.

Patrice Madison, CT

Get the peacock

I wanted to like this toy, but it’s a little disappointing, and my 6 mo old agrees. It’s big and squishy, but the only squeaker is in the knight, and it’s really quiet and hard to squeak. The head has a big hard spot that makes a jingle when you shake it, the body just krinkles like the feet. There’s not enough variety in this toy to be stimulating. It needs a big squeaker like in Jacque the Peacock. My baby LOVES that one, which has all that this toy has, and more: Contrast patterns on the back, with bright colors on the front, A good face with big eyes (The horse’s eyes are one on each side), a good squeaker, and layers of reinforced krinkle for good chomping.

Dollie Whittemore, IA

Lamaze infant toys are great

The first infant toy we purchased for our son four years ago was Lamaze’s Freddie Firefly. He and we loved it so much that Sir Prance A Lot is the first toy we purchased for our new daughter. We also bought some other Lamaze plush toys, and they’re all fantastic. Simple, safe, but very novel for infants exploring their senses. Highly recommend

Briana Creighton, MO

love it!

Lots of different textures and sounds. Keeps my son entertained in the car and my older daughter plays with it too!

Katy Grafton, VT

Love Sir Prance A Lot

My 3 1/2 month old loves this toy the best. She loves to grab his feet and put them in her mouth. It isn’t too long that it doesn’t fit on other play gyms. THat is a problem I have found with some of the Lamaze toys. I wish there were more like Sir Prance A Lot. Plus I love the name!

Bobbie Ennis, TX

Fantastic Baby Toy!

My 5 month-old daughter LOVES this toy. If you hold it from the ring at the top, it can function like a marionette puppet. We also have the firefly and the peacock, but this one is her favorite. It’s a gorgeous, well-constructed, and stimulating toy.

Rachelle Tiff, MO

Great little toy

this is great, I have it hooked on the play yard and it gets played with a lot. You can also attach it to a car seat.

Alta Baldwin, GA

It’s a love story

My 3mo son has been in love with Sir Prance A Lot since he first laid eyes on it, a few weeks old.Now that he’s strong and agile enough to do so, he’ll spend 10-15 minutes sitting peacefully, shaking the toy, licking it, eating the crinkly feet, sucking on the helmet feather. We love this toy!

Willa Rio Grande, PR

Love Lamaze Toys!

My son loves all of his Lamaze toys – we have Captain Calamari, Stretch, and Sir Prance A Lot. He is almost 9 months and has been playing with them from the beginning. I don’t know if this is recommended by Lamaze, but I toss them in the washer and let them air dry. They are super easy to clean which makes them great to take in the car or on trips. These toys are always much cheaper on Amazon.

Lori Blue Mounds, WI

Love the Lamaze toys

My daughter has two Lamaze toys and she loves both of them. Sir Prance A Lot is very cute and she especially likes the tail rings.

Caroline Florence, VT

great for babies

i have no comments that could take away from these Lamaze toys.all of the different sensory points on this one is great – squeaker in the knight, crinkle & stripes in the hooves, jingle in the head, tags all over, and rings that clang together (and according to my baby are wonderful to chew on) make this such a useful developmental toy!we also purchased Jacques the Peacock and Eddie the Elephant who i had hoped my baby would’ve enjoyed because they were all so cute but this horse was his favorite.

Jenna Jachin, AL

Perfect for babies.

Our 6mo baby girl loves her Lamaze dolls, they’re the perfect size for her to handle and have all the features she enjoys: they have bright colors, bitable bits, and crinkle when she handles them, got her a Dragon + Princes + Knight set and she loved them!

Mallory Munising, MI

Cute toy

After reading such great reviews, I ordered this toy for my 6 month old son. He initially played with it quite a bit, although mostly chewing on the rings. After a week, he still plays with it, but not any more than his other toys. I have to admit, I was hoping he would play with this a lot more. It’s still a nice toy though, very bright colors, and the perfect size for little hands.

Robin Bendavis, MO

Very Basic

My son is very curious and I had hoped something about this would appeal to him but it was very base and he really does not even pay attention to it, unfortunately. It is cute enough and well made but it just does not attract my child.

Luella Paulden, AZ

Five Stars

All Lamaze toys have been fun, colorful and entertaining for our little one.

Renee Como, CO



Mabel Prairie Home, MO

So cute!

My son is just now getting really into toys, and this is one of his favorites! It is so cute and has a lot of entertaining variety – crinkly, different fabrics, the rings on the tail are different textures, the little knight squeaks… He loves it, and it is nice that it travels well and is such good quality!

Connie Bayview, ID


My 3-month old baby loves looking at this horse, grabbing it, putting it in his mouth.Well made, looks great. We both love it 🙂

Ethel East Greenwich, RI

Super cute

I would love to buy all the Lamaze products, they are great for babies… My son loves it, it’s the perfect toy to take

Karina Cartersburg, IN


My grandson’s favorite toy. Reasonably priced and shipped quickly.

Renee Winona, KS

Baby adores this

This is one of the best 12 bucks I have ever spent in my life. My baby simply adores this toy. I never thought he will hang on to any toy for so long. It has been 4 months since I got this my baby is 7 months now and this is still his favorite. The designer of the toy has been so thoughtful of the colors, patterns, fabric material etc so well. My baby has got amused with every little thing dangling from the toy even today. He looks at it as if he is looking at it for the very first time. Love it when I see my baby get amused.

Benita Skippack, PA

Absolute favorite!

This has become my son’s absolute favorite toy! He started out with the crinkling feet when he was just a few weeks old and still loves to chew on the rings on the tail now that he’s nearly 8 months old. It goes with him everywhere and keeps him entertained on car trips.

Francesca Richeyville, PA


Once more, a terrific product from Lazame. Their baby toys are so colorful and fun for little ones. They fit to well over the handles of car seats, strollers, carriers. This one has lots of chewies on the tail and the ‘knight’ is in a perfect place for a young baby to grab easily. The feet make crinkly noises which my grandbaby loves and the tags on the saddle entertain him for ages.

Jo Hurley, NY