Lamaze Eddie the Elephant Play and Grow

Lamaze Eddie the Elephant Play and Grow

This plush pachyderm packs interactive, developmental features including a fun tummy squeaker, clinky rings, and knotted tail. As with all Play and Grow items, Eddie comes complete with a Lamaze link, making it easy to take with for on-the-go fun.

Main features

  • Interactive features
  • Portable clip
  • Tummy squeaker, clinky rings
  • Knotted tail
  • Lamaze makes a great gift

Verified reviews


Very cute an colorful

Green and purple are my favorite colors so I had to get this even though it’s for the baby 😉 It has several little extras for the baby to play with. I know she will love it. You can’t go wrong with these Lamaze toys! At the same time, I wouldn’t buy too many because they are mostly the same thing in different shapes.

Kristina Port Lavaca, TX

Great for Little Ones

The Lamaze line of products is great. I gave this as a shower gift. It’s soft and has a couple different textures that babies will enjoy grasping and chewing on. The different items attached to it are textured as well to help stimulate baby’s senses. The hook on top clips onto cribs, strollers, and car seats so you have a toy to entertain them no matter where you go!

Meredith Seward, NE

Love it!

This is the fourth Lamaze toy we have purchased and like the others our baby loves it! The teether is a nice bonus for our 7 month old- also love the vibrant colors and rings. Great toy!

Mitzi Forest Lakes, AZ

Great but not as good as the Firefly

I purchased the lamaze firefly a while back for my infant son. It has become his absolute favorite toy. I thought, Hey I will get another one from this series… He likes to chew on the rings but he doesn’t seem too terribly interested in it. He has just had it for a few days, however. I will re-review if anything changes.

Gena Lowman, NY

Great interactive baby toy

I love the Lamaze toys and have bought several of the different varieties. Each is great and interactive for baby to play with and learn at the same time. They are well made, hold up well, come with rings to easily attach to strollers/car seats. I would recommend several of these toys to any parents with young babies.The only thing that would make these better is if they could find a way to make them machine washable for when they get dirty! That would be soooo helpful!This elephant version is cute and contains a teether that baby loves and some rings to play with. This is not my favorite of the Lamaze toys, but is definitely one to consider.

Beatrice Weare, NH

Eddie the Elephant is my sons favorite toy!

My son has had this toy since he was 3 months and he is now 7 months and this is still his favorite! There is just to much to this toy. There are so many different colors and textures and sounds! His ears, trunk and the ends of his legs crinkle. He has a squeaker in his belly that always gets a laugh from my boy. One paw has a textured teether in the shape of a leaf and the other has 2 rings with different textures. There is a lots to touch and mouth. There is also a large clip at the top to make it easy to attach to car seats, bouncers, strollers, etc.Pros:- Lots of textures- Crinkle paper- Teether- Rings- Hook to attach to things- SqueakerCons:- None that I have foundMy son has loved this toy for 5 months now and I’m sure he will continue to love it for many more! I think it was plenty worth the $10 or $11 I spent on it! I would buy it again!

Deidre Livingston, MT


I bought this one and the giraffe for my son and originally connected both of them to his playmat since it had additionally spaces to hook toys to. He would just have a staring contest with the elephant. I then moved it and connected it to his carseat for when we go places and he does nothing but play with it in the car or while we’re walking around in a store. He is 4 months now and still loves to play with it. He loves the sounds of the crinkling that the ears make and his eyes always go huge with delight when you squeak it at him. I’m so glad I bought it for him.

Tammi Witmer, PA

great when he’s bored

We gave this to my son for Christmas when he was 3 months. He wasn’t interested right away, but started to be around 4 months as he could hold it better and move it around to feel and mouth different parts of the elephant. This is the toy I reach for now when he’s bored. It seems to entertain him the longest with different textures to feel and things to grab.

Edythe Scio, NY

more Elephants

I purchased this for my grand-daughter for her first Christmas, she is 11 mo. old and she just loves elephants. This is now one of her favorite travel toys, would give it 5 stars if it made a little more noise other than the squeaker. The dogs love the squeaker, I would recommend the Lamaze toys to anyone looking for fun durable washable baby toys.

Adriana Clarkfield, MN

Super cute!

Bought this as a baby shower gift for a friend who’s doing an elephant theme for her baby. The picture doesn’t do justice to how adorable this is! I love the teether and all the crinkly things on the elephant. I think her baby is gonna love it and she was so thrilled when she saw it.

Genevieve Bay Shore, MI


Our daughter really liked this one. It is well made and kept her entertained. The clip is well desinged and we like it all around.

Gertrude Blooming Glen, PA

Eddie Scores

Eddie the Elephant matches and delivers on the product description. My son was most intrigued by the squeaker…it really enticed him into interacting with the toy. He liked the crinkle sound of the ears, hands, feet and nose. The attachments don’t seem to hold much attraction for him but he is only a couple months old so as he grows and develops his motor skills, he may eventually find them more interesting.

Ola Stidham, OK

Son never really took to it

Eddie isn’t as vibrantly colored as other lamaze toys, and his textures not quite as well-defined. My son never really took to him.

Karen Avila Beach, CA


I ordered this one along with 2 others for my son, we already have the butterfly thing which he loves. I ordered more because I was tired of hooking the butterfly one to something then moving him and having to unhook it. This elephant has a varitey of entertainment on it for him to play with, plus it is cute

Marsha Cuddy, PA

very cute

Its elephants!!.. standard lamaze quality. bright colors and very appealing.I love elephants. hoping my daughter will love them too

Stephanie Jacks Creek, TN