Lamaze Foot Finders

Lamaze Foot Finders

Designed with high contrast colors and patterns to stimulate baby’s vision, the Lamaze High Contrast Foot Finders encourage baby to reach, grab and kick, all the while awakening and developing baby’s muscles. The perfect size for baby’s small feet, the baby-soft Lamaze foot finders also encourage the development of hand-eye coordination and reward baby with fun sounds.

Main features

  • Rattle encourages baby to reach and grab
  • Crinkle sounds
  • Soft and comfortable on baby
  • High contrast colors and patterns stimulate baby’s vision.
  • Ages birth and up

Verified reviews


Baby loves the crinkly one, but they don’t stay on

These woukd be great if the material had any stretchiness…they simply will not stay on–they are not even socklike (shaped like a foot).

Tamika Starkweather, ND


I realize now these are kind of pointless. I got excited when my daughter started noticing her feet whenever there was some kind of embellishment on the bottom of the pants she was wearing, so I figured these would really get her attention. They did. But we only used them a few times. It didn’t take too long for her to figure out where her feet were and to play with them constantly without help of “foot finders”. If anything, bare feet are way more interesting to her because they have toes! So I would suggest to everyone to just settle down and not waste your money on something you’ll use just a few times.As far as staying on – my daughter is HUGE (95th percentile) with the chubbiest legs and calves and although these were tight, they fit just fine. I think they would be better if they had some stretch to them, but we didn’t have any problems. They’d start to slide off after awhile but it was no big deal. And this is a girl who can’t wear boots because her calves are way too fat. Just don’t tell her that 15 years from now 🙂

Judith Winthrop, MA

They didn’t stay on

Nice idea and we just dangle it in front of our baby and he plays with it that way. I like the idea but there’s no elastic to it at all so he kicks his legs and they go flying off. I do like the Sassy 2 Piece Wrist Rattles Set Amazon sells although colors may vary and we ended up with the pink strawberry and bumble bee (we have a boy so we’d prefer every other one than that strawberry but it’s cool).

Kari Elmer City, WA

Used them for one day.

The high contrast design fascinates her. Beyond that I do not recommend this product. It didn’t fit her at three months old. They where not shaped for the feet so they fit awkwardly. They did not rattle loudly either.

Glenna Carmen, OK

Lots of fun for parents and baby

I got these for my own baby, but first used them with a visiting 3-month-old. She loved them so much, I have been buying them as a present for all my friends who recently had babies. Now my baby is old enough to enjoy them too, and loving every minute of it.I agree that the socks have very little stretch and no shape (just a tube), but once they got too small for my baby, I just cut the rattles off and sewn them onto socks that fit. This way we can keep using them for months to come, and get to mix up colors too.

Nita Creston, OH

Perfect for babies with really extra small feet.

My baby was 9 pounds at birth and 12 pounds at time of purchase but her lil feet hardly hold newborn size anything on them, she’s 2+ months now. These play socks stay on perfectly with just the right amount of tightness so she can work at actually being rewarded with pulling them off eventually once she masters that skill…however in the mean time they stay on her extra small feet perfectly all through our play session and boy does she love these…they really get her excited…especially the crinkly butterfly one…so don’t buy these if baby has larger feet than newborn size because these fit a baby smaller than that but they do have a small bit of leeway so I say newborn or smaller foot size these are perfect, otherwise go to babies r us you can find some with more of a stretchy material…these are not at all stretchy so they will either fit or they won’t…I love them. Ty Ty.

Rosalinda New Carlisle, OH

So cute!

The baby loves them. She especially loves to grab them and remove them from her feet! They are well made.

Justine Artesia, NM

Cute, but not practical

The socks don’t have any elasticity in them… at all. So when she kicks her feet they just fly off her feet. Also, the rattle noise could be louder to get baby’s attention a little better. Wish I hadn’t bought them.

Luella De Kalb, MS

Love ’em

Love this little foot finders. It seems cool when child reaches for the high contrast colors he actually can feel his own toes.

Stella Lynn, MA

Great idea!

I really liked these when I bought them while pregnant for my daugher. She "discovered" her feet about 2 weeks ago, so I immediately busted these out and put them on her feet. She could care less. Infact, if I put them on her, she waits until I take them off of her to go for her toes. She just wants the real little piggies, not these. I guess it’s just a risk, I’m sure some babies probably love them.

Janna Guyton, GA

cute socks

This was a gift for our niece. She loved them, the only sad part was that they grow out of them so quickly. They were exactly what we expected them to be…noisy play toys!

Jeanie Augusta, WV

Baby Didn’t Love…

I bought these for my 2 month old to try. She didn’t seem very thrilled with them. As a matter of fact, she hardly noticed them. I was not thrilled because they didn’t fit very well. They were tight on the elastic ankle part but were very loose on her foot.

Bernadette West Barnstable, MA

Great for visual stimulation

These socks are awesome for visual stimulation however they have no stretch to them so they don’t fit my son’s feet. Granted he does have larger feet for an infant, but theyt barely fit on him as a 4 wk old. So I use them on my fingers as puppets and he really likes them.

Kaitlyn Albany, IN


the items were fine, my children just were not interested in them much it was easier to just wait for them to find their feet on their own

Maureen Choctaw, AR

Poor quality

Ok, the idea is good, but the way it’s made is just awful. These are supposed to be put on baby’s feet – maybe on the baby that never ever moves? Is not like a real sock with a foot shape so it doesn’t stay on for baby to shake. And the material is horrific.

Deann Rockhill Furnace, PA

Good idea, but..

Good idea, but something got wrong. When they fit my newborn, she wasn’t really paying attention to them. Plus, the bugs were too heavy and made the socks to slip away. After 2/3 months she became interested in her feet, but by that time they didn’t fit anymore. The rattles would probably have been a better fit for us.

Jeannie Hathaway Pines, CA

Poor quality

I bought these because my daughter enjoys other Lamaze brand toys. She is 4 months old and pulled the butterfly straight off the sock, then ripped his wings off.

Elva Mc Cool Junction, NE

Love Them!

Put these on my 3 month old son today and I’ve never seen him kick his little legs and feet with excitement so hard! HE LOVES THEM! About 2 hours later I noticed that he was staring at his feet when the socks were off. This was the first time that he’s actually FOUND his feet. Highly recommend this item!

Vicky Sheffield, MA

Great Concept, But Many Flaws

~BACKGROUND~I purchased the set that includes these foot rattles, but in different colors -Lamaze Garden Bug Wrist Rattle & Foot Finder Setfor my 2 month old son to use in aiding his motor skill development.~PROS~- Cute and colorful eye catching designs.~CONS~- Foot rattles are hard to put on initially and then remain stretched out and too big.- Foot rattles are not designed like a sock with a curve to them. The are merely tubes of fabric. Perhaps this contributes to why they do not stay on very well?- Foot rattles keep coming off. There is minimal elasticity in the socks and they keep sliding down. Even over socks they just keep sliding down. When my son starts moving his feet around the rattles are hanging off or just come off altogether.- Rattles are a bit too quiet.- The foot rattles are a bit on the large side.~CONCLUSION~I think the it is a great concept, but definitely could be executed better.Unfortunately, my son does not really pay attention to any of rattles. This is strange because he loves looking at and touching similar looking toys.I would not recommend these and would recommend spending your money on something else.

Sonja Larchwood, IA

Baby loves it

It seems to be well thought through product when it comes to colors and what the baby likes. Our son seems to love them, grabs them frequently and gazes at them all the time. He gets only frustrated when he can’t manage to get them quite well to his hand.For me, as mom, they’re not so well thought through. They’re made out of non-stretchy cotton, so they don’t really fit snugly or well on the foot and they’re a bit too short. I think they could be made stretchy so they would fit snug, so they would not come off the foot, and about 1 inch longer.I don’t regret the purchase though.

Ina Salem, NJ

don’t stay on

I got these for my daughter when she was about 11 weeks. They are hard to get on her feet – they don’t stretch and are almost too small for her feet already. In spite of being hard to get on, she managed to kick them off in a matter of minutes. She never even noticed them and has since “discovered” her feet on her own.

Jill Miami, WV

Son likes to play with them, just don’t on his feet

Like others have mentioned, these things do not fit my kids’ feet. They are pretty useless as foot toys. Unless your kid has really tiny feet, skip this.

Beverly Ovapa, WV

Too tight and not elastic enough

These are a great idea, but they don’t even have the elasticity of regular socks and they are too small and too tight for my child’s feet. She was 2 months old when we first put them on her, and they barely fit over her cute little chubby legs. Now she’s 4 months old and grabbing for her feet, and these things don’t fit anymore! Waste of money – I should have just bought the wrist rattles and sewed them onto regular socks!

Maureen Bristow, VA

Foot Finders

They are not elastic to fit babies’ feet. I guess that’s how they stay on. They didn’t help my daughter to find her feet. I put them on her when I first bought them, but she didn’t notice them at all. She then found her feet herself and really showed interest in them. However, it’s kind of too late. They are now almost too small to wear!

Karla Orient, NY

These are OK.

They are a little hard to get on, I think using wrist rattles would have been more effective. The material isn’t shaped like a sock and it isn’t very strechy so they are hard to get on and they just come right off. My girls love the actual bug on them and the colors are good. So I am only giving 3 stars. Not great but not awful, it gets a shoulder shrug.

Rosie Barney, ND