Lamaze Franky The Hanky Whale

Lamaze Franky The Hanky Whale

Franky the Hanky Whale is full of surprises for baby! He plays hide and seek with his soft, brightly colored tissues – feed them into his mouth and pull them out through his blowhole. Babies love to repeat this play pattern of put-in and take-out play, which is an excellent way of developing motor skills. Franky has a crinkly tail and fins, colorful ribbons, and multiple textures and materials encourage exploration. Lamaze inspires daily discoveries through toys created with delightful surprises that encourage baby to learn while playing. Franky the Hanky Whale is a winner of both the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Special Needs Adaptable Product Award in 2013.

Main features

  • 4 different color tissues Feed the tissues in his mouth and pull them out the spout
  • Crinkly fins and tail and colorful ribbon loops near the spout
  • All soft body with high contrast belly
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio
  • Gold Seal Award 2013 and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Special Needs Adaptable Product Award 2013
  • TOMY’s mission is to make the world smile by offering a wide range of innovative, high-quality toys and nursery products that kids love and parents ask for by name.

Verified reviews


Fun, colorful toy!

Franky the Hanky whale is a great buy for a small baby. The colors are amazing, like most Lamaze toys. He has a happy face and lots of things to look at.

Tamra Bristol, RI


We got this for our 7 month old son and we call it Franky the Hanky Panky whale. Shh. Don’t tell the boy. Mostly he just chews on the hankies. But it’s a fun toy.

Ana Upper Darby, PA

Good toy

My daughter loves to pull the hankies out and play with them. She doesn’t really seem to care too much about the whale itself. It was much bigger than I expected. Overall, good toy. Glad I purchased it.

Adele Rockford, MI

Keeps my baby entertained for a while

First, this toy is bigger than what I expected. We have a few of the Lamaze hanging toys (like the ones you would attach to a stroller or carseat) but the whale is 2-3 times larger than even the biggest hanging toy we have. Second, the hankies can be pulled out of the head or the mouth. The fins are all sensory engaging…they have the crinkly stuff in them and there are a lot of different colors and textures on the toy in addition to the tissues. This sure beats having your baby pull all the tissues out of the kleenex box. We love this toy.

Alyssa Dumont, TX

Well made and delightful!

What a quality product. This will bring joy from the very youngest age (lots of crinkles and bright colors) up through early toddlerhood. Even my five year old got some pleasure pulling the "hankies." And it’s certainly a cheaper alternative to letting your child pull out all the baby wipes!

Pearlie Pine Hall, NC

Great toy for kids

My kids love to pull wipes out of the wipes box (what 16 month old doesn’t?!), so I thought this would be a fun toy that could hold their attention. I was right! They love pulling the hankies out of Franky’s head and they love to figure out how to get the hankies back in. They also like to shove anything else they can in Franky’s mouth. Good thing he’s a good sport and doesn’t mind. They love to also toss the hankies in the air and watch them fall down, or they like to use them to play peek-a-boo. All in all, a great toy.

Lelia Council Hill, OK

Very Cute

This is so cute… we already lost 3 of the hankies that come with it but thats ok. You can really get creative using the whale as a peekaboo toy. We’ve used washcloths since we lost the hankies (I’m sure they’ll turn up eventually).

Hollie Monroe Center, IL

Lamaze does it again

My daughter is 8 months and loves pulling things out of boxes, so I thought this would be a cute toy for her. I’ve been pretty fond of Lamaze toys (as we have a few already) and this is no exception. The "hankies" easily slide in either the mouth or the spout and are simple for kids to remove. She loves the crinkly fins and all the tags around the spout.

Earlene Crow Agency, MT