Lamaze High-Contrast Panda Rattle

Lamaze High-Contrast Panda Rattle

Lamaze High-Contrast Panda Rattle

Main features

  • Soft rattle with two sides of play
  • Features include rattle, crinkle and ribbons
  • Easy to grasp handle
  • High contrast colors stimulate baby’s vision
  • Premium materials and stitching

Verified reviews


Very quiet

So far our daughter isn’t interested in these (7 weeks old), but the rattle is very soft, so they don’t really get her attention at all. We will update the post if she ends up loving them (we bought two), but so far we aren’t super impressed since we judge everything based upon whether she likes it or not!

Mattie Benjamin, TX

A must have for baby from day 1!

My baby loved this rattle from day 1! He still plays with it & he’s 9 months old now. He loves to chew on the ears & hands. This is a must have for any baby. Perfect for newborn with the black & white color contrast & the textures. Satin on back side. I would rub it against his cheek as a newborn & he loved the feel. It was the first toy he played with! This is one toy that will be kept forever!

Millicent Kanab, UT

Perfect for infants

This is an adoreable soft rattle that is perfect for infants (4-6 weeks old) it captures their attention and is soft satin on one side and felt on the other.My baby loves it and he loves to stare at it if I hold it in front of him. Can’t wait till he can hold it on his own!

Peggy Juneau, PA

My baby is not interested in this toy

My baby is 5 months old and has never been interested in this toy. He seems to prefer bright colors.

Michelle Oak Brook, IL


The baby loves it. The grip is very comfortable since the opening is big, and the handle itself is narrow. Easy to grab, hold and rattle.

Avis Harris, MI

Favorite Toy

My 2 month old baby actually has full conversations with this toy. He likes this toy more than anything else that we have purchased for him. Great sharp contrast and friendly face, he loves it!

Tanya Voss, TX

i like it

my baby didn’t hold much interest to this panda, but its a beautiful panda, i still show it to him every now and then.

Emily Allegany, NY

Baby’s best friend

My 2 month old daughter is in love with this panda because she can easily grab it and shake it around. She hasn’t completely formed motor skills yet, but once she has something she doesn’t let go, and whenever the rattle makes a noise she gets so excited!

Jill Bath, NH

Cute, sturdy, but rattle is very quiet

I bought this rattle for two main reasons: Lamaze products are very good quality as a general rule, and I love pandas so I couldn’t pass this one up! The rattle is cute and well-made. The fabric is soft and holds up well with washings. The ears crinkle to the touch, and there is the additional texture of the ribbon “bamboo” the panda is holding. The back side is a pretty red satin which is another texture. It’s small enough to fit in a baby’s hand, and will be great for when my DD starts teething.I gave it only four stars because the rattle is barely audible; while I don’t want an obnoxious sound, I like it to be loud enough to get my DD’s attention!

Lilian Lakeville, IN

Cute, Stimulating…Stinky?

Overall, my daughter really likes this panda rattle. She received it in her stocking at age 3.5 months and was immediately intrigued by the black and white contrasting colors. She is currently 7.5 months and doing a lot of teething. All the chewing and drooling has turned this cute, fabric guy into a musty little panda. I am going to work on cleaning it, but it may be a goner.

Natalia Marion, NC

Excellent quality and beautiful done

The most cutest panda rattle I ever seen. Excellent quality and beautiful done. Love it!

Judi Connelly, NY


Baby was following this panda toy from about three weeks old which is when I bought the item…….. Baby is now holding and shaking and eating it at 3 months ….. Really love this

Luz Mineola, TX

Perfect first toy for baby

I searched high and low to find the “perfect” toy for my newborn daughter. I finally settled on this because it is high contrast, small and light enough for her to hold, crinkles and rattles, and is adorable. She really liked it, but sadly it has dissapeared. I want to repurchase this because we both loved it so much, but now that she is 5mos I don’t know if it would still do the same thing for her or if she has moved on to bigger better and more interactive things. I may still get it just to make me feel better

Maryellen Boylston, MA

Great rattle!

My 6 week old baby really seems to like this rattle. The black and white colors really attract her attention. A great purchase for any young infant!

Nettie Odin, IL

great rattle

Great price, the rattle is nice and loud to get baby’s attention and the cute little panda is super soft. No issues.

Krista Sidney, TX

Super cute

The rattle is super cute, soft and plush. I’m confident that baby girl will love it once she is here.

Noemi Placitas, NM

A toy that grows with baby

This has definitely been a worthwhile purchase for our girl. In the early months, she enjoyed staring at it as her eyesight was still sharpening. As she began teething, she loved having a soft toy to chomp down on and REALLY LOVED the sensory of the "bamboo" ribbons in her mouth. Now at 5-6 months, I can tell that she has learned that it rattles in response to her shaking it. It is such a fantastic toy! We use it with Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy straps to be sure it doesn’t get lost on shopping trips.

Georgia Jennings, LA

So cute & my nephew loves it

This is small and my 4 month old nephew can hold on to it. He really likes how it rattles and loves putting the ears in his mouth.

Fern Tryon, NE

Nice quality and my 5 month old niece loves it!

This rattle is a nice quality and has a lovely shiny red back that isn’t visible in the picture. My 5 month old niece loves it, which makes me happy. Great item!

Cecilia Lissie, TX

great toy for 0-5 mos

My 5 month old baby has loved this toy since he was 2 months old. He loves to study the face, and turn it over to the red side.I like how wide the hole is so its easy for him to grab onto. Very cute and soft, I never have to worry about him choking or rolling over onto a hard edge with this toy

Tabatha Clearfield, UT

Baby loves it!

This rattle was my daughter’s first toy. A few days after she was born she was already enjoying following its high contrast pattern with her eyes. Using it as a rattle it also engages her attention and keeps her entertained. Materials are soft and its size is perfect for baby’s little hands.

Aurelia Emerson, IA


My baby loves this! Started playing with it around 2.5 months, now chews on it for teething at 5. It’s very cute, good quality. Would also make a great gift for a shower basket with other baby goodies.

Aimee Horse Branch, KY

Great Rattle for Newborns!

This is the perfect little accessory for any newborn or infant. One side is black and white, while the other has a lot of red, and some other colors to stimulate the vision of new babies. It make a very gentle rattling noise, which is perfect for little ones.Though we have a few other toys that have rattle features, my favorite thing about this is the compact size which makes it easy to store in our diaper bag during travels. Nothing like a happy baby when you’re on the go!

Cornelia Lordsburg, NM

So Cute

My daughter is just starting to grab on to toys but she likes to look at it when I rattle it for her.

Rosalia Hulett, WY

Very cute

Rattle comes exactly as pictured unlike the "matching" lovey blanket. Rattle is larger than what you would think and the greenery offers a nice textural experience for baby. The panda front is slightly textured with a blanket like feel and the red backside is smooth and silky. The panda has great big friendly eyes that our baby loves trying to focus on. Very happy with purchase.

Rachelle Esparto, CA

The first toy my kid liked!

This rattle is great. It’s the first toy that my kid paid attention to and was very helpful in distracting and engaging the little one during tummy time early on. Now that he’s a few months old, he likes to hold and chew on it. I don’t love the bamboo, though. He especially likes to chew on those pieces, which I fear could be a bit of a potential hazard if he could get them loose. I’m tempted to just cut them off. Overall, it’s a great toy, though! It’s nice to have a rattle that’s loud enough to get the kid’s attention without being too loud.

Allene Groton, VT

Cute, matches book

This rattle matches the Lamaze Panda cloth book. It is a large size so baby may not be able to hold it well at first, but it will get many months of use, I’m sure.

Paula Warwick, MD

cute rattle

This rattle will be great for a newborn when all they can see is black,white,and red nice size and very soft

Alexis Eudora, KS

Nice contrast.

The contrast of black and white on one side and the red on the other side is great. My son loved looking at it and it was nice that it was fairly light to hold. He’s only 4 months old and when he let it go and it fell on his face, it was nice knowing it wasn’t a hard rattle that bonked him. It has a soft rattle sound.

Jaclyn Lead, SD

Cute and easy to grasp

My 14 week old has just started being able to grasp at toys. This is on of her favorites. She probably likes that its high contrast and soft. As soon as she pick it up it is instantly in her mouth! The instructions say "hand wash" but tossed it in with the rest of the baby laundry and let it air dry and it was fine!

Susan Leonardsville, NY