Lamaze High-Contrast Panda Zebra

Lamaze High-Contrast Panda Zebra

Lamaze introduces a new line of high-contrast toys for babies geared towards encouraging the development of baby’s vision. Made with soft, premium materials, the soft Zebra Rattle features two sides of play. With bright bold colors on one side and high-contrast patterns on the other, this rattle is sure to keep baby engaged. Packed with developmental features that promote traditional play patterns, the Zebra Rattle is sized just right for baby’s little hands!

Main features

  • Soft rattle with two sides of play
  • Features include rattle, crinkle and ribbons
  • Easy to grasp handle
  • High contrast colors stimulate baby’s vision
  • Premium materials and stitching

Verified reviews


cute little zebra!

Just got him in the mail today and my 8 week old is already clutching him! This is a great alternative to the usual hard rattles out there. I think its a much safer way to introduce a rattle for my little girl & feel better knowing that while she is discovering how to shake him it wont clonk her in the head like the plastic ones usually do. The contrasting colors are great and she is already trying to put his little tag tail in her mouth. I love the expression on the zebra’s face, it looks like he is about to take off running, very cute! Also the back of the rattle is a pretty purple color so visually stimulating. He also makes a crinkling sound when she grabs him. Not sure why the description says panda when he is clearly a zebra LOL!

Molly Rhinebeck, NY


My 5 month old loves this rattle! The contrasting colors really grab his attention and he loves to chew on the tail. Very cute and unique toy for our collection.

Kelsey Fries, VA

Durable & Cute

I like this toy and it is made from quality materials and is plush.PROS:High contrast colors gets young infants attentionPleasant rattle noiseCuteGreat for doing the midline eye exerciseCONS;None

Carmen Rio Vista, CA

Cute but isn’t great for really little ones

I like this more than my baby does. It’s really cute but it’s much bigger than I expected it to be. She can’t really hold on to it or get a good grip on it. She also doesn’t show much interest in it compared to other rattles I have.

Britney Independence, MS

Cute & educational rattle!

I’m a big fan of the Lamaze products in general, and the Lamaze Zebra is no exception. The high-contrast colors — the only ones a baby can see for the first few months — were very attractive to my daughter in the first few months of life. She continued enjoying the rattling, crinkling, and texture of the ribbon from about 3 months to 9 months with this being a favorite toy at about 6 months. Even at 14 months she still occasionally plays with it. Great value for a fabulous developmental toy!

Chelsea Swatara, MN

It’s ok.

This toy is okay.. Well made and cute. The handle part is a little big for my almost 3 month old to hold on to. He’s about 13 pounds. He likes looking at it if I hold it for him but not his favorite. In fact, I seem to like it more than he does. We also have the panda version. Much the same, a little chunky and hard to hold on to.

Mariana Finley, ND