Lamaze Logan the Lion Play and Grow

Lamaze Logan the Lion Play and Grow

Logan the Lion plush toy features a squeaky tummy, “clinky” rings and a knotted tail. Includes a link to enable Logan to be taken anywhere. Approx size: 13cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 23cm (H). Birth +

Main features

  • Interactive features
  • Portable clip
  • Clinky rings
  • Teether star
  • Lamaze makes a great gift

Verified reviews


Not worth it

Someone posted a picture of a problem they had when they got there logan the lion and I thought “what’s the chances, that I get one like that?”. Of course I got one with the same problem. The fabric wasn’t stitched correctly and is on the brink of coming apart completely. This toy doesn’t crinkle, squeak, or rattle. It does however have a ball inside it’s head that on occasion sounds like a low growl that a lion would make. The colors are bright which is about the only thing it’s got. I would go with Olivia the owl or mortimer the moose.

Kellie Delphi Falls, NY

An Absolute Favorite

My son LOVES all 4 of his Lamaze toys and gives big grins in response to the sweet smiling faces. Mommy likes that this can attach to his crib bumper so he can bat and pull and the lion never gets away. He also makes a neat noise with a ball rolling inside his head.

Ruby Odessa, TX

Take or leave it

I bought this for my 5 month old because he loved Freddie the Firefly but had already had Freddie for 3 months so I thought it was time for something new. For some reason he just doesn’t seem interested in this toy. It makes a “roar” when you tip him. He likes to put the hands into his mouth but the teething toys are attached to it so he just seems frustrated by it. Lamaze has great toys but this one was not a winner with my little guy. He has had Freddie since birth and still prefers it to Logan. Go figure.

Robert Hudson, SD

Love Lamaze

I love all of the Lamaze toys, we have quite a few but I really love this one. First off my son’s name is Logan so that had me sold right there 🙂 and he has a thing for lion toys so this was beyond perfect. It has this great sound effect in the head that makes it sound like it is purring, it sounds like a ball that rolls around in the head. Very cute.

Deborah Randolph Center, VT

This is very cute

My son loves this little lion. He has lots of different things going with his rattles and rings along with crinkly feet and ribbon mane. Lamaze products are always a good bet and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Susana Concrete, WA


I got this as a gift for someone it was very cute and I am sure that they loved it. would buy again

Hope Clayton, NJ


I love all the Lazaze toys for babies and this one is as cute as they come. My grandbaby loves all the little tags around the head and there are plenty of teething rings for him to chew on. It also fits really nicely over the handle of his carrier, stroller, car- seat. I love this lion.

Leola Jigger, LA