Lamaze Musical Inchworm

Lamaze Musical Inchworm

A soft friend for baby to grow with! Squeeze the nose to hear a fun song! Textures and sounds encourage exploration while bright colors promote visual stimulation. Makes tummy time fun! Use ruler to track baby’s growth.

Main features

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  • Squeeze the nose to hear a melody
  • Use the ruler on its reverse side to track baby’s growth
  • Explore the eight different sections that feature multiple textures, squeaks, and crinkles
  • Bright colors and multiple patterns promote visual stimulation
  • Makes tummy time fun!
  • Squeeze the nose to hear a fun song!^Textures and sounds encourage exploration^Bright colors^Makes tummy time fun!^Use ruler to track baby’s growth

Verified reviews



Lamaze products are amazing because they are so cute and colorful. The problem? They all seem to do the same thing. We received this as a gift and while its cute and cuddly its not a favorite. Like another person posted it can nicely be used to prop a child up for tummy time…and could be cute to take pictures of next to. But…we got two inchworms…and the other one we got the pieces actually come apart so you can connect the inchworm together & it sings. And while connecting the pieces is harder for a newborn to do (ok impossible!) it definitely grows with the child! My 2.5 year old is entertained by it and allows the two kids to play together…so…nix this worm and go look for the other one!

Adriana Humboldt, KS


We played with this toy some. All the different noices and rattles, I guess, are supposed to be educational, I don’t see much value in it from educational standpoint. OK, the inchworm parts make different sounds, but why? They all look the same other than the color variation which has nothing to do with the sounds. And the music is cute hence the two stars, but it is only one song and soon becomes boring. Impossible for a baby, even young toddler to turn it on. I eventually tought my son to whack it on the floor hard to turn the music on. Not too good solution. I do NOT recommend this toy, unless you get it given. It does some, but not worth the money to my opinion.

Janelle Cantonment, FL

Completely boring

My 15 month old daughter has absolutely no interest in this toy. We bought this for her when she was around 6 months old or so and she has never played with it. It doesn’t do anything. I think there is one spot that will play a little bit of music when you squeeze it, but that’s about it. Save your money.

Rosanne Ironside, OR

Good entertainment for Baby

This is a really cute and well made item. Bright, colourful and makes noise. The tune is short enough that it isn’t totally irritating. The measurement side is irrevelant for us as our son was longer than the inchworm at 8 weeks (Hes going to be very tall!) It is a shame that it doesn’t have a long clip or hook so that it can be clipped to a pushchair(Stroller) and not fall on to the floor. Good value for money.

Jami Fayette, MS


I am sure I bought this new but it took forever and it came on a strange package, no original packaging. I am very skeptical about letting my baby play with it. Will watch better who I buy stuff from…

Maria Hilliard, FL

get this BEFORE your baby is born!

We absolutely LOVE all the Lamaze toys that our 10 week old has now collected thanks to mommy being bad shopping on LOL! I purchased this worm thinking it would be cute to take her 1st mall photos last week. Should have bought this a LONG time ago to use as a photo reference of her growth. I was only able to get 1 pic as she is already as long as the worm this week. I gave it 3 stars because its not as educational as our other Lamaze toys, the ruler print on the back of the worm looks like it will fade very quickly and the song played was not loud enough to engage her.

Jade Saugatuck, MI

So So

Kinda big for a baby. The inch line is useless… really, it’s for a baby! Thought it would be great, but doesn’t get played with much.

Tamra Manassas, GA

Soft toys and electronics don’t mix!

My son got this for christmas. He’s 6 months old (almost 7.) Anyways, he likes it fine, its cute. He really like the crinkles, and he had no problem getting the music to play. I have to agree with some of the other reviewers, the music is pretty boring and tinny like a musical greeting card. But the real problem is the fact that there is an electronic part trapped inside a stuffed cloth toy! Maybe this toy can be kept clean at Grandma’s house, but with regular use in a house with a toddler big brother and 2 dogs, the caterpillar is bound to need a run in the washing machine! It says “Surface Wash Only” but seriously, ours was misted with urine when big brother took a big wiz too close to this toy. That requires a good laundering in our house, not just a “Surface Wash.” So I performed oral surgery on our inchworm, to remove the musical part and close my incision. I think he makes a great toy worthy of 5 stars now!

Carmen Mathews, LA

Great for both my kids!

I have both a 2 year old and a 6 month old and both kids love this toy. My oldest loves it because of its colors; he likes to announce them in Spanish. My littlest loves it because of the rattle and the brightness and textures of the colors. I love it for the price. My only complaint is that the music is tinny and insubstantial…it’s two steps above a dog whistle in my opinion. Otherwise, it proves to be interesting to kids of various ages and it is undoubtedly cute and inoffensive (as far as obnoxious noise or music). This would make a great baby shower gift.

Nanette Blue River, OR

baby’s first and favorite toy!

i bought this for my daughter for christmas when she was still 0 months old (adjusted age). ever since she started focusing on pictures/objects at about 1+1/2 months,this worm has been her favorite toy. im not sure if she likes the music but she likes the rattles and the crinkle sound. i can always get a smile out of her when i wiggle this around for her.

Sherri Margate City, NJ

just ok

my baby play with it without really playing with it.. it’s there in her park but that is it .

Iris Indian, AK

Not a favorite

This toy is just ok. My son doesn’t really ever play with it and it’s kind of big and takes up a lot of space. I’ll probably end up getting rid of it.

Constance Farmersville Station, NY

Fun to Play with

Lamaze toys are colorful, textured, sound and feel interesting for a baby. I think this toy will work with a baby to toddler. This toy is easy for the baby to hold. The only thing it is lacking is a ring to attach it to the stroller or playpen, or car seat.

Beryl Young America, MN

Lamaze is great

I love lamaze toys. We bought this for our new daughter after being completely satisfied with Lamaze toys with our son four years ago. This is a large toy, perfect for tummy time and cuddling with

Roslyn Cortland, IN

So cute

My son absolutely adores this it has a little musical thing in the nose so when you squeeze it it plays a song and all the different colors have different textures. Super cute really good quality material

Esperanza Central Square, NY

4 mo. old loves, mommy’s disappointed

I would love it but the buttons for the songs don’t work. I haven’t contacted seller about it, don’t really want to bother with it because baby is happy and has plenty of toys with songs but I guess I feel like the seller should have caught that. If it weren’t for that I would love this toy. Baby loves to snuggle with it as it’s just the right size and the materials on the inside make fun noises. It’s also nice and bright. Ruler on the underside is fun too. I would recommend it as long as it works.

Doris Molino, FL

Not so Musical

I normally can’t get enough of Lamaze toys. They are usually wonderful baby and toddler toys, but this particular one disappointed me slightly. First of all, the music is very quiet and electronic sounding. It sounds like the music you might get from a cheap toy at the dollar store. There is also no way to replace the battery, so when it stops it’s done for good. The textures and rattles are great, but other toys have these as well. I would recommend a different Lamaze toy.

Sadie Tie Plant, MS

Great gift for older infant

Bought this for my cousin’s little man and he’s been loving it from 6 months on! It’s a great snuggler for little ones…they use it as a bodypillow or security blanket!

Berta Mina, SD

Not one of my son’s favorites

He never gets into playing with this, I think because it is not so easy to grab and lift. He prefers the Lamaze puppy, which has more grabbable parts and is smaller so he can lift it to his mouth.Lamaze Pupsqueak

Angelica Griggsville, IL

Baby likes it now that he is getting bigger.

Cute toy. Baby likes it. It’s a bit awkward at first for baby to pick up and play with, but he is starting to enjoy it more as he gets bigger.

Andrea Dry Run, PA

Sightly different from the description, but still fun

There are two versions of this inchworm out there. The UK version has the green legs and plays If You’re Happy & You Know It. The other version (USA version?) is by TOMY and is the version sold here. It has the brown legs & I don’t recognize the tune it plays. Still a cute toy, but not exactly a match to the description here.

Gale Heafford Junction, WI

Great toy!

bought this when my little one was 4 months old and he LOVES it! different sounds and textures are great.

Gracie Beloit, KS

Just okay

I think this toy is really cute. I got for my son when he was 5 months old, and he isn’t as impressed. He’ll play with it sometimes and chews on the little knots, but not for very long. He’s just not that into this toy.

Wendi Hiawatha, UT

Baby LOVES all of his Lamaze Toys

This is a great toy…interesting patterns, cute little song, perfect green legs for little hands to grab, squeaks and jingles! Just don’t measure baby’s length with it. It is not accurate unless you really stretch it out.

Pat West Linn, OR

Great car toy

This is my 9-month-old’s favorite toy in the car. Each segment makes a different sound – crinkly, rattle, chimes, etc. – and the mouth plays a little song when you press the tongue, which I didn’t even know until I saw my baby set it off one day : ) He likes the little legs and the tail too. Another great toy from a company I trust.

Kristine Mason, TX

Excellent toy for development

We took this inchworm to the hospital and had it in baby’s bassinet. We have lots of photos of baby with this toy, and it’s fun to see baby outgrow the toy. Our baby was 21″ when born, so I imagine that it would be a lot more meaningful if you had a smaller baby to scale with the toy over the next few months of growth.The musical part is a button inside the inchworm’s nose, lasts about 8 measures. There are also crinkly segments, a bell, a squeaker. The external fabrics are also different depending on which segment–velvety, soft, satin, and bumpy.

Jami Cahone, CO

Keeps my daughter occupied during diaper changes!

This is a great toy. My daughter has started moving around now that she is 4 months while we are changing her diaper. I put this down near her and she will stop moving and stare at it, which really helps get the diaper changes over with quickly. The only complaint is that there is not much for her to grab onto other than the little string feet. But overall the quality is nice and I have washed it once with no harm done to the little guy.

Kelley Edwardsville, IL

Beautiful for baby boys!

My baby boy love it! The plays with it all the time and enjoy the colorful and the sound !

Thelma Yoder, KS


Our daughter is 8 months old, so maybe she’s just too old for this toy but she’s really not interested in it at all. She doesn’t grab for it, look at it very long, or give it any attention. Only when I play with it directly with her (nuzzling her face or feet) does she even seem to notice that it’s there. For lamaze toys…this one is pretty boring.

Allene Baltimore, MD

Crawl Help

The shape of this one will help your baby in the crawling stage .. well actually to start with, well that was the main target, but it’s also a great overall toy. The only silly drawback I see on it it’s it play weird son / music each time you activate the trigger / switch in the ” nose ” our boy didn’t do very often .. but I was expecting some more classic in there.

Serena Mallard, IA