Lamaze My First Mirror

Lamaze My First Mirror

This award-winning mirror is a great source of visual exploration for your baby. Completely baby-safe and unbreakable, Lamaze First Mirror features brightly colored fabric that will excite your baby’s attention. The safe mirror is contained inside a soft wedge that can be used to support baby during tummy time. Attach the mirror to a crib or stroller with flexible adapter straps or leave it on the floor for up-close interaction. The First Mirror fabric is machine washable (remove mirror before washing).

Main features

  • Brightly colored fabric.
  • High-quality, unbreakable, baby-safe mirror.
  • Soft wedge to support baby during tummy time.
  • Flexible adapter straps to attach to crib or stroller.
  • You may receive one of the following color variations: blue and orange or yellow and purple

Verified reviews


ok product

This is a great idea – the wedge and mirror are 2 separate parts. The mirror is attached via velcro straps and can be removed. It’s used for tummy time, but when baby is on her tummy, she’s at an angle that is too low to look at herself because the mirror is angles towards the ceiling. You can lift the mirror and place it elsewhere and make it so she can see herself, but then the image is altered. It’s one of those weird mirrors that easily changed the reflection if not perfectly straight. This is a top rated brand, and it’s good for what it is. Mine came exactly as pictured even though the caption said ‘colors may vary’

Jeannie Stilwell, OK

Still deciding whether to keep it

I read the reviews on this product and was aware that some had stated that the purple-framed mirror gave a distorted image. The trouble with that is you don’t get a choice when ordering. You get what they give you. So I took my chances and I got the purple-framed mirror. The image is distorted. I was kind of hoping that the other reviewers were being just a little too picky, but nope. I will say that the image is clear from most angles, but as soon as you place a finger on the mirror it becomes distorted. This wouldn’t be a problem except that most babies as they grow older like to touch their mirror image. The reason it becomes distorted (in my opinion) is because the mirror is a safety mirror. It’s paper thin. The construction otherwise seems adequate, although I haven’t taken it out of the box yet. I’m still deciding whether to return it or not. I like the idea that the mirror is removable so that you can place it in a crib or stroller or wherever. It just seems kind of expensive to pay for something that you’re not completely happy with. The trouble is that it’s hard to find a floor mirror for babies anywhere else!

Earlene Hampton, FL

Makes Tummy Time a Blast!

My baby hated tummy time….until I got this mirror! I tried everything I could do to get her to enjoy being on her tummy. I finally found this mirror and it worked like magic. If it happens to get moved or turned around, all sides have mesmerizing patterns so it is still fun to look at.I would NOT put this in a crib. I don’t believe in putting toys in cribs anyway, cribs are for sleeping, not play. I’m not sure if it is unbreakable…I would say probably don’t leave your baby unsupervised around it. I haven’t had any problems with it and my 5 month old still loves it.

Martha Krotz Springs, LA

Cute and versatile

I just got this mirror and took it out of the box for my son to play with during tummy time. I read the reviews on it and decided on this one because of the wedge (so I wouldn’t have to prop it up) and the ability to attach it to the crib or various other places. I also read that there’s no distortion so I thought it would be great. I guess I must not understand what that means because I think the mirror still kinda distorts images! But for a safety mirror, I guess it’s good enough. My son enjoyed looking at it and he’s only 10 weeks old.I read that someone didn’t get the bright orange mirror that’s in the main picture on this page, and received the purple one instead. I ordered it anyways keeping that in mind, but hoping to get the orange one still. I ended up receiving the purple one. Kind of disappointed, but the backside of the purple is very pretty.Overall, it’s a nice safety mirror.

Robbie Timberon, NM

Great Mirror

Good infant mirror! Stable on floor and can be taken of block to attach to other things… crib, car seat etc…

Tommie Hurricane Mills, TN

Too expensive and mirror is not very clear

I can’t believe I spent this much on a toy mirror that my son never played with. He loved looking into the real mirror, but he didn’t play with this at all.

James Wyarno, WY

This mirror is so much fun for babies!

My son loves this mirror. It is perfect – you can position it however you need and it’s soft and lightweight. It’s easy to clean. My son loves to watch himself, then look and see me watching behind him. I haven’t tried it on his crib yet, but I’m sure it would be great there too. This is some of the best money we’ve spent on any toy for him.

Maureen Boyd, WI

Great Mirror.

This is probably the best baby mirror I have seen. It’s portable, light weight, and easy to clean. This is a two-in-one mirror. It can attach to the crib, which is where our’s is primarily. Or you can keep it fastened to the wedge and baby can use it for entertainment during tummy time. What’s great about this mirror is that it’s just a mirror. Not a bunch of toys to distract from the real purpose of the mirror: for baby to see himself! Baby will also love it’s bright colors and patterns that all Lamaze products are known for. What’s nice about putting this mirror up in the crib is that you’ll get a little more sleep. Our boy wakes up and goes straight for the mirror and plays by himself for a good half an hour to an hour. When our boy was a newborn he did not like tummy time until we placed this mirror in front of him. He thought it was hilarious that he could watch himself get close and far away from the mirror. Great product.

Jana Whitakers, NC

Great Mirror

My daughter loves this mirror. With the back flap you can stand it up on the ground to any postition.

Carmella Freeland, MD

Great first mirror that is lasting almost a year for us!

My child loves this mirror and so do I. My child had this on his play mat the day after we took him home from the hospital. He still loves it at 9 months old. It is a two sided unbreakable mirror! My child was rolling over at 2 months and I believe it was because we always had this mirror around and him on his tummy. He will talk to himself in this mirror for literally twenty to thirty minutes non stop babble. It’s a nice toy that doesn’t make noise! This is a big bonus!

Christine Saratoga Springs, NY


I admit at first I wasn’t too impressed w/this mirror…I think because I bought it when my daughter was around 4 months so there wasn’t much that she could do w/it but now she is 8 months and LOVES playing w/it! The other day the mirror was flat on the ground in front of her and I caught her peeking over at herself…she kept doing it again and again. I love how you can angle it any way. I set it up and call to her and she tries to crawl to get to it. She loves to pick it up, stare at herself, bang it, and chew it. 5 stars!

Irene Dunbarton, NH

Great Mirror!

I really liked this mirror for a lot of reasons. First, it’s pretty simple-there aren’t tons of tons all over it-it’s just a pretty basic child-safe mirror that does what it’s supposed to do, allow my child to see his reflection. The fabric patterns are bold and colorful and seem easy to clean as well, which is good. I also like that it has 2 pieces; the mirror detaches from the plush triangular base to allow you to strap it to your crib or elsewhere, which is also handy. Though the item description does say “colors may vary,” (and I was hoping they would) I did get the colors shown in the picture–mostly purple, which is fine I guess. Also, this is by far the best price I have found. The image may be slightly distorted at times (depending on how close/far away you are to it or if it gets bent) but I feel like that’s typical for “child safe,” thin, plastic mirrors, so for the safety of my child I am willing to see passed that.

Shawna Kipnuk, AK

Mirror is two-sided!

Aside from what everyone else has said about this product(simple yet versatile-can be removed from its base to hook onto a playmat or crib bars), I loved that the soft mirror can be removed from its pocket and turned over if it gets badly scratched. I have used this for both of my little ones and when I realized the mirror was easily removeable and two-sided I was excited that my second child could have a brand new scratch-free surface to look into. It now looks like new! This product is definitely worth the $.

Maritza Revere, MN

Best Mirror, Hands Down!

We LOVE this mirror and more importantly, our 5 month old son loves this mirror. We’ve been using it since he was born and it’s still going strong. We use it a lot during tummy time, as an incentive for him to roll over and we’ve also hung it in his crib for playtime. Well worth the money!!!

Eloise Sumerduck, VA

Great mirror

I did more research than perhaps healthy on this one. Every other unbreakable mirror has a weird circus-like distortion, but this mirror has a much cleaner/accurate reflection. You can use it multiple ways. It is a simple toy, and a definite enhancement to tummy time, helping to build neck and arm muscles.

Natalia Saltillo, PA

lamaze mirror

Love the different materials put together to make the mirror. I also like that it has a few features. You can take the mirror off and attach it to the crib with velcro straps on the back. And then I keep the black and white side of the cushion on his playmat turned towards him so he can see it since he’s a newborn. Then when he’s able to you can also use the cushion for tummy time.

Marta Browns Summit, NC

picture perfect

We have some great photos of our daughter peering in this mirror, completely enthralled. It is super cute; held up well; bright colors. We never used it on a crib; we’ve always just put it on the floor for tummy time and it is a super big hit. We love it when she “talks” to herself in the mirror.

Nanette Cabot, VT

Great quality mirror! Very little distortion!

Love this mirror! My daughter still loves this mirror at 19 months old!She didn’t use it too much for tummy time but I loved the idea of the sturdy block holding it up as opposed to some of the folding tummy time mirrors that just tip over.I took it off the block, I used the velcro straps on the back of it (that hold it to the block), to put it in her crib and she absolutely loves having it there. Every time she wakes up, she talks to herself in the mirror and just plays. It’s so cute.No frills mirror, but it has been fabulous for my daughter! I like the colors too, just like all the lamaze toys’ colors!

Angelina Victoria, KS