Lamaze Octotunes

Lamaze Octotunes

Do! Re! Me! Baby will have lots of fun making merry music with Octotunes. A different note is played as you push each tentacle. This soft, lovable character also teaches baby about nurturing play. Comes complete with a song book and a soft vanilla scent. No batteries required.

Main features

  • Squeeze each leg to hear a different note
  • Color coded songs on packaging and online
  • Large, friendly eyes invite baby to focus on a single object, supporting healthy eye development.
  • Classic Lamaze musical toy babies love
  • Ages birth and up

Verified reviews


no big deal

I really don’t see the big deal about this toy, and neither does my 10 month old. He’s not the least bit interested in it, and I’ve shown him that the legs make sounds. He doesn’t care. I think it was a waste of money. Oh well.

Delia Fedora, SD


This is a really cute product my son really enjoys looking into his eyes and hearing all the funny noises that all of the legs make. This is a toy that my son will probably play with for the next couple of years.

Catalina Green River, UT

Not Bad

This is a very cute toy and a great idea. My daughter loves to squeeze the different arms to hear the different notes. There is only one arm that doesn’t sound so great because the squeak is very quiet compared to the others. I also wish it wasn’t as heavy, but it’s still a decent toy.

Willa Swampscott, MA

Entertaining for parent and child

We’ve only had the toy a couple of days and I don’t know who likes it more – me or my 4 month old. He can’t squeeze the tentacles yet. The are pretty hard, and even make my hand hurt after awhile. But, my son has a huge smile on his face while I play. I didn’t buy it for him myself because I thought it was too big. But, he doesn’t seem to mind. Only comes with two songs. I’m musical, so that’s not a problem. But my sister-in-law has asked me to write a little songbook for her for her son and his Octotunes.

Ina Frackville, PA

Don’t need to be a music genius

unlike some toys, the notes are right on key. Don’t be intimidated. You do not need to know all the notes. One day I was listening to some music with my then 5month son and I was hitting any notes (legs) and my son was loving it on key or off key (mostly waaay off note)It’s durable. Had it for 9 month and still in a good shape.

Meghan Premont, TX

Not for the very young child

The description says front and center that a young child won’t be able to use this properly, but somehow I missed it and was a little disappointed that my almost 7 month old still can’t manipulate the toy to squeak (which, in my mind, is the toy’s main attribute). It is certainly cute as a stuffed animal and has some visual interest, but the musical features are thus far lost on her. Even as an adult, I will say it is not the easiest to get each leg to squeak correctly (as in enough to play a tune from the song book) — sometimes the squeak fails and you have to reposition your hands. So far my child mainly seems to like to suck on and grab the crinkly handle on top, so she does get some use from it, but not as I intended! Maybe as she gets older, but as I mentioned, I still don’t think it squeaks as reliably as it should. Oh, and the vanilla scent is quite strong, though we like it.

Shari Plymouth, NE

not sure why, but my kid loves this thing

really hard to make sounds come out of it but my 5 month old loves it anyway. was a good buy

Lidia San Ygnacio, TX

Hard to squeeze!

My (very strong and big for her age) 10-month-old wants to make music so badly with her octopus but the legs don’t toot so easily–it takes a strong (adult) hand to make music. Does anyone else have that problem or do we just have a dud? She’s had this since birth and has just shown an interest in it in the past month or two. It’s a big toy for an infant, heavy and not easily dragged around. I wish it responded to her squeezes. Again, she’s got a strong grip but gets frustrated with it pretty fast.

Brianna Eldorado, WI

Some notes are flat but baby loves it anyway

My 2 month old loves this ocotpus. He stares at it and when we play music, he’ll laugh and talk. When he’s crying on his swing or in his carseat, we’ll just plop it on his lap and he’ll stop and stare and start talking. Its so cute. It doesn’t always work but it works often enough that it is already worth the price. It is a great way to play with your baby.I don’t mind the limited music library as I can make up my own tunes and the baby doesn’t care if you’re off key.The only thing that is bothersome is some of the legs are hard to squeeze to make sounds even for adults which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.

Melisa Meers, OK

Excellent Toy!

While the reviewer who said it is not very easy to squeeze the arms to create notes is correct, it is still an excellent toy and my son loves it. He loves to squeeze the entire toy and I imagine that by 1 year he should have no problem squeezing the arms himself. When he is fussy I start making some simple music and he loves it.pros:1) Great introduction to musical notes, especially if you are musically inclined and can name the notes2) Excellent colors3) No Batteries4) smells good. I has a strong vanilla smell although I do worry how it has that smell (I assume some not so friendly chemicals but I do not know for sure)5) Large! Not some tiny toy that a kid can just throw aroundCons:1) A little difficult to squeeze the arms for a very young child. 12 months and over is probably the average age that a baby will be able to create notes themselves.That’s really all…great toy!

Carolyn Louisville, OH


At first my niece wasnt that crazy about it…..but it give it time and she loves it. It plays music and its so soft to the touch. She enjoys the Lamaze products a lot.she is almost 4 months.

Jana Canton, IL


It need some efforts to make the sound from the feet. But my baby likes to step on it or hold it walk around. so far I am happy with the purchase!

Gabriela Hope, ND

Fun, interative toy that stimulates all the senses

My son loves looking at this toy, feeling it, hearing it, and even tasting it (he tries to stick everything in his mouth). When he hit around 10 months he loved to dance and just pinching a few different octopus legs sent him bobbing his head and stomping his feet. It’s a larger toy so you wouldn’t be carrying it around in the diaper bag. Our friends daughers who come over (2-4 years old) love to hold it and hug it too.If you’d like other reviews on the best gifts for a one year old or on what to put on a baby registry, visit the website, It’s got down to earth reviews and suggestions on preparing for motherhood.

Ida Burnt Hills, NY

Not a fan of this toy.

This toy does not “play music.” You have to really squeeze the legs hard and when you do, they sound like a horn. Even as an adult, I find it hard to make the sound come out of the legs. So it’s more like a big stuffed animal. Because it doesn’t really do anything else. I’m not a fan for the price.

Francesca Sharon, MS