Lamaze: Pupsqueak the Puppy

Lamaze: Pupsqueak the Puppy

Pet his nose to hear him bark! Electronic sound mechanism plays up to 1,800 times. Baby will also delight in discovering other fun squeaks, crinkles and rattles. Added link makes him easy to take along anywhere.

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Great Toy

Our 4 week old son LOVES this toy!!! He loves to look at it and touch it. Everytime he sees it, his eyes light up. Its very bright, with high color contrasts ( which babies love). I give this toy 5 stars!!!

Ivy Agency, MO

Quality Toy that Should Interest Just About Every Baby

This toy is very sturdy and easy to clean. It also comes with a multitude of sounds, textures and colors, which has kept our son interested since the moment he laid eyes on it. The only downer is that the recorded barking noise that plays when you press its nose is a little loud, and can sometimes jolt/scare a baby. We’ve never been disappointed with any of the Lamaze line of soft toys and Pupsqueak is no exception.

Charlotte Elida, NM

puppy is wonderful

When I first saw this toy I thought it looked busy and a little annoying but when I hung it above my 2 month old son’s changing table he loved it. He smiles and “talks” to it, and he is just starting to bat at it and he is rewarded with jingle bells even when he barely hits it. It was the first toy he likes, we call him puppy.

Karina Buffalo, TX

not worth the money

good qualities:- it is brightly colored,- each paw has a different sound/texture (rattle, crinkle, etc) — when you press in the nose, the dog makes a barking noise that entertains babynot so good qualities:- most rattle type snap on toys have a ring on top that “locks” together so that you can snap the toy onto a toybar, stroller, etc. This toy has a ring on top but the ends don’t snap together- it is surface washable only. you’re not supposed to throw this in the washing machine (although some reviewers have indicated that it does wash ok)Is it cute? Definitely. Is it durable? Seems to be (we have only had it 4 months). Is it worth $12? No Way. These kinds of toys are everywhere. I found one in Carters for half the price that barks when you squeeze the paw, has the snap on ring AND when you pull the rope it hangs from the toy even vibrates – a much better deal.So, over all I would say, continue looking and you’ll find a similar product at a better price.

Nona Newport, RI


I am dumbfounded. I have two sets of twins, 8 Month B/B and 3 year old B/G. ALL of them LOVE this toy. My older twins enjoy making him a “baby”. And giving him kisses amd making him do all kinds of tricks. They could do this with almost anytoy, but the ADORE pupsqueak. That Said I have 2 others wich I gave to my boys. They LOOVVVEE him too! I was amazed. I dont know if its just because hes a dog, (their lovey toys are a black and white dog and a brown and white dog, and they love our boxer and golden retriever mix) or maybe its just because PUPSQUEAK ROCKS! They love it when I attatch him to their carseats, They just got “big boy” carseats and pupsqeak of course had to make the transition too! A few weeks ago we went on a 8 hour car ride, I know that my youngest twins stayed quite mostly because they were soooo comfy in their marathons, and because they had… PUPSQUEAK! They had the option to play with other lamaze toys, which they loved but those just dont compare to pupsqueak. They even like him in the crib and in the stroller, a versitile little toy. And A toy that for 12 bucks will last THREE YEARS, wow talk about getting a bargin! Pupsquek is definatly NUMBER ONE FOR MY LITTLE BOYS! Well maybe number two, but no one ever beats their loveys Puppy and Doggy!

Irma Le Claire, IA

In Praise of Pupsqueak

Our baby, now 5 months old, loves his Pupsqueak and has since he was 4 or 5 weeks old. The soft plush, the bright colors, that cute bark, the squeak, the rattle, those crinkly ears–what’s not to love? He loves to touch and pat it all over, pulling and grabbing each part to make all the sounds. He loves to chew on the attached bone and squeeze it to make the crinkle sound.Like all Lamaze toys, it’s well designed and well made. It even has a handy clip on top of the head to attach it to your carrier, bouncy seat or diaper bag.The only negative is it must be spot cleaned; my baby drools all over it, so when I wash it, it’s out of commission until it dries completely, which is usually the next day. But that’s the same with all soft toys that can’t be machine washed, so it’s not a serious drawback.

Valerie Silverdale, WA


Next to BR Max the monkey (also by Lamaze) and Zach’s “lovey”, pupsqueak is his favorite toy. Zach is four months old and really really loves pupsqueak. We use him to give variety to our son and Zach really loves him! If we make pupsqueak squeak, Zach goes into hysterics, and my 20 month old twins join in! ITs perfect for those really silent times when everyone needs a good laugh. Along with Max, pups (what we call him) is perfect for tummy time. Pups is also great for teathing, once Zach really starts getting those teeth in! Pups attatches well to almost anything, but my boistrus ball of fire gets so angrey and fustrated if we tether him to anything, he likes to hold him. Pups is very durable and has been easily spot cleaned and even in the wash! The colors are great for my son to stare at and he just loves him. I dont know what it is about Lamaze toys but they sure do put alot of thought into them to make them so gosh darn cute and interesting!

Emilia Jeffersonville, GA

So entertaining

Right around the age of three months, my daughter started to really become interested in the things around her, and Pupsqueak was no exception! She absolutely loves this toy and we take it everywhere we go. I can lay her on the floor with this and she will move it back and forth, grab at it, and pull the ring into her mouth. She absolutely loves the sound the ears make. A great toy to teach your child grasping!

Dayna Freeport, KS

Great toy!

My three month old daughter loves this toy. She likes the dangling bone and loves the crackling of the ears. The barking sound that the dog makes is a sound catcher.

Charmaine Ferdinand, ID

Well worth it!

My son loved this! We’d clip it on his Crib Bars, on his gymini, and on his Stroller! He loved playing with it and it washed wonderfully as well. In fact we bought the cat as well since he loved it so much! 🙂

Rachael Spicewood, TX