Lamaze Soft Chime Garden

Lamaze Soft Chime Garden

Great for building coordination and strength, the Soft Chime Garden encourages baby to reach, tug and bat. Featuring soft textures, ribbons, and friendly smiling faces, it provides baby with multi-sensory fun and encourages two-handed play. Choose from three modes of music to awaken baby’s auditory awareness. Complete with an attachment strap, the Soft Chime Garden easily attaches to a stroller or carrier bar for on-the-go fun!

Main features

  • Five smiling faces light up, chime, and play songs at the touch of baby’s hand
  • Encourages baby to reach and bat, strengthening hand eye coordination
  • Three modes of music
  • Crinkle, ribbons, and lots of fun textures for tactile stimulation
  • Easily attaches to a stroller or carrier bar for on-the-go fun
  • Soft Chime Garden has five smiling faces that light up, chime, and play songs at the touch of baby’s hand^Colorful flowers encourage baby to reach, tug, and bat, developing hand-eye coordination^Choose from three modes of music to awaken baby’s auditory awareness

Verified reviews



My baby didn’t like this toy…it was too girly for him and he didn’t like playing with it… i wouldn’t recommend it

Brandi South Otselic, NY

So cute & fun for parents too!!

This is such a fun product to play WITH baby. It has 3 modes: long songs, parts of songs, & notes only. Everything is activated by touching the flower faces. They are sensitive enough that my 3-month old son can bop them to turn them on with his flailing arms. It can sit upright on the floor or has a strap to hang from a stroller or car seat. The sound comes out the bottom, so on the carpet volume is okay, but hanging on the carseat, this toy is loud. Some volume control would get it 5 stars.

Kathy Upper Jay, NY

My Daughters FAVORITE!!

My daughter LOVES this toy so much! She’s been actively playing with it since she was 3 months (now 6 months). The music sounds real and not toy like, the flowers light up, and some crinkle. This keeps her entertained for hours…ok not hours…but in mommy time it feels like it. I highly recommend ANYTHING from Lamaze.

Jannie Lytton, IA

My daughter loves her flowers!

This is a very cute toy with appealing tunes. We got it when our daughter was a couple of months old and she couldn’t do more than just look at it but, now that she’s 6 months old, she can manipulate the flowers to make them chime and she loves to play with it as she practices sitting up. This is well worth the money!

Dorthy Burlington, PA

Baby and I both love this toy…

I personally like toys that make music, so I exposed this toy to our baby girl before she was of the recommended age. She happens to like the ‘if you’re happy and you know it’ tune this toy makes, so we left it in that dial near her changing station since nearly the very beginning of her life. When ever she was really upset on the changing station, if we pat the toy, and it chimes the song, she’d pause at the very least and listen to the tune and eventually smile when the tune plays. She eventually learned to ‘smack’ the toy on her own near 6 months, and in doing so would work on her balance as she sat up, then, I had the idea of strapping the flower to the outside, bottom area of her crib, so now, she sits on the floor facing her crib, and pulls and runs her hands through the toy to make it chime on its single notes. LOVE LOVE THIS TOY. Now that she’s better at stay sitting up, the toy sits on the floor and she runs her hands at all the notes and textures.

Rhea Wingdale, NY

This is still a must have even If you have a lot of the Lamaze infant toys!

I have the Lamaze Peacock, Freddie, crinkly book and the octopus. Debated heavily if I needed this just because it plays music and has lights. The answer is Yes. I’m so glad I bought it. My son has loved this since he was 2 months and still enjoys it at 9 months. This is my “go to” toy when he’s cranky in public. I also find myself looking for this toy to take outside because it’s very attractive looking. Looks impressive. It’s also very convenient to strap on to the diaper bag. If you want a cheap alternative, get theBaby Einstein Take Along Tunes. It’s not as fancy looking as this one but does the job well. Babies like anything that flashes lights and plays music when their young.Update: My son is now 1 years old and still enjoys this. I strapped it to his crib and he plays with this before falling asleep.

Marietta Temple Hills, MD

Babies love it!

I bought this for my baby twins when they were six months old, and were just beginning to bat at toys. I like how there is a strap on the bottom so that you can velcro the pot to hang upside down on a car seat handle, or play gym. There are different functions so you can set the toy to play one note at a time or a whole tune. The volume is not obnoxious, but the flowers are quite “sensitive” so it may start playing while in the toy box if another toy bumps into it. Now that my twins are nine months old and sitting up well, they enjoy this little toy a lot more. They will take turns smacking at the flowers and will laugh and squeal when the music plays and the lights flash. The only complaint I have about this toy is that it is spot clean only. I realize you can’t wash a battery operated toy in the washer, but it would be nice if maybe some parts of it were removable so they could be washed. That said, that small inconvenience is not enough to make me lower my rating. Another great Lamaze toy (that isn’t battery operated) isLamaze Play and Grow Captain Calamari Take Along ToyMy twins love him so much they fight over him!

Kris Camden, SC

Great for any age

I bought this for my son at 3 months old even though it recommends it for a 6 month old+….however, when he’s fussy, all I have to do is tap it for him and he just stares at the lights and sounds coming from it. I also attach it to his car seat for car rides and it gets him to calm right down. Great product!

Rosemarie Winter Beach, FL

My daughter loves it

We received this as a gift and my 4 month old loves this toy! I’ve had it in her car seat since she was 3 months and even then she stared at it and was interested. Now at four months she touches the flowers to make them light up and play music. Its a great toy! I was surprised she liked it before she turned 6 months, which is the suggested age on the toy.

Susanna Brusett, MT

Nice toy

This is a nice toy my daughter play with it in her crib. It helps me entertain her when I’m changing her clothes and diapers.

Jodi Valley, AL

Highly recommend this musical developmental toy!

This is the perfect developmental toy! The bright colors attracts attention and it is made of different types of fabrics so the babies can explore textures. It has three different settings to play music or tones as the baby bats the flowers. The flowers light up in time with the music which helps develop sight and sound senses. My son loves it! He bats at it to get the music going and will grab at the different flowers that light up. It attaches easily to a playmat, carseat, stroller, or crib or can stand alone.

Tamera Mount Vernon, KY

Great Entertainment!

My little loves this musical toy. Now that she is 7 months she really enjoys it. It has three musical versions of tunes that it plays. Great cause and effect toy.

Hester Mission Viejo, CA

My favorite!

My daughter is only 3 months old, so she doesn’t really play with this yet, but she does like looking at the lights and swats at the flowers. This is definitely my favorite toy!! It is soft, bright colors, and the sound/music is great! It attaches to my baby’s infant car seat and crib very easily. Love this one!

Lorraine Comstock, WI

Absolutely adorable!

Love this toy! My granddaughter enjoys this so much. The only complaint I would have though is that it’s pretty loud when on. Wish the music ws a little softer for her little ears!

Ann Cedarville, NJ

Son loves it!

So our sitter has an older version of this and my son was obsessed with them. I looked to find something similar and came up with these…OH MY GOODNESS!! It is seriously too cute-he loves it, and I love playing with it too-the flowers light up individually as he yanks them or you can set it to play a song in which case they light as the song plays. Seriously adorable toy.

Sheri Friendsville, MD

Great toy

Another Lamaze toy I got for my grandson for when he gets a little older and is sitting up to reach for things. I’m sure he will like it because he likes to hear music when playing on his mat.

Ana Atkinson, NE

Terrific for infant – and she loves it as she ages!

I purchased this flower chime garden for my 5 month old. There are 3 sound settings: one that just is chimes, one that plays “if you’re happy and you know it” in 3 stages triggered by hitting a flower, and the final plays a song continually. She LOVES it! She chews on it, plays it, and just enjoys it. When we visited her cousin who is a year old, she LOVED it too! It made her giggle. This is a great toy that will be fun for your child to grow with.

Etta High Shoals, GA

Great musical toy – Not annoying!

We received this toy as a gift for our son. It is one of the only musical toys that I am not ready to throw out the window after several months. The sounds are actually pleasant! We keep this toy in the car and it entertains our baby in his car seat.

Keri Greenwich, UT

This thing is amazing!

Ok, we received this as a gift for our 5 month old little girl and she is memorized by this toy! We love that we can strap it to almost anything and it is so bright and colorful! The chime sounds are pleasing to the ear (even if they are a bit loud) and the music is nice as well. Overall we love this toy as does our daughter and we would definitely buy this toy for someone with a baby.

Lucille Bradley, CA

Well worth the splurge!

Colorful, musical, adorable. This toy has a couple different modes of play. In our favorite mode, the flowers- when played with will light up one by one and play a musical note. For the price and size, I felt that this toy was a tad pricey when just viewing it on the computer, but after we received it and had a chance to let our twoddler (not quite a baby, not quite a toddler) play with it and our baby enjoy it as well, we felt it was well worth the splurge.

Lottie Wilkinson, IN

Love the sounds

Having a few annoying noise making baby toys, getting this one in the mail was a relief! The chime sound is lovely and I like that there are 3 different settings, one of them an interactive one. There is a Velcro strap on the bottom that allows you to attach to a stroller bar or car seat which is always an added benefit. I like being able to wash all of my babies toys so she can put them in her mouth. But this one unfortunately can’t be washed so I don’t let the baby put it in her mouth.

Melisa Snydersburg, PA

Our daughter loves this!

From the moment we put this toy on for our daughter, she was laughing & giggling at the light up colors! Such a great purchase!

Marissa Madison, NE

Entertains Baby Over and Over………….

Wonderful, bright toy that has entertained our 5 month old Granddaughter for hours. We take it in the car as it always keeps her amused. We bought it two months ago and replaced the batteries today. It has 3 levels of music which helps with keeping her attention. Level 1 is a one note chime from each flower when you touch it. Level 2 plays “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”, one line at a time as you touch the flowers. Level 3 plays a “misc song” all the way through once you touch the flowers.

Lynette Gilsum, NH

My favorite baby toy

This was my favorite toy received at my baby shower. The colors and faces on the flowers are adorable. The best part…the musical tones that it plays are pure and delightful unlike so many toys that can have tones that are harsh and obnoxious. I highly recommend this for your little one.

Charmaine Penn Valley, CA


She like the music. I didn’t realize that this was a 6 month old toy. Even though she can’t interact with the toy she can enjoy the music and the colors. She likes it so that means I like it.

Julie Metairie, LA

great toy

We got it today and it was amazing experience. Even my husband (who is definitely not a baby already) was playing and had fun with it for a while in the beginning. I began to think that this toy is going to be a big hit in our family for a long time!

Mandy Cassadaga, FL

Lamaze Chime Garden

I ordered this Lamaze Chime Garden for my 5 month old son, and he LOVES it ! 🙂 its a great toy and the lights and music keep him very entertained 🙂 i would say he will be entertained with it for quite a while, also its a good toy to sit in front of them while they r in there bumbo. and they can hit it, and bat at it to make it light up and play music. its also great for the car as u can attach it to the carrier handle on the car seat.

Lorie Lisbon, NH

Fun and Entertaining

I ordered several other Lamaze toys and I love the quality of each of them. My daughter loved this toy and this quickly became her favorite toy. I love the the fact that the flowers play different tones and light up as the child pull,taps and tugs on the toy. I highly recommend this toy.

Abbie Dallas, NC

fantastic toy!

i personally love this toy. oh yeah, and my daughter does too! (lol) the lights that go off in the flowers with each note are fantastic and the music is fun and engaging. my daughter will watch this and smile so big! i actually got this toy rather early, it says its for 6 mo+ but my daughter is only 2 1/2 mo, but the only thing is that i have to get it going for her and she watches, instead smacking the flowers herself. but since i think the toy is fun too that is not a problem for me! i definitely recommend it!

Dina Watertown, CT

cute and fun

my baby loved this toy since she was a newbie. it encouraged her to explore with her hands and fingers. there is a strap on the back of the toy so you can strap it onto the crib… or whatever else.

Elba Luebbering, MO