Lamaze Soft Sorter

Lamaze Soft Sorter

Lamaze Soft Sorter inspires creativity as baby invents new ways to play. Four bright, soft shapes have interesting textures and sounds to explore. Grows with baby from put in, take out to shape sorting and color matching. Lamaze inspires daily discoveries through toys created with delightful surprises that encourage baby to learn while playing.

Main features

  • Four bright shapes have interesting textures and sounds to explore
  • Grow with baby from put in and take out to shape sorting and color matching.
  • Perfect for helping baby develop dexterity and hand eye coordination
  • Textures and sounds encourage exploration
  • Classic sorting play toy

Verified reviews


Daughter was not interested in this toy.

I thought she would love this, not so much. She touched it a couple times and was just not interested. She has had it from 6-9 mos. and still nothing. O’well, can’t win them all.

Judy Slaughter, LA

Too soft

I liked the concept of this toy, but my daughter didn’t get it. I tried to show her how to play with it, but because it was soft, she could pull shapes out of the wrong hole, etc. I love Lamaze toys, but this one was a little bit of a disappointment.

Ava Franklin, NH

Love the crinkly noises

My baby loves the crinkly noise that the flap makes and the different sounds made by the shapes. Nice soft toy by a trusted company. The fabric is really colorful and eye-catching, and matches other Lamaze soft toys we have.

Myra South Haven, MN

Mutiple uses

My son loves this toy, we put any toy through the holes and help him find them. When we are going to visit family and friends I fill it up with toys and when we get there we have a variety of toys and the shape sorter to play toy peek a boo with. Non conventional perhaps, but he is learning about object permanence for sure!

Madeleine Pachuta, MS

Fantastic, Quiet, Educational, Soft, Good Value for Money!

I love this shape sorter. My little guy is now 10 months and he understands that the shapes go into the box, and can do this with a little help as he hasn’t yet figured out that the shapes are different and that they match the colour of the material on the corresponding side of the box. I also love that is does not take batteries, and is relatively quiet so I can take it on the plane when I go home to keep him occupied. It is all soft made of material and has 4 different shapes to sort. There are some small sounds. It is well made, well designed and very good value for money. Highly recommended.

Liz Waco, MO

Cute but overall useless

I received this toy as a baby shower gift and my son is now 13 months. We introduced the toy at 6 months.Pros:- He likes the shapes. They each make a different sound and are different colors.Cons:- Each of the shapes can fit easily into any of the holes, defeating the purpose of being a shape sorter all together.- When you drop the circle ball into the circle hole it falls out of the square hole on the opposite side.- It is bulky and not something you can just throw into a diaper bag. I wouldn’t mind this if the toy was useful, but it isn’t.Overall this is an overpriced sack that you can stuff different shaped soft balls into. If you are looking for a proper shape sorter you would be better served by theToysmith Battat Sound Puzzle Box. If you are looking for a soft toy that your young infant will enjoy and possibly learn from, try theLamaze High-Contrast Discovery Shapes Activity Puzzle & Crib Gallery. I’m sorry I got this.

Kelsey Hebron, ND


Got this as a soft set of “blocks” for our baby to play with. Perhaps a 9 month old is still too young to get the most out of it. however, the purple and white blocks rattle to baby’s liking and that is what it is all about 🙂

Bettie Walnut, IL

Lots of entertainment

We gave this to our son at 5 months, and he still uses at 18 months. The shapes have different noises/textures, so it keeps them interested. There are variable levels of interaction – when he was little, he just wanted to shake the shapes to hear the noise. Now that he’s older, he likes filling it up and dumping them out. It’s a great toy that will provide your child variable interaction as they grow.

Evelyn Raleigh, WV

Awesome multi-dimensional toy!

This toy is safe, fun, and cute. The fabric patterns are attractive and stylish (not as cheesy as in some baby toys) and it’s one less hard-sided toy for baby to smack her head on when she falls. I had looked at the hard-sided sorters, but this one has another aspect. Each shape has a different “trick” or sound. One is crinkly, one has bell in it, one has a squeaker in it, etc. There are also textures on the box that the baby can feel, as well. The sides of the box also have a color that corresponds with the shape, so the child can match it by either shape or color. Since the sides are made of fabric, if the baby doesn’t get the shape in JUST right, it still goes through. With the plastic ones sometimes it’s hard for babies to get it in just right and they get frustrated. I was worried that the top velcro-open flap would be too difficult to open, but my one-year old figured out how to open it on the first try. She thinks it’s also fun to put other toys in the top and take them out. With so many rattles and toys made of plastic, I think this is a great addition to any toybox, as it brings more variety of textures and materials for baby to explore.

Georgia Ferdinand, ID