Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym, Space

Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym, Space

Space Symphony Motion Gym encourages visual tracking and gross motor development. Unique music and motion feature brings toys to life for auditory and visual stimulation that engage baby longer. Features include: Fun space-themed music engages baby as the arches gently sway; rocket toy jingles, crinkles, and ‘soars’ when linked to the swaying arches; 4 space characters have high contrast faces and fun sounds to get baby smiling; large sun tummy-time mirror with shiny ribbons is great for self discovery; large, cushioned mat is machine washable; 15 minutes of music and motion; gentie mobile-like motion promotes visual tracking; arches sway while music plays.

Main features

  • Fun space-themed music engages baby as the arches gently sway
  • Rocket toy jingles, crinkles, and ‘soars’ when linked to the swaying arches
  • 4 space characters have high contrast faces and fun sounds to get baby smiling
  • Large sun tummy-time mirror with shiny ribbons is great for self discovery
  • Large, cushioned mat is machine washable

Verified reviews


Leaves a lot to be desired + safety concerns

I received this activity mat as a gift for my daughter. At first, I liked it and so did she. She loved being able to bat at the animals, particularly the dragonfly, which has crinkly stuff inside. I think, however, she just likes activity mats in general! Generally, I don’t like that the music doesn’t last long – we are constantly resetting it so the music/movement turns on again. For a baby who loves to lie on this thing, it means we do a lot of resetting. I don’t really think the movement feature adds anything, personally. Young babies especially are trying hard to grasp at and hold the animals. Having them move might entertain them before they begin trying to grab, but after they are actively grabbing, the goal is to grab, explore, grasp, etc. The movement just thwarts this.As my daughter has gotten older, this activity mat is less than ideal for other reasons. We recently used a Fisher Price Rainforest activity mat, and the dangling toys actually have moving pieces (a cylinder filled with beads that moves and makes noise, or a little propeller thing that goes around). My daughter loved this – at 4 months, she has more control of her hands and movements and these moving pieces added another challenge. The Lamaze mat has just stuffed toy animals (one that crinkles, one with a rattle). I’ve thought of adding other toys but the bars that arch over the mat are fairly low, and the Lamaze toys especially are quite long – they’d be hitting her in the head. I’m still searching for shorter movement oriented toys to hang. As a side note, the Fisher Price mat was also great because it had lights that flash, the option to have longer consecutive music, and a mode where the baby’s movements control the music. The Lamaze mat is affected by baby’s movement, but in an annoying way – my daughter kicks or pushes against the arched bars, and if the music/movement feature is on, the pushing causes the movement to stop and the music to slow like the batteries are dying.Recently, my daughter has taken to wrapping her feet around the bar of the Lamaze mat and she has actually pushed hard enough to cause the bars to fall over and the mat to fold over in half on top of her. I think because of the way the bars are attached together and to the motor that makes them move, they are significantly less stable. Luckily she has never been hit by the toppling bars. I put my daughter on the mat in the same room as me while I work part-time from home – I can see her easily but I feel it’s unsafe to have my eyes on my computer if she’s on this mat. I have to watch her like a hawk. One of the best things about an activity mat is being able to get a couple things done while a non-sitting infant plays. This mat disappoints.

Rita Galena, AK

Not sure about the spinning motion

This is very cute and has great attachments. That said, the battery operated spinner is kind of weird. It turns, but the two cross pieces don’t spin obviously, they wobble back and forth in a weird spastic way. The attachment is also heavy and tends to slide down too. So, as cute as it is, I don’t use that part of it often unless my son turns it on. My baby likes to chew on the rocket and the monkey, and there are lots of places to hang toys.

Margie Oneida, WI


I like to research products for my daughter before I purchase. I did my research and after exploring many blog posts about different baby gyms I came across this. My daughter loves her mobile in her crib. She is also enjoys watching fans go around and around so I was looking for something that would entertain her and get her to move around. She is 7 weeks old so she’s just starting to understand how to move around and focus. This gym is AMAZING. It plays two adorable songs as well as MOVES! The bars on the top saw back and forth therefore all the toys move as well very much like a mobile.My daughter simply loves this product. It’s also well made. I know being a new parent that, some children’s things seem to be made to last a very short amount of time and for me that can be very frustrating. This product is well designed and well made and the price point is appropriate. I highly recommend this product and would recommend it to all my friends and family as well.

Natalia Hendersonville, TN

This toy is a WIN!

I got this for my baby when he was probably 8 weeks. The movement and bright colors really motivated him to swat at the toys. He loves the movement and could just stare at it for a good while. He’s 5 months old now, and still really loves it. I think it was a deal… for $56 you get a play gym with sound AND movement. But it’s also really well made. I would give another one of these as a shower gift me and my baby love it so much. This is a win from every angle.

Myrna Goodland, FL

Good toy, would like to be able to use music w/out the motion and vice-versa

Purchased this for our 2 month (now 3 month old). She certainly enjoys the music and the floating plushies on the moving bars. If your baby moves around a lot, you will want to use this with the music turned off because if they are too close to the bars, the motor stalls… and I’m sure that will reduce the life of the toy. Our daughter finds the toys interesting and likes to pull on them when she can get a good grip, this causes the motor to stall… so we don’t often use the music and motion.This toy would be much better if we were able to play the music independent of the motion and vice versa. There’s no way to use one without the other.

Natalie Cashton, WI

needs a volume control

Needs a volume control. My baby loves this thing – she can be absolutely captivated when I put her in it even without the motion. Sometimes she needs the motion to keep her interested but for my sanity I need a mode where the music or chimes is quieter. Otherwise I would give it 5 stars

Aileen Cartersville, GA

Great purchase

I purchased it when my daughter was 8 weeks old and she loves it! The swaying arches definitely grab her attention as she is not yet able to grab onto anything. It is very entertaining and the music is not too annoying! It is true that it doesn’t last 15 minutes as advertised and you constanlty have to restart it which would be the negative about it. Would definitelty recommended it.

Kristy Ferriday, LA

Captivating for baby!

The mat keeps my 2 month old baby’s attention for up to 45 minutes which is amazing. The music runs for 5 minutes before having to be reset, but I find after resetting it once or twice my son is entertained enough even without the music or motion. The toys can be moved around which is nice. Right now he really likes the red, black, and white rocket because of the colors and distance to his face. The mirror is a nice size and can be removed for additional playtime while I’m holding him. The mat has sections that make crinkle noises when he kicks. It folds up fairly easily for travel in the car. This playmat is an everyday essential for us.

Mable Roy, NM

great gym! a must-have

This is an essential since day1 of birth, because all babies need tummy time (yes, even brand-new newborns). It’s better than the Fisher-Price gym, there are some small difference between the two but those small differences add up!PROS-moves! The movement of the entire gym makes a huge difference in keeping the baby entertained.-mirror faces inward so baby can watch himself (as some reviewers mention, the FP gym is stupid because the mirror doesn’t face the inside of the gym, so it’s essentially useless)-better toys/more bold colors. I think the toys themselves are better designed than FP. My baby tracks the “eyes” of the toys as they swing-nice mat, right thickness. I have hardwood floors and feel that the mat insulates the baby enough.CONS-questionable longevity of the mat? The mat says it’s washable, but I’m afraid to as there’s the crinkly material inside it. I have a feeling that after repeated washings, it will probably wear out the crinkle sounds, so I’ve been wiping it instead.

Priscilla Silverwood, MI

Fairly good entertainment for young babies, annoying music

This was a good solution for keeping our daughter entertained for a few minutes in the morning while I made coffee or occasionally when my husband and I wanted to attempt to eat dinner without me holding her the whole time. The toys are detachable and I used to also attach them to our carseat. The mirror was a nice addition. I also liked how the toys moved back and forth. The songs of this toy really get into your head, and are slightly annoying.

Selina Terrell, TX

Out of this world!

This is such a fun play gym. So cute and interactive. My son loved the motion and the music. He always reached for the red rocket ship. This is well made and entertaining.

Lessie Anacortes, WA

Highly recommended from a first time parent!

Our son loves the colors on this mobile and really enjoys the movement. The music reminds us of something from a Mario Brothers video game, which we get a kick out of. It’s given me 15 to 30 minutes of time where I can do some laundry or leave the little one for a moment and know he’s fully occupied. It also seems to be holding up well as he’s gotten a little older (he’s 4 months old now) and is actively pulling very hard on the little toys hanging above him.

Nichole French Village, MO


We could not live without this playmat. Our daughter is 7 weeks old and can play on it for half hour to hour stretches at a time. She loves all the moving parts and colors and the music. This product is great for visual stimulation and also to train infants’ eyes to track objects.

Carolyn Edinburg, IL

My granddaughter loves this

She’s almost 4 months old and this keeps her interested for almost a half hour at a time. The down side of this is that you have to keep on restarting the music part because it doesn’t last all that long. But it does keep her interested and happy and has her moving around. There are also places where you can hang your own dangles and her favorite monkey is close enough so that she wiggles and moves to try and catch it. This is the perfect size for a small room and the fact that you can fold it to store it is great. On another note, taking it apart to wash it is also easy, though I wouldn’t recommend leaving it in the dryer for very long. This was dry in only a few minutes.

Shelby Central, AK

Best play mat ever!

We love this play mat! We had had a pretty cheap little mat that we picked up from a local store, mostly as a place to put the girls where they could lay and get some stimulation or have some tummy time, etc. The girls never seemed terribly interested in it though, so it was mostly a place to put them as a change of pace if we had to set them down or didn’t want to put them in their rockers while in the living room. I saw this play mat/gym online and saw that it had pretty good reviews and decided to give it a try. The moment we set one of the girls down on it and she looked up at everything, she was in awe! Her eyes just lit up! I love all of the stimulating things for the girls. The mat part has crinkly stuff inside, there’s tags around the perimeter for the girls to attach other toys, and the toys that it comes with are so adorable. There’s also extra loops on the arches so that you can add more toys than what it comes with, and the toys are easy to take on and off. The girls love it, even without it being turned on. When it’s turned on they’ll just watch everything and they seem to enjoy it, and the two little songs that it plays are pretty cute. I also like that the songs automatically shut off after they play through twice, so if you’re trying to soothe your baby or get them to nap it automatically turns off. This is a great mat and worth the price. I’ve seen if so much more expensive in other places too; Amazon was definitely the best place to purchase it through when I ordered it.

Nelda Spartanburg, SC

Baby loved it

I got this when my baby was 2 months old since he wasn’t impressed my his rotating crib mobile. It was the only gym that had some type of motion, plus I loved the colors! I liked that the toys were interchangeable and washable (air dry!!). It definitely helped him learn how to reach for things and gave me some time to clean house. Baby liked the fast song over the slow song, and really liked it when we made up songs to go along with it. He also liked the crinkly areas and the tags. We used it for 4 months before he was mobile and didn’t keep his attention anymore though he will still use the toys. But he grasped toys, rolled over both ways and scooted for the first time on it, so it was worth it. The only cons were that the pad isn’t padded at all, so when he was learning to roll over from front to back his head didn’t get any cushioning, and the fast song should’ve been longer. Oh also, I boiled the star teether to disinfect it and it shriveled all up lol!

Carly Kenansville, FL

Perfect Baby Shower Gift

We were gifted one of these when our daughter was born. Since then, it has been one of my go to gifts for baby showers. My daughter loved it and it was a life saver for when I needed a few minutes alone (i.e. bathroom or getting ready). Very well made product! Ours still looks like new and we are keeping it for baby number 2:)

Dominique Mastic Beach, NY

Great but…

Although I love the product, the texutres, the colors, easy to put together, I do wish the only other tune on this gym was a little more catchy and that they had provided extra links so I could adjust the length of the characters according to my – or rather my baby’s – wishes. That said, the colorful characters are really cute. My baby is very fond of the orange frog so I carry it with me in her diaper bag when we are out.

Laverne Hutchinson, MN

Cute, but no volume control

I am on my second kid using this gym and it has held up well. The kids seem to like the crinkle parts on the pad and the big eyes on the toys draw their attention. My only complaint is with the sound unit. I love that it moves the bars around but there is no volume control so I think it’s a little loud. It has a lullaby type song and a second song that is supposed to go with the space theme but it sounds like a video game to me and is annoying. Also the sound/movement doesn’t play for very long before you have to restart it and you cannot turn on the movement without the sound.

Nelly Eldon, MO

Almost Too Nice

As a FTM I wanted the best and this looked like the best baby gym to me. It is really nice and well made. My daughter liked the rocket best. The only downfall I see with this item is that the music doesn’t play for long enough so I always had to turn it back on. I like that you can remove the toys and play with them separately and use the mat separately. This is pretty expensive for the amount of time it is used but I justify it by the fact that you can play with the toys after the actual gym is outgrown.

Magdalena Gladwin, MI

Best playmat

My baby loves this activity gym. The “sway” motion is great to keep the baby entertained! And you can add on other toys besides what comes with it, so the variety is good. She loves just looking at the mat or arms of the gym too. The music does get annoying after a while, but we don’t use it every day. perfect size too. The toys that it comes with aren’t that great, but none of the gyms seem to have great toys included.

Bobby Dixon, NM

Great Purchase!

This was the best item we purchased for our baby this Christmas. She is 2 months old and it really starting to enjoy tracking objects. She absolutely loves watching the toys move and she can see herself in the mirror. The 2 music settings are nice and fun, we don’t find them annoying at all. She truly loves this and I am so glad we got this due to the motion, I don’t think she would get much out of a stationary gym. She gets excited, especially about the red rocket, and starts cooing, kicking her legs, and her arms swing and hit the toys. As she gets older, I’m sure she’ll get even more out of it once she can reach and grab the toys too. Worth every penny, I would highly recommend this to anyone. Only problem is that our cats think it is fun to bat the toys and that it is a gym for them!Update: At 5 months old, my daughter still loves this, especially now that she can really grab onto the space ship and tries to chew on the yellow star. Make sure you turn it off once the music stops since it goes through batteries quickly, but baby and I still love it. I think she would not enjoy a stationary play gym as much or for as long. She will lay on this for about 20-30 minutes at a time while mommy does house work.

Althea Billings, MO

Great Skill Developer for Baby

My Baby Boy (he’s almost 2 months) loves this gym. In fact he reaches out for it everytime he sees it.PROS: I love how it’s well padded and at first glance you can easily see that this item was designed with babies’ safety in mind. There’s so many things for baby to see and touch, today he started on holding the dangling toys.Cons: The reason I’m giving it four stars is because of the speaker. The sound is distorted and it annoys me (being an audiophile) but i think my lil’ boy doesn’t mind it at all.Over all, one of the best purchase I made for my kid. It keeps him preoccupied so it gives Mom some extra time to wash his clothes or take care of other stuff in the house.

April Ridgeland, MS

Very entertaining!

The music isn’t annoying at all, our baby loves the bright colors and she just loves kicking the spaceship on this gym!

Miriam Winlock, WA

5 minutes of music

I received this off my baby registry, and it’s really very nice. My 2.5 week old daughter is enthralled with it, and I love to see how she tracks the the moving objects.Some pros:1. Definitely entertains my daughter and I can see how it helps development2. I didn’t find it at all difficult to assemble. It took maybe 3 minutes3. All the little lamaze toys are compatible with this – I have a few others, and most of them have some kind of hook – so go ahead and use your favorites if you prefer others to the colorful and weird alien/rocket ship ones that come with this.4. The mirror especially is wonderfulCons:I know it says it has 15 minutes of music, but on both settings it lasts for exactly 5 minutes. Although I don’t leave my daughter unattended at all, I wish it lasted more than 5 minutes. I sit and watch her and she is enthralled. This definitely is good for 20-30 minutes of stimulation for her, and it’s frustrating to have to reset it every 5 minutes.Overall I recommend this, but the 5 minute timeout is more annoying than you’d think.

Denice Sharon, WV

Fantastic “toy” for my newborn

This gym is excellent. I’ve been using it with my newborn since her first week and almost every day since (she is now seven weeks). I just lay her on her back in the middle and turn it on. For the first few weeks she maybe gazed at the nearest toy, then started tracking the toys movement wit her eyes, then turning her head, and now she is swatting at/reaching for the toys. There are two songs – a “fast” and a “slow”. I usually play the fast one first, which stops on its own after a few minutes, then switch it to the slow mellow one for as long as my baby is happy. I also use the mat (with bars attached still, they’re not in the way) for tummy time. Overall I’m very pleased with this and would definitely recommend it.

Earlene Nunda, SD


This gym is awesome, my baby girl will play with it for hours. It’s not bulky, and she loves the song that sounds like Super Mario Bros. Good quality. The only con I see is that it consumes batteries like crazy. But after entretaining my baby for more than one hour is worth it. Also excellent for tummy time

Helene Thompson Falls, MT

My son love this

This was one of his favorite things to play/use when he was younger from about 5 – 7 months. Once he started moving, it was hard to keep him in one place

Lorraine Bigfork, MN

Getting a baby “gym” that moves is really important

I didn’t know anything about these “gyms” at all, but I followed other people’s advice that the movement of this one makes a difference. I can honestly say that our baby is fascinated by the movement, it is a very big thing to have, and I would strongly recommend making sure that whatever gym you buy it moves some.My only complaint about this one is the music can drive you bonkers and it always plays when moving. Also, it shuts off WAY too quickly.

Gayla Skipperville, AL

Great gym!

Although it was a little tricky to assemble, the work was worth it!!! (Once I followed the written directions it was a lot easier, but it’s not intuitive to do on your own.) My son loves being in this gym on his back or for tummy time. The motion and music are great! There are lots of things to see, touch, and hear for him. It really keeps him happy and occupied and moving! I highly recommend it!

Rae Angle Inlet, MN