Lamaze Totem Pole Stackers Developmental Toy

Lamaze Totem Pole Stackers Developmental Toy

Perfect for helping develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination, these fun, colorful stackers will engage and encourage baby. Smart magnets make these soft stackers an easy and non-frustrating way to help baby explore the concept of stacking and order. With bright colors, fun patterns and a rattle in each character, these toys are an adorable way to stimulate baby’s vision as well as engage baby’s hearing.

Main features

  • Stacking is easy and non-frustrating with smart magnents. Baby learns there is no wrong way to stack them
  • Ribbons and textures invite baby to explore, stimulating tactile senses.
  • Gripping, grabbing, and stacking strengthens hand-eye coordination
  • Crinkle and rattle awaken auditory awareness.
  • Bright, bold colors and patterns invite baby to focus, stimulating vision.

Verified reviews


Great Toy

The fins/tail/wings are crinkly so they make the crunch sound that babies tend to love, the colors are nice and vibrant, and there’s a lot of parts for the child to grab onto. The fact that they can stick together and be pulled apart magnetically really was a nice feature, I just wish the magnets were slightly stronger.

Juana Manati, PR

Dont stack well

They are cute and make lots of noise with the crunchy stuff, however they lean and fall over when all stacked up. Kinda defeats the purpose.

Sonia York, SC

Larger than expected

These are great with nice colors. My child is still too young to use them (6 weeks) but I’m sure he’ll get delight out of them later. They were larger than I expected but should still be fun to play with.

Darcy Mead, WA

Totem Pole

Being from Alaska but living in California, I knew I had to get this toy when I saw it online. Very hard to find in stores, had to order online. Soft and fun for baby. Light magnets hold levels together. Crinkle material is always loved by me and my son.

Isabella Appomattox, VA

Great product

I just bought this for my son for Christmas so he hasn’t actually used it yet, but I have a feeling he will love it! The three individual animals themselves are a lot bigger than I thought they were going to be… maybe a little bigger than a baseball. The material seems tough and well made with tails, fins and wings that crinkle when bent. The top and bottom of each animal is flat with fabric overlapping the edges of round plastic disks which I assume the magnets are under. My only caution with these toys is that the magnets need to stay away from computers and TVs… which is rather hard in this day an age. Needless to say, this toy will stay in my son’s room, but I can see it becoming a favorite!

Rosalie Kennett Square, PA

Really Cute

My 5-month-old granddaughter loves this. She isn’t old enough to stack them yet, but she loves the noise that these make. The tail, fin and wings make a crackling sound. The bright colors have her moving around trying to get them. Some people have complained that these aren’t straight and despite the fact that they have magnets, they don’t stack. Apparently I got a good set because this set stacks nicely no matter what order you put these cuties in. When she get’s older I’m sure she’ll really enjoy them. Her three-year-old sister loves to stack them and show her how they stay together. It’s fun watching the older sister try to teach her little sister how to play.

Velma Hampton, NY

Didn’t interest my child

I thought this toy would be really fun for my son, but he never really showed any interest. The animals are magnetized and stick together, but are easily pulled apart as well. My son was more interested in throwing individual ones as though they were balls.

Marcy Glide, OR

Awesome toy while encouraging hand eye coordination

Purchased for a one year old. Although she would rather be moving around. The colors caught her eye. The strong magnets help her to create a tower without worrying about it toppling over. Very simple toy

Lydia Barrackville, WV

Love these!

I love these and my 8 month old loves them. They jingle, crackle, these are brightly colored, and soft. They have magnets in them which makes stacking them fun!

Sharron San Perlita, TX

My son enjoys them

The lamze brand is high quality and a ton of fun for my son. For me the soft toys make me feel better with my son taking his first unsteady steeps that he want face plant into some hard toy

Kathleen Starkweather, ND