Lamaze Tucker Play & Grow

Lamaze Tucker Play & Grow

Plush Tucker the Turtle

Main features

  • Features multiple textures and sounds to keep baby entertained
  • Comes with a Lamaze link to connect easily to any Lamaze toy or play mat.
  • Soft velour shell and a mirror on the underside.
  • Lamaze Play & Grow Character
  • All Ages

Verified reviews


Better suited for an older baby

Tucker certainly is a cute toy with what I thought was sure to include a lot of appeal for my daughter but she’s never shown much interest in him. Perhaps his shapes, hidden textures and mirror are better suited for a slightly older baby who is past the ‘bang on anything and everything’ phase; maybe 12+ months. I am looking forward to reintroducing Tucker to her once she is crawling around. I believe Tucker will be a friendly educational/discovery toy once my daughter is more interested. That’s not to say that he couldn’t hold more comforting possibilities instead of just being educational. To each baby his or her own!

Adela Gordonsville, VA

Best toy with mirror

My 3-month old daughter loves mirrors and has other Lamaze toys that she really likes but this one is the FAVORITE one. She actually plays with it and hold it in the swing sleeping. This is absolutely a great toy.

Winifred Montpelier, OH

favorite toy at day care

My 4 month old has clearly chosen this as her favorite toy at day care. She has teeth already and loves to chew on her toys. This one gives her a lot of pieces to grab, so it’s easy for her to hold and easy to find a way to put it in her mouth! She likes to play with it on the floor, not hung from a toy bar.

Katie Glenwood, IL

What a fun and useful toy!

This toy is so neat! The mirror is amazing – it’s not distorted like all the other baby toy mirrors I’ve ever seen. Its legs makes different sounds, and it’s sooo soft. Plus it can attach to car seat, stroller, etc. Tucker the Turtle was a lifesaver on an 8-hour car ride with a 4-month-old earlier this summer. When my son got fussy, I held the mirror in front of him, and he would study himself for a good long while. Now at 5 months old, he holds Tucker and cuddles him. Tucker also rides on the stroller and a baby hand is always hanging onto him. Very sweet!

Marina Prairie City, IL

Tucker the Turtle is a great newborn toy

I have both the firefly and the turtle. I prefer the turtle because of the large mirror on his belly. My newborn has been fascinated with this since she was a month old. The firefly mirror on the wing is too small to interest her even though she is now 3 months old. If you were to buy only one Lamaze for a newborn, I recommend the turtle for its nice size mirror. Also, as far as mirrors go, this mirror is great quality and I recommend this as both a toy and a crib mirror. I just hook Tucker up on the crib rail for my baby to look at when morning comes. Then I unhook him and take him on the road with us.

Octavia East Hardwick, VT

A hit already!

My almost 12 week old daughter adores her Lamaze Flutterbug so I wanted to get her another toy she could appreciate just as much (and I wouldn’t have to keep moving her Flutterbug around!)I purchased this one because he has a mirror on his belly and it’s a great mirror, not distorted at all! Two of his legs have rattles and two are crunchy sounds. His head has a squeaker in it. All of his legs and head tuck inside his body which is cute. His colors are great. There are also two rings attached to his tail (in addition to the hanging link) for teething/holding.I was surprised when it came today that he hangs from his tail – I obviously didn’t look that close at the picture. For some reason I was thinking he hung from the top of his shell. Not a big deal at all since my daughter will turn her head to look in the mirror.Tucker is so cute, I just love him and so does my baby girl so that makes Mommy happy!Lamaze has done it again. I know there are those out there that believe all the Lamaze toys are the same, but they really aren’t – you just have to find ones with extreme differences if that’s what you’re after. For my daughter, she seems to just love to look at all of the Lamaze toys so far – the colors/patterns/contrasts are always outstanding!Definitely recommend. It’s so hard to choose Lamaze toys since they’re all so darn cute! But I love Tucker since he has a mirror built right in!!!! (And I love turtles!)

Enid Chipley, FL