Lamaze Tug & Play Knot

Lamaze Tug & Play Knot

Tug & Play Knot is perfect for grabbing, holding, pulling, and tugging to build coordination and strength.

Main features

  • Bright colors for visual stimulations
  • Fun sounds awaken auditory awareness
  • Interesting textures for baby to explore
  • Includes link for on-the-go fun
  • Lamaze makes a great shower gift!
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Verified reviews


My 5-month old LOVES this toy, but I wish it weren’t made in China

This is one of my 5-month old daughter’s favorite toys. She lights up when she sees it, and can play with it for hours. I just wish it weren’t made in China, and especially that the teething rings were BPA/phthalate/PVC-free.

Corine Flintstone, MD

Not what I expected, but baby loves it

The knot is made differently than I expected. There are 6 toys on the knot, attached to either end of three separate arms of fabric. Those arms slide through the knot at the center of the toy that holds them together. Since the arms aren’t sewn in place, the toy will not remain symmetrical as your baby plays with it. When your baby pulls on a toy, the toy at the opposite end will come toward the center knot. My baby boy doesn’t care, and it doesn’t seem to hinder his play, though I find it slightly annoying. If you’re a little OCD like me, this might be something to consider.

Ruby Mill Run, PA

Brown Fuzz Easy to Pull Out

The brown triangle is a fuzz that is easy for our son to pull out with his teeth. He has always liked biting fuzzy things and trying to pull the fuzz out. I worried that in his carseat he would get a lot of fuzz in his mouth and possibly have a choking hazard.I loved the toy otherwise, but we cannot use it.

Trisha Fredonia, TX

Great toy – not my favorite Lamaze though

I really like this toy. The only reason I did not rate it with 5 stars is because I prefer the animals to this one. Lamaze always makes a very high quality product, but the animals seem to be easier for my daughter to put into her mouth. She is 4 months old and finds this one a bit overwhelming, I think 🙂

Katherine Summerville, GA

Nice toy

This is a pretty random toy. My son was interested in it for all the colors, textures, and shapes. As he got a little older, we hung it on a rung in his crib and would often find that he managed to scoot himself over to play with it. That being said, it had a very short life in our home because it’s just not too engaging past a certain age.The quality of the toy is nice, I never had any issue with loose threads or pieces coming off. The hook is very durable and survived being tugged as my son got stronger.For the price, it’s a great sensory toy for a baby that won’t disappoint.

Mabel West Harwich, MA

Great developmental toy

I got this for my son when he was 3 months old. He loved pulling on all the different pieces. It has a lot of different textures and colors and was stimulating for his mind. Now that he is 6 months old, he likes to squeeze the squeeky toy, look in the mirror, and chew on the plastic star (since he is teething). I would recommend this for all infants.

Naomi Dexter, MO


My baby loves this toy. I bought it for him at about 5 months and he is 7 months now and still is amused by its vibrant colors and fun trinkets on the end of each knot. Very cute lamaze tug! Highly recommended!

Eula Hagerhill, KY

Fantastic toy!

I can’t say enough about the Lamaze toys. We have purchased most of them for our 6 month old grand daughter. She is delighted with the colors, textures, and sounds. They are so easy to grasp, and the perfect toy for 3+month olds. And the company did a super fast ship! Very Pleased!

Vivian Hiawatha, UT

The most versatile of the Lamaze toys

I own the: moose, captain calamari, cube, giraffe, fish, porcupine. My firstborn was obsessed with the Lamaze toys. My secondborn child liked some parts of the Lamaze toys, but wasn’t as capitated as the firstborn.So, I bought this Knot toy. The secondborn really likes it. Each item is easy for him to grasp, mouth, or teethe on. The teething and grasping ability of the toy for an infant is really important to me because I’m slowly realizing that if my baby can’t hold it, then he can’t teethe on it or play with it (duh). This toy allows him to grab easily and bring it to his mouth.I highly recommend the Knot, Moose, Cpt Calamari.

Helene Warrensville, NC

Five Stars

My baby absolutely loved this toy and played with it countless times!!!

Lara Aurora, UT

Love these Lamaze toys!

These toys are awesome. They have just about everything that my little guy has been interested in from about 3 mo to 6 mo. Different textures, colors, chew things, little taggy/knot details, rings, crinkly parts, etc. My son loves the little tiny knots on the end of one of the balls, and he loves to chew on the mirror and sometimes the star. It is the perfect toy for a young baby – very well designed. However, I bought it when he was 7 months, and I think he is just starting to transition out of being so fascinated by these kinds of things. If I put it on his excersaucer or car seat, he will spend lots of time playing with it. But if I put it on the floor with him, he doesn’t play with it for very long. Apparently he thinks he has better things to do now that he is starting to crawl around and stand up on things. However, I still gave it a 5, just wish I had bought it earlier. My son does like this Lamaze knot a little better than the firefly, but he has never been interested in stuffed animals and I already had an idea that he would like the knot better based on his past preferences.

Wilma Riverside, IL

Pull Knot Awesomeness

This is one of the toys we reach for most often with our 6 mo. Our only complaint is that the stuffing of the ‘arms’ were compressed during shipping, and so a couple of the arms are a bit floppy. The toy is like an activity center, with so much to do in one compact location.

Susie Corvallis, MT

Baby loved it!

I bought this toy for my grandbaby. It makes for a great toy to clip to crib, stoller and other baby items. It has been easy to clean. Baby first loved the shiny mirror and then used the toy for teething. After much research I am glad I purchased this toy for baby. I highly recommend it.

Imelda Neffs, OH

Great toy

I bought several of these Lamaze toys and have them on my grandson’s play mat. He is just starting to grab things but am sure he will like it.

Callie Oconto, NE

Love it!

My daughter and I both love this toy. Her favorite part are the little bits coming off the yellow and orange ball. She loves to chew on them and I run them over her cheeks and she giggles. Not sure how much cause and effect she is learning, but it is nice and colorful and fun for her to chew and slob on. Another great Lamaze toy as far as I’m concerned. Would recommend!

Greta Empire, CO

Great item

I bought this for my 2 month old to hang off the carseat handle. All the bright colors and patterns keep his attention and give him something to stare at. Also rattles a little which is great.

Amber Hamilton, OH

Love this toy

I bought this before my son was born and he’s played with it since he was a few weeks old. He originally just stared at it and liked looking at the mirror. Now it’s attached to his stroller and he chews on it and plays with the crinkle part on every walk. Great toy!

Chasity Sentinel Butte, ND

Awesome toy

My son is mesmerized by this toy. He will hardly let go of it and seems to love it very much.

Grace Dighton, KS

Very engaging for baby

We bought this for our baby boy and he loves it. So many bright colors and different textures and noises. He loves chewing on it all! It goes with us everywhere.

Jacquelyn Rome, PA

15 Month Old Still Interested

I bought this do-hickey for my son when he was like 5 months old and he was intrigued by it. He’s 15 months old and he still will like toss it around and takes an interest to it every once in a while. I’d say it’s worth the money. He got good use and entertainment out of it.

Cheryl Altura, MN

Fun for Baby

Baby Girl will play with this, but it is not her favorite. I bought it thinking that she loved teething on stuff and grabbing, but it hasn’t panned out yet. Maybe when she gets older (she’s 8 months) she will like it more. The knots slide and the little mirror is kind of just there– baby cannot figure out how to really hold it still to see herself in to interact with it. I like the different textures the toy provides for sensory development.

Summer Mc Queeney, TX

Perfect for my infant

I was given this toy as a gift for my 6 week old infant. She is just now learning to grasp things with her little fisits and she has an easy time holding on to this toy. The various textures, colors, and thicknesses of this toy make it stimulating to handle for a little one. The various ends make different noises (sqweeks, crinkles…) Its baby friendly in size and weight. And its soft with soft edges everywhere, which means is infant flailing friendly. This is one of those toys that will be handy to throw in the diaper bag or toss into the stroller on an outing. The toy itself has a white attachment ring so you can secure it places too. The toy is well made and I appreaciate that this is a “smart baby” toy, meaning it is ingaging and encourages baby to grow her sensory skills.

Latoya New London, OH

4mo loves it!

We get a lot of mileage out of this toy. My daughter especially loves the mirror and the three knots at the end of the ball. We are a big fan of Lamaze toys, they make great gifts, especially if you don’t know what to buy someone for their baby shower!

Thelma Maxwell, IN

lots to look at

This toy has a lot to look at and can entertain my son for a long time (currently 4 1/2 months). As a take along toy, I will say it is a bit long, so it is more in his face than I would prefer, depending on how it rotates. The mirror and stuffed star hang down lower than the rest of the toy, so those two items are the issue. I would like this toy a LOT more if it were a few inches shorter, but my son really likes it.

Helga Orting, WA

Love this toy…and my twins do too!

This toy is so great. Very colorful and excellent quality! Wish I ordered two because my twins both love this toy!

Tasha Valles Mines, MO

Great variety

We leave this toy attached to my son’s carseat, and it has provided him with hours of entertainment. Very pleased we purchased it.

Manuela Sullivan, MO

My Baby Loves This Toy

My 6 month old has been enjoying this toy for the past couple months now. There are several options for her to explore and she will entertain herself with it for quite a while. I love the bright colors! And she loves that there are several surfaces to stick in her mouth and all of the different things to check out. This is also nice because this 1 toy is pretty much equivalent to 3 or so other toys so its great for on the go!

Eloise La Pryor, TX

One of baby’s favorites, from an early age

I like this toy a lot because it was one of the few that captured our baby’s interest at an early age and has continued to hold it. When he was about 2 months, I would hold it above him and he would look at all the different parts. I’d also shake the rattle part for him, and he seemed to like that. Pretty soon he started reaching/grasping for it, and I think he liked the different textures on the parts, as well as the mirror. Now that he is chewing everything, he likes to chew on pretty much the whole thing, but especially the star. The mirror has also remained a favorite. We bring it with us everywhere and he still likes it! Only downside, as one reviewer mentioned, is that I do wish it were machine-washable.

Kathrine South Gibson, PA


My 15 week old daughter really likes this toy. She enjoys the mirror and all the different textures. With other toys she has trouble letting go when she doesn’t want to hold it anymore, but that is not an issue with this one. The only reason I didn’t give it a full 5 stars is because she adores Jaques the Peacock and Mortimer the Moose even more, both by Lamaze. Lamaze is the only brand of toys that seems to get her attention.

Candy St Columbans, NE

Great toy!

This toy is really interactive for little ones. Plus, the star is a great chewy teething toy. Other parts make good crinkly sounds, which she likes. I would recommend this to others.

Dianna Big Laurel, KY